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Enigma Online PH (New World Game)

Sa mundo ng mga makabagong laro ng makabagong panahon.Paano kung ang isang itinuturing na GAME ay maging isang makatotohanang tagpo?Will you accept it as reality?O patuloy na ibalewala ang mga nakikita at nararamdaman.Enigma Online PH...A Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.Real fight, real dimensions!Fight to be the strongest!Laban Na!

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Teen Wolf. Season 3A. (COMPLETED).

What if Deucalion had a daughter? What if she had a big heart?Alexa is Deucalion's daughter, a person who unlike her father, doesn't like killing people.Alexa is a character I created, give this story a try pls, and my character 'Alexa', is played by Becky G because I think she's pretty.I do NOT own Teen Wolf or any of the characters, just Alexa, the rest of it belongs to Jeff Davis. I Own The Cover Of The Book. I Made It With Pic Collage But The Photos Used In It Are Not Mine, I Found Them On Google. Ps I have 2 new preference and Gif series books, they're girl and guy edition, pls check'em out, you can find them in my profile.None of the images used here are mine, but I own the outfits mixed up together.

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7 Rings ⋆ Face Claims

The best people to star on the cover of your next story.Cover: @-kayleigh

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The Navigator

Within the mystery lies an ancient evil.Dr. Christopher Fox, newly minted galactic archeology Ph.D, never dreamed his first field assignment would be working for his idol, the renowned Dr. Reese Phillips. Along with Dr. Phillips' crew, the tenacious ex-special forces mercenary K. Hubbell and the ever cheerful artificial life form Emma, they will journey to an exotic jungle planet to investigate a mystery buried within an ancient ruined city and its mysterious glyphs. But within the mystery lies an alien evil. Will Dr. Fox be able to unlock the power of The Navigator in time to defeat it?

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The Zombie and a Fallen Angel (#Wattys2015) (#JustWriteIt)

This story is about me the author x Springtrap Introduction Sophie Brown is a young of 15 years, she have pale skin like a porcelain, lips like two petals roses, eyes light brown and hair with golden highlights, a classical girl with a big sweet heart, but sadly she have the horrible and real about begin forgotten, she ask herself all the time, If she is beautiful, intelligent, strong and a good girl.... why her classmates and some people are cruel or ignore with her? that's why she feel invisible like a a Fallen angel that fall in a dark world, trying to seek the light of happiness, alone in the begin of her childhood without a friend or someone that could love her.Until one day at high school with her classmates playing Truth or Dare, they dare/challenge to her: go to Fazbear Fright The Horror Attraction in a night, she didn't have afraid because she already know theories about it the place, the story, the game and Springtrap, she seek the place one night and she found someone special.:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;.:;:;:;:;;:Springtrap is the main attraction,Fazbear Fright, a robot zombie bunny animatronic, he has been alone by 30 years with a rotten killer's body inside of him, Purple Guy, before begin replaced by 30 years he was the happiest bunny with his friend Golden Freddy loved by childrens, but sadly his fate become real, today he wish to release the killer's soul that is begin to consume him.Until one night he found a young girl coming to his attraction...someone special like a Fallen Angel.:;:;:;:;:;:;;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;;:;:;;.;:;:;:;:;:;:;;;:Would their love will help them to each other?Would Springtrap can control himself without kill his beloved love?Their love will be broken pieces by Purple Guy?Read to find out!

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Facty Facts

want to learn more facts come here. i also appreciate facts

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Zodiac Shit [book 3]

«Status: May 15, 2016 - July 8, 2016»Just some more zodiac stuff from Instagram"tell me what is more beautiful:how the moon let's the sun shine throughout the dayorthe way the sun let's the moon glimmer at night." -s.b{there may be repeated posts but from different accounts}Credit to respected ownersNOT EDITED

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creating constellations

an abundance of space metaphors and you.#1 in poetry 6/7/16

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Male Cast

bc Francisco Lachowski is getting overused.tbh I completely understand, he's hot af.♡ ♡ ♡art: Henrietta Harriscover edit: me :)

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Thoughts To Provoke Your Thoughts

The power of reason behind the beauty of logic.

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Le Cirque de Méfait

Le Cirque de Méfait - The Circus of Mischief(n.) a place where the mischievous dreams of children are taken very seriously and are shown in a comical light; a dark place with even darker secrets ~What is it like, Le Cirque de Méfait? Some people swear to you that it's the most wonderful thing. Some people will say that it's whimsical and fun. Good for the family. For all ages. Well my friends, I myself have been to the Circus of Mischief, and I am here to tell you the truth.It's all a lie. So what is it really like? It's dark secrets. Tortured souls, and stolen identities. The instant you step backstage, the atmosphere is warped. There are shadows dragging around performers in chains. There's a room with dolls hanging from strings, and other dolls with needles sticking out of them and even more dolls dangling from the legs above glasses of water. There's a man reading tarrot cards promising fortunes for his favorites. The obedient ones. The powerful ones that show promise. What is it really like? Imagine this, my friends. Imagine driving through town after work, after dark. You're driving peacefully, and suddenly you see an advertisement for a circus. Le Cirque de Méfait. The advertisement catched your attention, naturally. It's hard to miss, hard to ignore.And that's exactly what they wanted. Within the blink of an eye, your car is flipped. Your head hits the center console and suddenly you're unable to function or see or anything. And then you wake up, chained to the wall of a boxcar on a moving train. You wonder why the performers always looked so tortured. This is what happened to them. Take extra care, that it does not happen to you.-cover by @_nyctophilia_

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AYO EXO-Ls ~ !! LISTEN!! (enjoy the mayo) Derpy, Funny, Dumb, Random or just Weird Exo's reaction to per scenarios is on Camdorkim's work. EXO SCENARIOS:"Enjoy the Mayo" !!If you're into fun treat in reading your exo bias'es reactions/scenarios, then THIS IS FOR YOU!If you have not found the scenario that you wanna read, then comment or message me to request that scenario! Right now! :D hahaha ARASSEO?~ ♥ KamsamnidaPlease VOTE & you could also comment ! Thank you.. Daghang Salamat!

