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Kirby: Star and Moon Warriors

Popstar has been divided into a war between Star Warriors and Moon Warriors. When Moon Warrior Taranza finds out there's a way to stop Void, the leader of the Moon Warriors, (as well as a way to bring a certain someone back) he sets off to start a team of heroes. What's more, the Star Warrior leader, Kirby, seems to have gone missing. What has become of the beloved pink puff? And will Taranza be successful in his quest?

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Poppy of Stars Kirby Next Generations

Meet Heroes of Next Generations of Star Allies go on adventures to save Day to Stop Evil Void

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Kirby and the beasteons (Kirby au)(Fan fiction)

This is a unfinished book, I'm making a remake currently please read that instead...

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✧Papa✧ (Shadow kirby and dark meta knight)

Soo.. I have been looking and I haven't seen a lot of wholesome dark meta knight and shadow Kirby stuff, which is kinda upsetting because I'm really interested in them. So like thanos would say..."Fine, I will do it myself."This is a story about how shadow Kirby and dark meta knight met and how there bond began to grow. Nothing special, but yeah, it's something.:DAlso I don't really have a picture right now soooo that one will just be a temporary. Credit to the original artist and I will take it off if requested All characters belong to HAL

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Kirby moves and ends up in the same school as the cold, and supposedly cruel, Metallia Night. Soon after, trouble arises with the popular school bullies, and the two end up bonding. Met with several different obstacles in this new path towards young love, can the two win each other over and manage to make it through this strange battle that determines their fate with one another?☆♡☆♡☆This is my first, continuous story, so sorry if it's not the best!I do not own Kirby, nor any of the characters included from the games/show.

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my mysterious knight - meta knight x reader

You and meta knight never met each other. But you both knew each other. How?Well it started that you watched the kirby right back at ya anime. Just as you finished watched it, in Dreamland exactly cappy town King dedede found a mysterious CD which is an anime and decided to steam it in every TV in Dream land. Meta knight heard from the news and decided to watch it. Just as he saw you on the screen he couldn't take his eyes off on you. He liked the way you are. Your beautiful eyes the way you talk. So every day, when a new episode is out. He would run to the TV to watch.Only if both knew that they have a chance to met each other in Real!

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Of The Stars

Based on the anime, this story goes through the time when Meta Knight first arrived in Dreamland. Chasing after a monster named Miroarge, he must save the people of Cappy Town and their beloved King before anyone falls to the jaws of the monster or before the spirits of dead star warriors drive him to his end.

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Milky Way Troubles // Kirby AU (Milky Way Wishes AU)

This is a Kirby AU, specifically from the game Milky Way Wishes. All characters (except for OCs) and places belong to Nintendo. I own nothing but the story.Cover art not mine!When Kirby and Marx are traveling through the galaxy collect stars to stop the sun and moon from fighting, they meet... more Marx?!?! New characters begin to appear, each looking similar to Marx, with there being one on each planet. Marx will never be able to conquer Planet Popstar with so many new inconveniences! They finally make it through, but right as Marx is about to make a wish upon the Galactic Nova...Someone else swoops in.

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Kirby and the Dark Stars

Nightmare has been defeated and all seems well, but then Kirby and CO make some new friends and enemies. Then, they discover that someone is keeping demon beasts somewhere and still using them against Kirby. Along the way, Kirby and CO discover the truth to some mysteries and learn about pasts of characters and who to trust and who to not. From romantic feelings between characters, to aggression fulled by hatred, there's about everything in between. This is a universe based on Kirby right back at ya, it may contain game characters, but it does not follow the events of the game.This book is recommended 13+ due to touchy/sensitive topics, discrimination, sexual references/implications, death/harm to characters, light gore.

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Cheyenne, Kirby, and the Forgotten Land

Plot: The Beast Pack has attacked and captured a bunch of Waddle Dees, and when the Heroines of Dream Land try to battle them, they ended up in an unknown land. When Cheyenne (me) and her son Kirby ended up getting washed up in a whole new world, they must team up with all the other Heroines of Dream Land, help a lost little girl, and save all the Waddle Dees. With a bunch of obstacles throughout their adventure, get ready for the biggest mother and son adventure no-one will ever forget!(WARNING!): Contains some mild violence, and parental guidance is needed!Everything belongs to their rightful owners.

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Gijinka!Kirby Mini-series⭐

yes it's all pictures, you're welcome.the comics aren't made in chronological order but I am planning to make a full fledged novel based on its exact story and setting.Edit: its been published, I put alot of pictures in every chapter so a read would be very epic

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Cheyenne, Kirby, and the Amazing Mirror

An official sequel to my Kirby and the Forgotten Land story based on Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (even though Forgotten Land came after Amazing Mirror)! After getting Kirby's video game friends back together, Cheyenne (me) and Kirby find a mysterious mirror, which claims to grant all wishes made in their reflection. However, a wish goes way too far and Dark Mind, the fierce deity of the Mirror World, is summoned as well as the Mirror World counterparts of our Cheyenneverse heroes and a dark version of Meta Knight, and Dark Mind kidnaps and freezes the heart of the original Meta Knight (yes, the Frozen Heart victim in this story will be Meta Knight), banishes him into the Dimension Mirror, and shatters it into crystal shards! To add mixture to the disaster, Kirby gets split into four different copies of himself while trying to save his mom and while managing to keep his abilities, but having to get a new cell phone to communicate with his new clones, and Kiriko Hoshino also gains Kirby's original inhale powers, all when they get slashed by Dark Meta Knight! But, a shadow version of Cheyenne also seems to be hiding something tragic... Will they be able to save the Mirror World and Meta Knight? Will Kiriko be able to control her new inhale powers? Will they stop and vanquish Dark Mind?(fun fact: This was my very first fanfic on Archive of Our Own. And it was originally slated for early 2024, but I finished it a bit too early... Anyways, enjoy the fanfiction!)

