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Category: Romance
හිරු නොදුටු ඉරමල.. 🌻💛

#non fic (bl)
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Jenifer Martin, a girl from California. A girl with a beautiful and the kindest heart. She has a superb business degree. But alas, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Her boyfriend of three years cheated on her with her only best friend since childhood. Damian Wilson, CEO of Wilson Clothing. He is handsome, he is super intelligent for the business world. Lives in New York City. He believes in love, but haven't found yet. He has one night stands just for his distraction though. A girl from California and guy from New York. How these two will meet? Maybe she will work for him or maybe not?Stay tuned to find out more about these two souls!Love,Anushka💛Ranks:-#45 in nyc out of 1.56k stories.#4 in romance out of 1.95k storiesPS- Current cover made by @_navyblueee_Date:26/03/22
I Am Guilty

Mathur family is well respected and belongs to an elite class. They have everything a happy family could ask for.... Name, fame, and riches. But this family hides a dark dark secret. They have a son they don't want to acknowledge. Arjun Mathur is nothing but a shame to the family. He has been almost disowned by his own people and is forced to live a reclusive life, away from them. Guilty of unthinkable and unspeakable, he has been avoided by his own people and is left behind to feed himself. Thinking about him is a crime in Mathur Residence. Veena Shukla is a strong headed yet a sweet woman, who is about to step in a new phase of her life. Being adored by both the Shukla and Mathur family, she looks forward to start her new life with the love of her life. But her dreams are about to shatter when she goes missing on her engagement day. No one knows that she was kidnapped by someone she hardly ever heard of. She was shocked to know that it was Arjun Mathur and he was about to do the unthinkable.... again..! Will Mathur family be able to save her? Will Veena find her way back home? What made a reclusive Arjun come back after so long?
Tu Es Ma Lumière

~Reign AU/Collection of Oneshots~The world can be dark, Mary, and uncertain and cruel. The only thing that matters is that we face it together. No matter what happens, you are my light~Frary Oneshots/Taking Requests~Book reached it's chapter limit. Is continued on You Are My Light Part II
Missing Like You

When Isabelle Donovan doesn't show up for work one morning, it calls for great concern. Isabelle has a near perfect attendance record and wouldn't dare miss a day without giving notice. The police begin investigating right away and focus on her husband, Scott Donovan, who she separated from six months prior. Scott, who claims to know nothing about his wife's disappearance, is caught in a lie when Isabelle's best friend comes forward with new information. A year earlier, another young woman mysteriously vanished under similar circumstances to Isabelle and was never seen or heard from again. Her body was never found, but police were convinced it was the husband, though they could never prove it. Now, as the search for Isabelle continues, questions begin to surface. Why did her marriage really end? Is Scott telling the truth? And most notably, could there be a correlation to the other disappearance? But if there is, then Scott must be innocent. ... Or perhaps not. Because in this story, nobody is innocent.
the jarls viking bride ( Unedited)

*A story of death destruction time traveling and love*A 1848 viking lord made jarl of his village after his brother the first jarl died in battle leaving him the new jarl an as the new jarl he needs a wife by his sideA beautiful troubled kid turned assassin with a love playing cello and a twisted obsessions for swords knives an hand to hand combat An a twist of fate brings them together but forces want to see them apart follow there story

A happy girl living her life as if it was the last finds her mate who is controling and overprotective when he finds her. He forces her away from the life she had and the only place she knew as home. As a consequence she acts up, but will they put aside their negative feelings and make their bond stronger?
Sex Goddess: A Lovely Seduction

Kate Hutchinson is sixteen years old. She possess a very special power: the power of seduction.
My Predictions For The Future

I'm going to be looking at the trends and patterns from history to make an accurate guess. What do you think about these?

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Psychological Thoughts

A collection of opinion pieces and thoughts I've had in my time of analyzing myself, society, the world, and other individuals - all of which relating to psychology and the inner-workings of the mind.On my Ko-Fi and Patreon, I offer support for those dealing with mental illnesses and other issues that they may face in their lives. I'm here as a resource to listen to people, offer advice, and give support. You are not alone. I also have more discussions on the topic of mental health as well as several poems and writing pieces dedicated to mental health. The link is here and on my page - https://ko-fi.com/luxalibi and patreon.com/user?u=81645334

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Среди бескрайнего бушующего моря, там, куда бы не рискнул заплыть даже самый бесстрашный моряк, возвышалась одинокая скала. О ее существовании никто не знал, поэтому и представить себе никто не мог, что здесь, на этом маленьком скалистом острове, живет еще более маленькая девочка.

