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Overflow (A Boyslove story)

Once Seen, It Can't Be Unseen.. Once Realized, It Can't Be Ignored..Once overflowed, It Can't Ever Be Contained...What will happen to their friendship if 'it' were to overflow? hidden, unseen, unrealized emotions... could this be 'love'?

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MY CRUEL MAFIA| Boyslove | Zeenew

These story is about a boy name new.He was sold to a heartless and cruel mafia.Author POVZee is the most dangerous mafia in the underworld..only his name is enough to make others people's shiver in fear......As for the others or we can say the outside world know him as a successful businessman of one of the top most company in Thailand..New is a cute ordinary boy...who work in a cafe as a waiter for living..Who sold this cute boy to the heartless mafia?Will he will able to survive now?how will he live with him?? ⚠️WARNING⚠️⚠️Red flag , include violence, smut scene,Mpreg ⚠️

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From The Other Side

Isaiah always had his focus set on school and baseball, but when he meets August, he suddenly begins questioning more than just his lack of a social life. ***** As the star of his high school baseball team, Isaiah Carr is looking forward to senior year. While not the most popular of guys, he's got his friends, he's a shoo-in for a baseball scholarship, and he's perfectly content sitting on the sidelines when it comes to his social life. However, when he meets August, a strange but cute boy with a prosthetic leg, there's no denying the connection between them. From friends to more, the two begin to grow a relationship that balances the troubles of their pasts with the hopefulness and acceptance of a future.[[word count: 90,000-100,000 words]]Cover designed by Eva I.WATTY'S 2020 YA WINNER

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The Man Came From My Dream

masih cerita boyslove

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Joongdunk Au Dunk:Why don't you treat me like your brother do?Joong:You think I'll do that? You are My phi's Prince!! Not mine!English is not my first Language so there will be some mistakes too.

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Bluelock x Male Reader(Boyslove)

chat fif, Hiori's cousin - Bro joining the Bluelock GC....enjoy 😊...

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Umbrella Love [BL]  ✔completed

Ulan + Payong = A lovestory. (PerthSaint fanfiction story)

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Loving The Boss.

Melbourne has been Hugh's best friend, assistant and confidante for 8 years.Mel holds unrequited feelings for Hugh.Their friendship is toxic as Mel tries to escape from Hugh and the control he has over him.One night of passion leads Mel to a tipping point.Will the cruel businessman let go of his most prized possession.#1 bxbxb

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BoysLove Oneshot Compilations

Contains bxb stories only. Note: This is my first time writing it down so you could make some suggestions and requests and maybe corrections. I don't mind.

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A Love Like No Other [Completed]

💕Sweet love always touches the softest part of our hearts💕Own Creation , Own Characters.This story is belong with both unicode & zawgyi.

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Gay Chicken | ✓

"They have belligerent sexual tension." "What does that even mean?"--- James and Casper have been fighting for years - they've just never gotten along, ever. And then comes along a game of Gay Chicken and a kiss that changed everything. (BoyxBoy)

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BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED]

"Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know."Trying to avoid the daily beatings of the school bully can be challenging. But what happens if the schools bully has a crush on you?

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Muted (穆然)

Alternate Title : 穆然Status : CompletedAuthor : Gu JunNovel SummaryIf there really is a God, if there really is an afterlife; Please, give me a home.- Mu Ran⚠️this is not my story⚠️for offline purpose only⚠️warning please if you're reading this please prepare your tissue⚠️ machine translation

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✔I Matched 100% with Six Alphas

I Matched 100% with Six Alphas (我和六个Alpha匹配100%)Author : 故筝FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY (MTL - Machine Translated)97 Chapters + 5 Extra ChaptersDescription inside T-TNote: There are Grammatical Errors for this book is MTLed using Google Translation

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An Unintentional Love Story [Minsung]

A story were a bad boy Minho unexpectedly falls for the nerdy Jisung©️cupofnoodels2023

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-Secret relationship with my bsf's boyfriend-

Ochako and Izuku were best friends ever since they were kids, but when they got in college, Ochako got a boyfriend, Ochako introduce her boyfriend to Izuku and introduce Izuku to her boyfriend, Katsuki and Izuku were enemies at first but they suddenly fall inlove with eachother and had a secret relationship

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Baked Love

Chip Honeycutt has a girly name. That's not the problem; his real problem is hiding the fact that his family owns a bakery. And that he loves to bake. What will happen when a new guy comes along and finds out his secret? Will he tell everyone? Or will he keep it? © 2015 by theCuppedCake. All rights reserved.

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Be mine

Gemini and fourth,two friend,two partners,two lovers.This will be a beautiful and cute story,spicy story yes,but with the love they have for each other.In this world even the guy can be pregnant,I hope you enjoyed.No omegaverse,man can be bearer! No top,no bottom,they will love each other's ❤️Reminder Gemini and fourth are good friends and they love each other as friends ❤️Hope you love my story ❤️‍🔥

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Boy in the Mist (Vampire BoyxBoy)

It was a gloomy town, sure, but Isaac didn't think much of it. He laughed off the myths, dismissed the graveyard, and pushed away his thoughts of anything supernatural. He was pretty damn stupid to do that, though. (BoyxBoy, Vampires)

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My Innocent baby

"Rain" a cute and a very innocent boy who don't know about love like how love feels and he even don't know what sex is? In childhood he never try to understand that things and even didn't pay much attention to classes so that's why he is like that,sky his bestfriend rain parents trust on sky that he can take care of him when they will not available so sky always take care of him,in uni many boys try to close with him and even want to rape him but our little rain don't know about their intentions or what are the meaning of that things they want to do to him so sky always be with him and save himOne day rain meet a handsome mafia in amusement park whose name is "phayu" and phayu fell in love with that cute boy in first sight Will phayu be able to destroy our little rain innocence,if you want to know go fast and read!Comedy×love×innocent💕 🖤Omega×verse🖤

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𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐥𝐫𝐲 | ✓

━━━━━ 对抗 ( yandere!student council x male!reader ) ˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ「 When you enroll into a prestigious all-boys academy based on a scholarship, the student council decides to play a little game: to see who can break you first. However, several of them become obsessed, and it soon escalates into a heated rivalry that leads everyone to not so civil tactics. 」HIGHEST RANKINGS:#1 in harem#1 in malexmale

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Yaoi/BoysLove Oneshots (✿◠‿◠)

❤️ One shot stories and short skits of boyxboy combi we all love ❤️Thanks to my fujoshi bff for pushing me to do this. ^^[!!!]: Accepting requests. :) --10. 29. 15

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A Western Doctor's Happy Farming Life[2]

From Chapter 201 to 254

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Devil's Babyboy

Mew suppasit is the CEO of biggest company in Thailand. Very Determine to get what he want by hook or by Crook. A playboy, very handsome and hot but a devil when he is Angry😈. But what??? If he fall in love with an Innocent😇 but Braty boy. If you want to know more about them. Then pleaseee proceed the story🙂......

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Little Neighbor

I probably want to die with this addiction. Addiction to the feeling of being with him... is like a drug that removes the bad mood from your mind. Why do you think addicts are afraid of quitting?

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kurooXkenma (smut)

It's KurooXKenma smut but really mostly smut so if you don't like that please leave also this is my first time really writing smut so yeah.. don't hate to much haha- The characters obviously aren't mine but the story is-Smut and a love story -18 or at least 16+-also the pictures aren't from me they're from Pinterest ...enjoy reading

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