The Duke's Forbidden Lover (Forbidden #1)

The Duke's Forbidden Lover (Forbidden #1)

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Category: Historical
In the year 2018, lives Nalini, an ordinary Indian girl who is forced to marry a man twice her age, selected by her abusive grandfather. However, the night before her wedding, her attempt at saving a child from falling into a well backfires when she ends up plummeting instead. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the year 1840 and on the run from society.

In the year 1840, lives the feared and heartless Alastair, Duke of Birmingham. In need of a new governess for his child, he offers Nalini a proposal she can't refuse when he meets the exotic and unusual woman by chance.

Through a settlement that benefits both, she finds herself on a wild journey, one that involves finding out how to get back home, hiding the truth from the Duke of Birmingham and exposing the dark secret his stony eyes hold.

Highest ranking:
#148 in Romance!!
#28 in Historical Fiction!! (Thanks to @MintJujube again for notifying me legit all the time!)
Credits to @EvePetal for making a gorgeous cover! Please go check out her cover book because it's more than stunning!

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About Vixen Foxheart, and Other Disclaimers


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A Hogwarts Reunion story...which may be similar to others out there; but I wanted to write one of my own; so here I am!! :)Hope ya'll like it!Happy reading! :)Note: I don't own any of the characters; they belong to JK Rowling! All I own is the plot!Warning: Ron Bashing.

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