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Mito's Sister. (Uchiha Madara)

Uzumaki Asami finally joins her sister in Konoha after looking for fellow clan members after the destruction of Uzushiogakure, and she meets Madara there. Their relationship doesn't start very well, but as time passes, they understand each other more and more. Highest in Fanfiction: #159 Second place NWA 2016

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Naruto senju| of the hidden leaf

this is not my story nor do I know who the owner of the story I only wanted to share there story and that's all that I found in fan fiction netAll chapter updated :sat, 24This happen when naruto got left behind in the village for "safety" while two of his parents train menmaTho when minato broke the promise he made from someone who help him seal the kyuubi what will happen to naruto and the gift the unknown god gave him read to find out

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Neglected ANBU

The Sage of the Six Paths, Asura (and Hashirama), Indra (and Madara) and Hamura have given Naruto a gift.After being disowned, Naruto: trains like crazy, joins the Uchiha clan, joins the ANBU, and is training under the Sannin!Minato, Kushina, and their spoiled children Menma and Mito have disowned Naruto. They recognise Naruto as a lowly and watch when Naruto is beaten up.When Naruto is given an SS-Rank mission, to guard the brats Menma and Mito, what will the blonde do? Will he listen to the Hokage? Or will he leave the village with his friends?

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The Red Haired Medic (Mito's sister)[Tobirama love story]

Hikari Uzumaki is joining her sister Mito over in Konoha to live a peaceful life.She is called over to Konoha by Tobirama right after Hashirama's battle with Madara.He is severly injured and the Konoha medics are not nearly good enough to heal him. His life is in big danger and the medics decides to resolve to the Red Haired Medic who is known all over the nations for her healing abillities.What will happen once the so called Red Haired Medic showes up to be Mito's sister?Are her and Tobirama something?Or will Konoha be the end of her?All rights reserved.

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Conflict (sequel)

The Fourth Shinobi War has begun. Uzumaki Asami is taken from her resting place and forcibly placed on the battlefield as a reincarnation. Not knowing what's going on, she stumbles upon Madara and finds out that his dark side is more frightening that she could have ever imagined.

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Naruto : Neglected

On 10th October Minato and Kushina were blessed with three children.Narumi and Mito and Naruto.Mito and Narumi were blessed with Chakra whereas Naruto was cursed with Soul.Neglected and Hated..Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto will Shake the foundations of Shinobi World

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Calamitous (Kaylor)

Detective Karlie Kloss has been on the trail of criminal mastermind, Catastrophe, for quite some time. When she hears from a secret informant, she might finally have what she needs to take down Catastrophe once and for all. That's what she wants, right?

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Taking A Chance

Tobirama Senju and Anavae Havari are scheduled to be married in an effort to bring the new village of Tsukigakure and Konohagakure together. They have no idea what to think of the other but in the end were willing to give it a try. The question is, was taking a chance with the other a good idea? After all, Anavae has some not so harmless baggage with her and Tobirama has his own enemies too. (BTW except for my OCs. Everything else including pictures and characters, aren't mine!)

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Mito ( Hunter x hunter) - whosin

Thể loại: Diễn sinh, Ngôn tình, Hiện đại , HE , Tình cảm , Xuyên việt , Cường cường , Hunter x HunterXuyên qua, tới Hunter thế giới, trở thành dì của Gon...Nội dung nhãn: linh hồn chuyển hoán thợ săn xuyên qua thời không thi đấu thể thaoTìm tòi mấu chốt tự: nhân vật chính: Mito, Pisoga ┃ phối hợp diễn: Ging, Gon cập kì hắn ┃ cái khác: thợ sănLink:

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First Uzukage

"Naruto Uzumaki, you will not be any longer part of Konoha." Those words he heard from fifth Hokage, Tsunade. And by force he got kicked out of village, for being jinchuriki. From beginning, Naruto knew that his 'friends' didn't cared about him. And Naruto has secret that only his real friend know, he is she, and real friend was Gaara, jinchuriki like her. And her real name was always 'Naruko Uzumaki'. And she always dyed her hair onto blond, and her natural haircolor was red, like all of her clan.How will Naruko's live change when she meet Akatsuki? How Naruko and Akatsuki make their life without fight? Will Konoha understand their mistake?Read to find out. I don't own Naruto.I only own story.