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Quest of the Spirit: From Suffering to Acceptance

God's spirit works in the lives of men during times of separation, suffering, conflict, and despair to provide solace, self-awareness, and hope. Through Quest of the Spirit, one observes how notable writers learned the truth about themselves and society, and promoted social change. Quest of the Spirit examines the interrelationship of theology, psychology, and philosophy empowers hi to face life as a succession of crises . Ideas from Einstein, Schopenhauer, Schweitzer, Toynbee, Born, Kierkegaard, Russell, Gandhi, Barth, Tillich, Bultmann, Buber, Lewis, Jung, Frankl, Ayer, Hume, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Conrad, Spengler, Niebuhr, Jaspers, Heidegger, Newman, Carlyle, Lowry, Freud, Lawrence, Graham, Renan, Hardy . . .

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My gacha oc's and more part 14

This is the same as my last books! Warning there's some stuff that might trigger people so be careful!

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Hamilton Asylum- Fanfiction

The Hamiltons throw a giant party and invite all their friends. It is one of the grandest parties in a century. But Hamilton did not invite Burr, who is enraged, so much that he kidnaps some of the party guests! Burr leaves them in a dark prison, and they need to get out before Burr takes over. But life won't be all sunshine and buttercups when they get out. A mysterious woman helps them, but is she really trustworthy? People are after them- Hamilton's enemies haven't forgotten about him. From a deranged King to a helpless whore, almost everyone wants to kill him.

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Uphill Climb

Hamilton The Musical does not belong to me in any way.Thomas Jefferson has returned from France with his brother Lafayette. He is scheduled to his workplace, the Congress. He meets and sees people there, new friends and old enemies.MODERN AUTrigger Warnings!!!BDSMSmutRapeSexual AbusePhysical AbuseAbuseDepressionSuicide/Suicidal ThoughtsCutting/Self HarmHomophobiaBiphobia TransphobiaYaoiYuriUnpopular ShipsShips:Laurmads (John Laurens x James Madison)Jefferburr (Thomas Jefferson x Arron Burr)MarLiza (Maria Reynolds x Eliza Hamilton)Lamads (John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton x James Madison)Pheaker (Phillip Hamilton x George Ecker)Angelidosia (Angelica Hamilton x Theodosia Burr(JR)Arrodosia (Arron Burr x Theodosia Burr (SR)Context:This was first started and completed as a roleplay between me and my friend. I want to revive it as probably a unpopular story/fanfiction.

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Rashure Codex

RASHURE-CODEXThe book is a fiction tale, that weaves real science and theology together to form a real cautionary story. For many years astrophysicists, astronomers, archaeologists, and other scientists all around the world have been discovering new amazing things but, have not been able to put all the puzzle pieces together that would reveal the impending cosmic catastrophe. Earth only had a few months before the biggest, life-ending event coming from light-years away would wipe the Earth clean of life. Only until visitors, not from Earth, divulge to a select group of people what was going to happen. Einstein's theory of time and space-travel becomes a reality when one of the visitors reveals that they had been on Earth over 2000 years ago.

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The Freak Theory

ok so i kinda of had a dream about this last night and decided to give it a go ... Its a whole new twist on the sherlock story, as you know its johnlock and both sherlock AND john can deduct and are freaky smart, it is John's first year at Baskerville Academy but Sherlock has been there his whole life, john gets abused but is not self harming, both sherlock AND john have the cruel nickname of 'freak'. Phillip Anderson is one of john's main harassers (he and sally Donavan become some of Sherlock and John's main harassers although sally comes in later in the story. John's dad is homophobic and forces him to play soccer, he is very good at it yet this did not help with his reputation at his old school. it happens to be none other than Greg Lestrade that is captian of the football team, one of the only people that is nice to sherlock.

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Zone 13

Dwell inside Main City as a newly built Nuclear power plant by Eden Corporation has caused controversy with the local media and nature activists alike. Join Phillip Codex, a Local journalist that was tasked to uncover the dirt that Eden Corporation is hiding. Things seem normal at first, little did they know about the chaos that will follow. During a live broadcast of an interview with the head engineer of the facility, without warning the containment building explodes along with the whole structure causing radiation to sweep half of the city. Within a matter of days infected individuals die and those who don't die rot alive. Due to this pandemic the whole city is deemed as compromised and is quarantined from the rest of the world, Giving it the special code name "Zone 13". People who try to escape get shot by the military and those who stayed were driven to insanity. Clinging to dear life Phillip Codex, His wife, and His two best friends battle the odds as they make tracks to leave the city and uncover the truth of what started the catastrophe. Was it a malfunction with the control rods? An act of Terrorism? or was it something much bigger than people could imagine?

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