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Six Ways From Sunday

Alicia Martinez is determined to keep a low profile. After a tough year, she deletes all of her social media and retreats to the small coastal town of St Andrews in the hopes of starting over - and avoiding her tumultuous past. Oliver Hogarth is a world-famous popstar that's recently had his heart shattered. Fleeing from the paparazzi, he runs to St Andrews - only to run directly into Alicia. Sparks fly immediately, and Oliver finds himself lying about who he is in order to win her over.But Oliver belongs to a world of cameras, and Alicia is keeping a secret that could cost her everything if it gets out. With the real world closing in, can the two overcome the odds to make it work?**COMPANION NOVEL TO "BACKSTAGE GIRL" BUT CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE**

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The Spring that never arrived.

"Vi was the only one who saw through my sloppy act and she could tell when I didn't put any effort into answering her question. We all have some secrets that we keep to ourselves. I knew that the boy under the sakura blossoms tree disappeared and the girl who cherished the boy died over time and the promise I made to Shu was just a bad joke."Meet Mirin who tells a tale of the boy she saw in high school and how certain things changed after the encounter before New year's eve. Discover the connection between Mirin and Shu along with the dark events that entangle Mirin which she keeps hidden from her best friend. Here's a glimpse of the story:"Until a while ago, whenever you spoke of Shu your eyes lit up like a child who is overwhelmed after receiving a present." Those words left from Vi's lips in a rather sulky manner. She continued. "Sometimes I feel that you avoid looking into my eyes, you smile but pretend now and then. I wonder if you can hear me when I speak to you or if you are lost in your delusional world. A sad look fell over Vi's face. "I miss that girl who gave off a fluffy feeling when I sat next to her.I looked up at the night sky only to meet a black blanket of dark clouds that reflected my mood. The moon was nowhere in sight and the stars decided to hide. It was just Vi, me and the long night that we were going to waste away toasting to all the broken souls.

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MCU script - detailed

A detailed script that you can use as a template :)This is my actual script so i have left a few things out for personal reasons but i will make it clear what to fill the gaps with

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Locked away for something out of his control, Surrounded by the darkness 24/7. He's met with a deal, one that will change his life forever."It all begins and ends in your mind, what you give power to, has power over you if you allow it"

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The Seven Wives of Jeon Jungkook

In the small Kingdom of Narcisse lie secrets covered in thorn-ridden vines, bound so tightly together even the slightest brush of delicate skin against it would draw blood.At the center of it all stood a man whose gaze sent fear corroding through the kingdom.The ever so fearsome King, Jeon JungkookThe moment their eyes meet, she feels stuck in a trance drawn towards those dangerous irises.Whispers of the mysterious disappearances of his many wives spread like a disease around the kingdom and wrap around her pretty little throat.Was it all true?🥇TIED AT FIRST PLACE in the SMERALDO AWARDS🥈SECOND PLACE in the SHOW CASE AWARDS 2022🥉THIRD PLACE in the SOULMATES AWARDS🥇FIRST PLACE in the INCANTATION AWARDS 2022

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Cannon fodder is too lazy to act

Kai was inexplicably reborn as a cannon fodder in a game from his previous life. The same appearance but world's script seemed to have given him too many lines and scenes...so he compromised.Instead of sucking up to the young and impressionable prince, Kai... silently followed him like a mindless follower.Instead of bullying the future general of the kingdom, Kai simply flaunted his wealth silently whenever he was in front of him.Instead of begging for his life in front of the villain, Kai... let himself be tied up.Kai stared at his hands that were tied above him...then at the three perpetrators in front of him.What's the big deal? I followed the script to a T, how come I'm being punished.

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At the Moulin Rouge, You'll Have Fun!

The dressing room at the Moulin Rouge was a bleak place...

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Written in the stars-PLMI, book 2

"Why didn't you tell ME?" Niall yelled and I looked at my hands in shame. "I tired.....I promised...remember?" I said, looking into his mad eyes."Obviously you didn't keep that promise. Bye Mackenzie." He said as he turned away and walked out the door. I bit my lip and looked at the door sadly. We aren't so perfect after all......

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