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Gravity Falls Au's

This book is literally just all of the Gravity Falls Au's that I have come across. It's to give everyone a good idea of what's actually out there.This book is now marked as complete. Let me know if you want a Book 2!

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Story Titles

Just a collection of story titles that you can use. You don't have to ask to use them, just credit

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Harry Potter Story Ideas

Harry Potter story ideas that I never really fully made. Use them to your hearts content but tag me so I can see your story and add it to my reading listsMost of these are limited to just BxB but if that's a problem, you don't have to read this. Some story ideas are just here for those who enjoy the ship, I am keeping my feelings for each different couple hidden. Along with that being said, some ideas are based off of stories I've seen the descriptions of.

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Inuyasha Story Ideas

This book is full of Inuyasha Story prompts. However, the prompts are really only for Kagome ships. I have so many story ideas. Some of these ideas happen to be specifically for one-shots as well. I mainly try and do ships that aren't a as popular so people aren't afraid to write them.This book was published so I could keep track of all my ideas, but there's no need to not use them if you like an idea. Published: May 5, 2021Completed: May 5, 2021Current Chapters: 31. Every chapter after that is new as of June 30, 2021

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Fairy Tail Story Ideas

In this book, I will be posting all the Fairy Tail story ideas I have. Please let me know if you use one of these ideas. Updates will be coming every time I get an idea. There should be around 30 ideas, before I mark this book as complete. Started: August 16 2020Finished: December 27 2020

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Got Reincarnated Into A World At War,Let's See How Many Girl I Can Have Seg With

Y/n gets hit by Truck kun and sent to God, there she decides to Reincarnated in the Sereph of the End World, Of course with wishes, Well what happens when she has supernatural powers and the entire world is a war?[Slow updates, Or when i want to update]I don't own the Sereph of the end, This story was made for my own enjoyment, This story doesn't follow canon, I also don't own any photos or Videos, unless i say i own them

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My Destiny

This is a Tom Lucitor x reader FanFiction.AU ALERTY/N has had a pretty average life for the past seventeen years. However, things change when her younger brother, Marco, has a new friend. This new friend happens to be Star Butterfly. Along with Star, there were many other beings that Y/N never knew existed. Your life just got a whole lot more interesting.Started: Nov. 08. 21.Updates: every week until finishedP.S. this will start out as Marco x reader because I have some big plans for this story

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Inuyasha Story Ideas/Prompts

BOOK 2This book is full of Inuyasha Story prompts. However, the prompts will most likely have to do with Kagome mainly, but I will try to add others into the mix so it isn't boring or too repetitive I have so many story ideas. Some of these ideas happen to be specifically for one-shots as well. I mainly try and do ships that aren't a as popular so people aren't afraid to write them.This book was published so I could keep track of all my ideas, but there's no need to not use them if you like an idea. Started: Sept. 7, 2021

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Petrichor| (Paul Atreides x Fem! Percy Jackson)

Noun - A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.In which the daughter of Poseidon and honored Hero of Olympus, Persephone Jackson, is dragged through time and space at the whim of the gods to alter the destiny of the universe. The thing she didn't understand was why she of all people was dumped on a desert planet with not a drop of water in sight! Now she must from mile-long, carnivorous worms and somehow survive the desert that threatens to send her soul to Elysium before accomplishing what she was sent there for. All this just to save something called a Kwisatz Haderach, whatever that is. And it's just her luck that she is the center of yet another prophecy predicting the destruction or salvation of the universe by her hand. Great!Paul Atreides x Fem! Percy JacksonMostly Based on Dune (2021) and Dune: Part 2 (2024)Hello! I've been obsessed with Dune lately. I adore it so much! I have been thinking about what might happen if Female Percy Jackson were sent into the Dune Universe. However, I have not read any of the Percy Jackson series in a long while, but I have done my research. Please correct me if something is completely incorrect about either Dune or the Percy Jackson series. I will take some creative liberties (most of which I will denote and explain in an author's note at the end of the chapter)All Rights to Dune belong to Frank HerbertAll Rights to Percy Jackson belong to Rick RiordanWarnings: Some inappropriate language (mostly in Greek), canon typical violence, slightly OP main character, Persassy, etc. (potentially more to be added)

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Gravity Falls Story Ideas

In this book, I will be posting all of the ideas I have, for Gravity Falls stories. Please let me know if you use one of these ideas. Updates come when there's an idea but it is marked as complete Started: August 16 2020

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Fairy tail couple opinions

Just what I think of the fairy tail couples. Along with that, please comment on the chapter with a couple you would like to see a story or one shot of. I'll only be making stories suggested by my readers for the most partWARNING: I MADE THIS WHEN I WAS A KID SO MY OPINIONS HAVE SINCE CHANGED!