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The Red Flash Of Konoha || Itachi Uchiha Fanfiction || COMPLETED

What if Uzumaki Naruto had a sister?That he never knew she existed.Her name is Minako.A Kunoichi, Jinchūriki and the reincarnation of Uzumaki Mito.Namikaze is her Maiden name, and she's blessed with the Uzumaki blood.Uchiha is her Last name.Care to find out how and why?___________ (。・ω・。)___________NOTE: I don't own Naruto.Completed on (With revision) : June 1, 2019Check out the sequel: New Era, Next Gen ___________ (=゚ω゚)ノ ___________©All rights reservedUrieccentric || 2018

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Reborn [Mitobe x OC]

"I had to be perfect, I thought. I couldn't let people judge me and in turn judge my sisters because of me."~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ Rena Fujimoto is a sociophobe; which means she has a phobia of being judged openly by others. She has gotten over her fear slightly with the help of her best friend, Hisa Nenmo, a second year, just like her. She doesn't think much of it when she is forced to become the manager of her high school, Seirin's basketball team in order to help Hisa lead her dream of becoming a strategist for the said sport, but she founds new friendships, and certain feelings for a certain boy start to form.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ I don't own Kuroko no Basuke or the characters of the said anime; I merely own the plot and characters that are not shown in the original show or manga (obviously).

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Ang Bagong Mito

Miguel celebrates his 18th birthday in the most unusual way. He stumbles upon a n alternate world where local myths become reality.

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Food Wars x Reader

Food Wars x Readers!Mostly Oneshots!All readers are gender neutral unless otherwise specified!No characters belong to me except myself.There will be Lgbt+ representation, including transgender, non-binary and polyamorous rep. Don't like, don't read!I crosspost to Ao3! Don't report, it's Me.

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The Place To Be: A Hamiton Fic

A slightly less heartbreaking sequel to a very heartbreaking story line. **reading the first book , Legacy, is highly suggested!!!Love you all!

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ᴛᴡɪsᴛᴇᴅ || ᴛᴠᴅ

"My mother, she told me, 'Don't be a quitter'My father, he told me he knew I wasMy brothers, they told me, 'Do what you do'My sister, she told me to do something good""you said you weren't getting kidnapped" davina said "you knew you we're getting kidnapped?"#1 in 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 on 28-06-2021#1 in 𝐬𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐬 on 28-06-2021#2 in 𝐣𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐬 on 28-06-2021#1 in 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐯𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 on 30-06-2021

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Time Waits For No One

Truthfully she was far from 'all right,' but she would never admit to it. A few hours ago her consultant, Patrick Jane, not only killed the serial killer Red John, but also made love to her in the department issue vehicle. Now he sat in a holding cell.

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An Unchaste Affair: Part One

Before his family died, Patrick Jane loved living life as if it were to end the next day. He loved having fun at the expense of others. In mid-2002, Jane gets more than he bargained for when he signs on as a part-time consultant for the CBI. A romance.

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Misteryo ng Dormitoryo

" Hi! I'm Ryel, a college student who went to Manila to study. I was able to find a dormitory, but when I moved here, I didn't know that I would face a mystery in this dormitory. Do not be afraid ! Come with me to face and investigate the phenomena in a Hunted Dorm.Dormitory shrouded in mystery, many hidden secrets will be revealed. "

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Zombie Broke Out, But Woman's Dormitories Stock Up

Not Mine. For Offline Online/Inspirational Purpose Only. Credits to Author.Title 丧尸爆发,但女寝囤货!| Zombies broke out, but women's dormitories stock upAuthor 绪澄#The end of the zombie rampage, what should I do if I only have good friends and an ordinary dormitory at the beginning?Bedroom 717 of Tongyi: stock up! Daguai! Fix school!***During the torrential rain that lasted for a week, the devastated "people" came back to life, and the ancient virus broke out again.The city was blocked, the school pulled up the power grid, and the doomsday alarm sounded across the board-the phone suddenly restarted, and an app with a cute little zombie's head appeared on the screen.【Welcome to the doomsday ledger specially designed for extreme survival! ][The current survival value of your dormitory: 3The current national ranking of the dormitory: 25,506The current global ranking of the dormitory: 190,093]The little zombie cried bitterly:[Sorrowful report, according to the calculation of the app, you still have six hours to pass because of the survival value Low and lead to death of various factors! 】The three of them looked at each other:?It's too late, open the book!*Farming in the playground, fishing in the lake, raising chickens in the forest, and mining on the mountain.From time to time, I go to brave new maps, drive to create zombies, run orders all over the city, and make contacts all over the world.Continuously triggering achievements, followed by unlocking granaries, greenhouses, water purification workshops, watchtowers, hydroelectric power stations, armories... The morematerials are stored, the more snowballs roll bigger.A wave of zombies known as the Black Storm flocked to the lonely university town among the green hills and clear waters, only to find that this could no longer be called a "university city"-is this an indestructible castle?! !

