The Disastrous Life of Saiki K || Saiki Kusuo x OC Male Reader

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K || Saiki Kusuo x OC Male Reader

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Hasegawa Kei was sort of selectively mute. He technically can still speak, but he rarely does it as his voice is quiet, raspy, and deeper than most. Kei recently started high school, and he dreaded the day like the plague. When people found out Hasegawa was mute, he always got mixed reactions. Most would steer clear of him. Kei has come to terms with not having many friends, but what will he think when a bubbly, weird kid with blue hair wants to be friends? Teruhashi, ever the egoist, was determined to make every guy fall at her feet and say "oh wow." However, what will Teruhashi think when she finds out the reason both quiet kids in her class refuse to say "oh wow."

• Saiki Kusuo x Hasegawa Kei
• Saiki x OC Hasegawa Kei
• OC uses he/him pronouns

❗️The characters belong to Shūichi Asō, who wrote and illustrated the series❗️

‼️This doesn't really follow the order of the show, but will mention things that come up in the anime.‼️
‼️(This is on my own timeline. I also don't know anything about sign language, so I apologise if you get offended)‼️

{Cover was found on Pinterest}

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