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Super Poyo Mario! (An SPM AU)

Mario and his brother Luigi are just taking a break from the normal routine when all of a sudden, a new threat appears! Luigi has been captured and Mario now has to stop these foes from summoning something evil...[Contains Limentio :p](SPM and Kirby belong to Nintendo! This is a weird combo of Super Paper Mario, Super Star, Super Star Ultra, Amazing Mirror, Star Allies, and Kirby Right Back At Ya, so we're in for a wild ride.)-------------[If you're not seeing this on Wattpad, then THIS is an unauthorized copy!!! >:C]

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Kirby x Meta Knight  -  human girl Kirby!! With lots of 𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮

Have you been looking for a story that follows the love story of human Meta Knight and girl Kirby? Well your in luck!! This fan fic tells the story of how Meta and Kirby first met, as well as the strong love between them. This story follows with the anime but with my own twist and character personalities. ALSO ALSO I made Kirby and Meta the same age so it's not illegal!!!!NOTE*** I did not make any of the images I use!!! And I have nothing to do with the Kirby games!!!~~also I am in the midst of rewriting my beginning chapters because I started writing in June I think and I have improved since then, so basically I'm trying to make them better however that requires me to re do chapters 1-7 and that takes time so sorry that I'm being slow right now. Also I won't be making any new chapters until I finish re writing~~> read this please 🅟🅛🅔🅐🅢🅔 🅔🅝🅙🅞🅨 🅜🅨 🅣🅡🅐🅢🅗✨💖🧚🥰

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Kirby: Soul Journey - OFFICIAL REWRITE - Teaser B

Something ancient and evil comes searching for a Holy Knight.Said Holy Knight pretends nothing is wrong and continues napping.A Reaper Butterfly has a panic attack.(Note: The cover is not mine; I found it on Tumblr.)

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Mi Reina (Meta Knight x Female Reader)

Made this book for those meta knight fans. Because I don't seem to see recent updates so I'm making my own. :)

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Kirby: Soul Journey 2024 - Prologue

Morpho Knight trains Kirby in the usage of their sword, and discuss the presence of a strange creature lurking somewhere in the Solar System.

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The Lonesome Knight (Meta Knight X Readers)

!!NOTICE! THIS STORY REQUIRES TWO PEOPLE READING IT!!Another Notice: This takes place in an AU where Kirby doesn't exist.(R1/N) and (R2/N) are best friends that care for each other and are really close to each other. They both also are really big fans of Meta Knight. How will they react to him visiting Cappy Town for a few months? What will happen? Note: Instead of saying (Y/N) it will say (R1/N) or (R2/N) to indicate who is who.

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Kirby: Soul Journey - OFFICIAL REWRITE - Teaser A

A Goddess is horrified to realize She has recreated something She never wanted to exist, millions upon millions of years after its second death.She speaks with Her mother for advice, and the two come to the conclusion that She needs to kill it Herself.Speedily, She transports Herself to the Universe in which the dark entity is hiding, and begins searching for the one who was destined to assist Her.

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The other daughter

Fallon,Steven,Sam and Kirby....the only young people of carrington manor?(I do not own dynasty or the characters. Apart from my O.C)

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do you think about me? (kamanda dynasty)

a model and a lawyer. two different people. a carrington and an anders. kirby and amanda are both part of the carrington "family" when they start to fall for each other...or is it just one of them?a new job, a drunken night, a family disagreement and jealousy will slowly bring them together. they just don't know that yet.

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On A Star Remake (Kirby reader x TTIGRAAS)

Y/n reincarnated after his death with no memory.Now that Y/n reincarnated he is now a pink blob.Who know what powers he holds...He could save the entire universe...All he needs to do is... Meet a slime?Sequel of Eclipse.

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Secrets Hurt But Truths Kill

Fallon struggles to tell Blake and the rest of her family on a surprising update about her dating life. How will they take the news and which dynasty type schemes will arise?

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All's well that ends well to end up with you

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ArtistTale: Ink and Adeleine

The Undertale multiverse is in trouble. Error Sans has managed to corrupt all of the timelines and AUs. Left with no other choice, Ink Sans creates a portal so somewhere outside the Undertale multiverse. He ends up finding himself on Planet Popstar, home to fellow artist Adeleine. With her help, Ink learns how to feel real emotions and the importance of friendship. But will this be enough to stop Error once and for all? Find out as the two of them travel around Popstar, meeting strange people, and visiting strange places.

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Will you? (Firby fanfic)

After their trip at Sun Valley, Liam never talked to Fallon again so when she got back in Atlanta she drank to drown her sadness away. How can her friends confort her knowing that she won't let anyone near her and she spend her days working and night drinking?

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