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souls that are bound to shred *Naruto x m!reader*

There wasn't even a number for how much they have cried. how much they had lost tears. but not all tears are meaningless. they hold some memories after all. painful ones. after the death of kusihina and Minato ... Naruto was left with the burden of a child. his younger brother. Mito Uzumaki. that said they will shred their soul for everyone. souls are bound to shred and that was he had done. *********************guys here I am with a new book of Naruto x male reader. the reader will be naruto's younger brother. and i thought of something interesting. why not mix the undertale with Naruto. I mean not much. but I will just put some powers of ink sans here. hope you guys enjoy. and if you are new here you will need to know that the name I use for the reader can be used as y/n too. no definite name . okay. it's just that I am too lazy to write y/n.Plus Other than Mito and Danki and some other characters none character is mine and belongs to the original owner.

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Come Back Home

There's new member that was recruited into Teen Titans. Who would it be?Quarantine got me writing fanfic blindly. Bored is an understatement. I'm cabin fever. Credit to wonderful artist. Please inform me if you happen to know them. Top JonBottom Damian(No Smut though. Just fluff.)(Just wanna give you the idea of who's wearing pants and who's wearing shirt.)Enjoy~

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Dressed as a female partner who lives in the same dormitory with the male lead

Because of an accident, Su Qingqing transmigrated into an ancient Mary Suwen and became the villainous female partner who disguised herself as a man in order to get closer to the male lead.Arrogant and domineering, and a fake daughter of a wealthy family, the heroine is the real daughter.When the real and fake daughters were exposed, the villainous female partner was cluttered and unwilling to leave the wealthy parents, and did all kinds of annoying things, which were rejected by the wealthy parents.In the end, because of her obsessive admiration for the male lead and unscrupulousness, the villainous female partner was indifferently clicked by the male lead.What's worse is that when she transmigrated, the timeline happened to be living in the same dormitory as the male lead!Su Qingqing's painful mask: "Jiumin!!!"Su Qingqing, whose figure is becoming more and more bumpy, not only needs to protect her "true gender" but also needs to survive beside the hero.It's just why's the male protagonist looks at her more and more wrongly?Until one day... She was walled off before she even left the dormitory!Su Qingqing: "!!!""I...I'm straight!!!"The male protagonist slowly approached behind her ear, his thin lips slightly hooked: "What a coincidence, so am I."Su Qingqing: "Damn!!"Menswear is seen through!Key points: The world in the text is superficial, the whole process is sweet and sweet, and you can feel free to enter the pit without abuse. Content tags: female supporting role slapping face sweet text through book Search keywords: Protagonist: Su Qingqing┃ Supporting roles: Mu Bai, He Wuluo, Nangongli, Chu Yunhan┃ Others:Title: 穿成与男主同住寝室的女配 | Dressed as a female partner who lives in the same dormitory with the male leadAuthor: 糖果粉粉NOT MINECR: AUTHORMTL

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Konoha Academy's Dormitory (Nejiten)

After the academy had declared that it would be reducing its number of student intakes this year; Tenten made a decision to do whatever it takes, to enter. Even if it means changing herself into a male.She expected nothing less of the academy, a decent dormitory facility, weapons training area and dedicated Teachers. But she was not prepared for what came next; bumping into an insanely handsome teen with pale-coloured eyes- who had already started to loathe her as a boy.Ranked #1 under Nejiten on 29th December 2018 😄

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Discography of Camito Hatsune

Discography of Camito HatsuneAll songs are non-copyright, 25 songs per album, cost $5

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