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"what're you doing?"

"it's a pinkie promise" Aloura laughed lightly, grabbing his bruised hand and prying his pinkie from his locked fists. Her heart almost dropping at the sight of a small tattoo on his forearm. Evil incised into his skin, with two horns resting above the words. She stared at it for a moment, before shaking her thoughts away.

"Now what?" he raises and eyebrow as his eyes lock with Aloura's.

"You wrap it around mine" Aloura's gaze fell back onto their hands. Elias continued to watch her, and Aloura could feel her hands tremble from the nerves. His gaze almost burnt her, but she refused to meet it. "Just like that" she grins, gesturing to their now locked pinkies. "Now the promise is sealed in." Aloura's voice begins to falter. Elias' eyes fall to Aloura's lips. She licks them, and his eyes darken.

Although they'd already kissed, Aloura found her knees beginning to weaken, and the oxygen around them no longer enough for two. Aloura's eyes flicker between Elias' and they stay like that for a moment, both too scared to be the first who pulls away. "That's all?" he whispers after a moment. His eyes now remaining on her lips.

Aloura swallows, but nods, not trusting her voice to speak. "You can't break it" she whispers after a moment, feeling an overwhelming urge to warn him about the consequences of breaking a pinkie promise. "Or you'll lose your pinkie."

A ghost of a smile tugs at his lips as he nods gently, mentally noting to not break the promise. Because who would risk their pinkie. Elias smirked after a moment before gently pressing his lips onto Aloura's slightly ajar ones.

"What was that for?" Aloura whispers as he pulls away.

Elias grinned, "My way of sealing a promise" Aloura laughed a little.

But Aloura doesn't believe in promises.

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