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Unspoken Confessions (Completed)

Poems with different moods

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From the Rain

While running away, you feel the last pieces of yourself break away. You want it to end, but your savior finds you to heal it all. A Grayson Dolan x Y/N imagines.

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Fertility Festival

"You know that you're still in love with her right?" "Since when?" "Since you met her. That's why I decided to help you out." "What?"WARNING: This was made August 22, 2020. My writing has since changed, but I wanted to cross post this.

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A Reverse Meeting

Warning: this was written a few years ago and is not the best.Both seemed to have similar thoughts. It seemed as if there was an unknown connection between them. Like there was a reason they met in the forest.

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He was quickly grabbed and pulled over to his bed. Katsuki hugged Izuku's body close to him. "I want to cuddle.""Kaachan wha?" He was cut off by the grip on him getting tighter. A slight feeling of wetness arises on the back of his neck."Please." Katsuki whispered.

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In Your Arms

Harry decided that he wouldn't let others be the reason he judges a Hogwarts house. Previous friends are now enemies and there is much to learn about the true Heir of Hogwarts.Updates on Fridays(sometimes sooner or a couple days late)

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Harry Potter Story Ideas BOOK 2

This is book 2 of my Harry Potter Story Ideas Series. There will be roughly 50 prompts and they will all range from spokem word prompts to regular ones. The majority of the ideas will be with Harry and a male character. If you don't want to read that, then don't. But don't expect me to take hate. I personally do not care if you dislike my ideas and will delete any hate comments.FYI: It'll be marked complete but I'll add more every once in a while

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The Start of Acridomia

A short exerpt of an idea I haven't fully planned out. Here's a little bit of a potential summary:The crowned prince of Acridomia loved to explore and go on many adventures. There were so many hidden secrets to be discovered in his land, and he wasn't going to let his mother and father stop him from finding them. On his way back to the castle after a week long adventure, the prince and his knight(also known as his best friend) find a shimmering doorway at the entrance of a deep, dark, and eery forest. Many new adventures await and a potential evil to be discovered.

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"hyeongjun kan? inget gue gak?" hangyul berkata semangat sambil tersenyum lebar. matanya bersinar penuh harapan."hah?"

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seungyoun tau dia salah satu orang di hyung-line yang paling hyeongjun percaya, tapi gak gini juga......

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Depressed horror sans reader x female creepypasta harem

5 year old Y/n used to be happy and always positive, but when his own family disowned him for unknown reasons he was forced to live in the streets for 10 years. one day he was caught stealing food and was shot in the head, then when the cops thought he died he got back up and killed every man woman and child in the village, including his ex family who he left lynched as punishment. what happens when a depressed creature meets a bunch of girls that live in the forest? Will love blossom for the depressed creature?or will they be added to his body pile?

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Fairy Tail Couple Opinions Book 2

Hey Readers! This is my second book on couple opinions in Fairy Tail. I got thirty more couples for you. There will be more information in the very first chapter of the book. So please sit back and enjoy#169- odd

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The Other Side of the Mirror [A Magic Mirror Story (Vocaloid)]

In the other side of the mirror, where everything is reversed, two opposite destinies intertwined. Her happiness brings forth his mishaps.His bliss brings her misery.Yet, there was one sensation that the rules didn't have the ability to alter.Can love travel even through a mirror, into a dimension that opposed the reality of the other?Would it be the path to their fulfillment? Or would it destroy what little they had left?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAST:Rin Kagamine -- NathaliaLen Kagamine -- Nathaniel~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Magic Mirror storyYou know? The song Magic Mirror by Vocaloid?P.S : If you notice some detail missing, that was on purpose (lol really?) It's up to you guys to brainstorm on how and why that happend. Just like you guys do with a song, (because this actually came from the song) So... Enjoy!

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Ophelia witnessed the murder of her parents, right in front of her very eyes. Still a child and deeply traumatized, her mind forced itself to shut down the memories of that horrible night. However, her memories started to return, piece by piece.One night, by accident, she witnessed the renown killer, the Death Bringer, right in the middle of his crime. As fate allowed it, he let her go, saying that he won't kill her. At least not yet.What could be the Death Bringer's connection to her and her goal? Will Ophelia finally be able to uncover the past?Can she handle the truth?

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She is one Lady Dangerous

A lady whose cold as Ice, a sophisticated woman whose is to earn her power and her respects from the people whom she conquered. A woman whose cold till those darkest of times, until she met a young lovely girl who made her untamed life a better one.

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