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Weiss X Reader

Weiss Schnee is the heiress to the Schnee Dust company, one of the smartest and most skilled students at Beacon Academy, and one of the best singers out there. Of course all that fame will get people's heads turning her way. Just not all of the people's attention is wanted. Why isn't there someone who would treat her like a person and not a doll?!

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Weiss Schnee X M!Wolf Faunus Reader

You save Weiss's life and are then given the job to stay with her as her bodyguard.

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RWBY- Weiss x Male Reader

Second part to the first one of my RWBY- Weiss x Male Reader. A dance is a coming how will Y/n go about it asking Weiss? Will she accept? Or will she decline his offer? (I'm bad at descriptions)Y/n: Your name RiversH/l: Hair lengthH/c: Hair colorE/c: Eye colorW/n: Weapon nameA/c: Aura colorF/c: Favorite color

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Weiss X Male Reader: Hidden Love

You and Weiss Schnee love each other with all your hearts. Problem is, no one is suppose to know about it. Clarification: This is probably, the worse thing I have written. Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. All characters from RWBY are own by Rooster Teeth. All RWBY OCs within this story are owned by me.

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Cheater Weiss X Male Reader X Yang Xiao Long

Y/N unexpectedly finds Weiss cheating on him. What will he do? Who will prevent him from becoming rogue?

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Ruby x Weiss

This is a romantic story only a short story with 5 chapters

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Long Live The Prince (Weiss X Son Of Gilgamesh)

A fateful encounter between two heirs of a throne. With a dislike of each other, they can't seem to fathom why they stay around each other despite having clear differences. As they slowly reveal more of each other to one another, could they finally be the missing piece to one another or will something beyond them destroy what calm times they have.#1 Weiss#2 Fate#2 Gilgamesh#1 Weissschnee

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Weiss Schnee X Male Reader: A Knight and A Princess

As Weiss' guard, it is your duty to protect her above anything matter how much you don't like her. Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY.

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RWBY- Weiss x Male Reader vol.1

Ok so this is my first story I hope it isn't to bad when you guys read it.Y/n: Your name RiversH/l: Hair lengthH/c: Hair colorE/c: Eye colorW/n: Weapon nameA/c: Aura colorF/c: Favorite colorI do not own RWBY, RWBY is owned by roosterteeth only characters that will be mine are the oc, characters I use.

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The Son of Lucifer (malereaderxweiss)

(Vol1-8)Millions of years ago, Lucifer went back to hell to save the ones he love, leaving his unborn son as well, millions years later y/n have seen it all, humans have evolve to gain power growing from their own selfish reason, but y/n didn't care, until he met someone that's change him forever#1 yangxiaolong in 7/3/20#1 blakebelladona 7/20/20#1 rubyrose 8/7/20#1 Weiss 11/13/20

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Shatter Ice (Weiss Schnee x Cheater Male reader)

.......I trusted you, but I guess it was me being naive again. Congratulation (F/N) (L/N) you succeeded in breaking my heart. --Weiss Schnee

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Weiss Schnee X Male Reader: A Captured Love

Sequel to "Knight and the Princess"Though being Weiss' hired bodyguard was relatively boring, nothing couldn't say the two of you could fall in love with one another. And with the Vytal Tournament at a close, it's time for you and Weiss to return to Atlas. Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. All characters from RWBY are own by Rooster Teeth. All RWBY OCs within this story are owned by me.

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{Weiss x Male Reader} Icicles

Weiss Schnee seems like a tough ice to break, but you were a sharp person. You pierced through her flurry of emotions and sudden, she begins to fall in love with you.

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Soulmates (Weiss x Ruby)

(1st couple chapters are under revision since the readings so bad but it's complete now :)

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No Matter The Cost: Weiss Schnee X Male Reader

You've been struggling your whole life to prove yourself to the world, to her, that you were never weak. Sometimes, you have to do whatever it takes to gain strength. Even if it means letting your true self take over.

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Just a book of one shots of my favourite ships in RWBY. Mostly will be Freezerburn, Monochrome and SchneesBees. But will include other ships. And also Platonic stories. Feel free to make requests as well.

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cheater Blake x male reader x Weiss (Closed.)

She messed up,she loved you,she was greedy,and you found out.....

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အပြုံးတွေနဲ့မှ အသက်ဆက်နိုင်တာမျိူးပါ Edelweissတချိူ့သော ရူးမိုက်ခြင်းတွေမှာ အကြောင်းပြချက် ကင်းမဲ့ပါတယ်...။

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My Ice Queen (Male Reader X Weiss Schnee)


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Weiss Schnee X Male Reader: King and Queen

Final Part of "The Knight and the Princess"You may have freed your girlfriend from the capture of your old teammate, but, what good is a victory if your team was left scorn with one last mad man on the lose.Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. All characters from RWBY are own by Rooster Teeth. All RWBY OCs within this story are owned by me.

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Rude Demon RWBY FF( Ruby 🌹 x Weiss ❄️

Weiss was new in beacon she just moved a week ago in town.She meet the popular boy that's what she tought but she wrong it was a girl. Her sexual orientation is going to be hard and her father is abusing her. Read to know the hole story.

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If It Be Thusly (Weiss Schnee x Reader)

A young student with the surname Sommerhaut comes to be partnered with the Schnee Heiress herself; both have a tenuous grasp on their lives that blooms into something neither can quite understand. Set a few months before Volume One of RWBY. (Reader x Weiss Schnee)

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Snow Wolf(weiss x male reader)

Just a simple weiss x male reader story, noticed that their wasn't many of these so i decided to give it shot for my first story because, you know, weiss is best girl in this show, well to me at least.Hiatus until volume 10

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Fire Melts Ice | Weiss x Male Reader

An abandoned boy was found by a caring and loving huntress who has her own family. She chose to take him as her own and raised him, the boy was happy that his dream became the same as hers. Once he is finally in the right age, he went to the place where his dream will come true.And just as his life would get better, he will get to experience a romantic adventure. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Not a harem this time. I'm going to take a break on that. I love Weiss!Enjoy reading~

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RWBY: Singular Point (Male! Godzilla! Reader x Weiss Schnee) [DISCONTINUED]

(Y/N) (L/N) is a strange faunus with no memories of his past. When Professor Ozpin allows him to attend Beacon Academy, he will have to work with his new teammates to find his past.But what will happen he discovers his past? And what will happen when he starts to fall for a certain Ice Queen?

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Silent Weiss (completed)

Weiss x male reader Weiss dates a mute male reader and shit happens

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