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Travel Bhutan with Travel Agents in Jaigaon

If you are planning for a Bhutan trip then you must hire travel agents in Jaigaon because it helps you execute the trip within the set budget

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My idea of what happened to Gaon after episode 16. The aftermath and realization of what he had done and being left alone in Korea.

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The Black Rose [The Devil Judge]

They both know this thing between them is inappropriate on so many levels, but the heart wants what the heart wants, right? And so, instead of making Gaon chase after him, Yohan rushes to Gaon, unable to control whatever THIS is.It's only one more night, anyway. What could go wrong?(Summary by @BabyinaFlannel18)

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xdinary heroes guide.includes names, facts, and getting to know their faces.#; heartzforphi

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Who says?

It's been a whole year since Ga On met Yuhan in the hall after that explosion."He just showed his face and disappeared."

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Hán Việt: Sử thượng tối ôn nhu kim chủTác giả: Công Tử NhànEditor : Đào ngọt ngàoTình trạng: Hoàn thànhThể loại: Nguyên sang, Đam mỹ, Hiện đại , HE , Tình cảm , H văn , 1v1Giới thiệu : đây chỉ là quá trình trưởng thành của mỹ nhân thụQuá trình không ngừng phát đườngRất ngọtRất manh

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xdinary heroes  //  oneshots

Xdinary Heroes is a South Korean rock band under JYP Entertainment's sub-label, Studio J. They officially debuted on December 6, 2021, with the single "Happy Death Day". The band consists of six members: Gunil, Jungsu, Gaon,, Jun Han, and Jooyeon. All of the members are involved in writing, composing, and producing the music of the band. The band's name is shortened form of "Extraordinary Heroes", meaning "anyone can become a hero".☆ started writing: April 29, 2024☆ ended writing: May 17, 2024☆ started publishing: May 11, 2024☆ ended publishing: May 26, 2024#19 (ode)#523 (heroes)#277 (xdinaryheroes)#16 (junhan)#23 (jooyeon)#25 (gaon)#22 (gunil)#22 (jungsu)#6 (xdh)#9 (xdinary)

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Who Is A Good Tour Operator?

Jaigaon tour operator is considered to be genuine for executing a successful Bhutan trip but before hiring the tour operator you should know about the characteristics of a good tour operator

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Trans series #1: Rising From The Ashes

"You hurt me, turning me into ashes, but I transform into a diamond-a diamond that will reflect back all the pain you gave me" -MaxineThis is Trans story. Not suitable for the homophobic and transphobic readers.(Plagiarism is a Crime)

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Habits | Odehan

A habit turns into more than just that•This story includes boy x boy ships so if you're not ok with that please click off (I don't actually ship the members, and neither should you)•English isn't my first language so keep that in mind! •Highschool AU

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score! | chanlix ✧・゚: *

"you even scored yourself a boyfriend while just standing there!" jisung exclaimed.changbin had forgotten about that.chan hadn't.(╹◡╹)♡---a chanlix fanfiction *this book deals with dark themes, read at your own discretion*

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wrong number | kwak jiseok

a story in which someone accidentally adds a random person to a groupchat, accidentally starting new friendships, and relationships.

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Find the best package for Bhutan

Packages are meant for accumulating all the factors to make your travel more convenient and comfortable. Tour package includes everything that a traveller needs to get indulge into a successful trip. Each of the factors including where to, why, when and how to execute a trip is moulded in a package for sorting out the challenge that arises during executing a trip. If you are planning for a Bhutan trip and still getting confused about choosing the package then you must look into the factors that need to be considered while choosing a package.

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Instant Love ||

A story where two clueless who want a relationship get into a relationship together. Will it really work out?

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Trọng Sinh Chi Tinh Quang Đại Đạo - Gạo Nếp Đường Trắng

Thể loại : ngôn tình, trọng sinh, hiện đại, giới giải trí, hoàn.Sơ lược :Theo tam tê thiên hậu, đến trọng sinh thành trà trộn ở tam lưu nghèo túng tiểu nghệ nhân.Tử mà sống lại lâm huyên di, lại vẫn như cũ tự tin, lấy chính mình trác đàn hành động, nàng chung có thể trở về vũ đài, trở về điểm cao nhất.Tất cả mọi người đối thân thể này nguyên chủ nhát gan bình hoa ấn tượng thâm căn cố đế lại như thế nào? Có nhân đố kỵ, có nhân hãm hại, lại như thế nào?Không nhận tội nhân đố là tài trí bình thường, nàng chưa từng có sợ quá cạnh tranh, càng không có sợ quá khiêu chiến.Vượt mọi chông gai, nàng nhất định có thể đi ra chính mình tinh quang đại đạo.

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tora x reader;)))

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Distant || Gaon

texting fanfiction. ! lowercase is intended! will be using the idol's real names (e.g. jiseok)a story where 2 video game lovers meet each other online, eventually becoming best friends to lovers, to something else.- chaeri gets an invite from her online best friend, jiseok, to a discord server of some of her other online friends and other new friends. After some time of chaeri and jiseok spending more time with each other after all studies are out of the way, they both begin to develop feelings for each other. they eventually agree to date. something then happens that leads their relationship to crumble down. will they fix their relationship?

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・ 。゚☆: *.Star girl .* :☆゚.

We met under the stars ☆❝I just wanna see you shine. Cause I know you are the Star girl. ❞

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Ship it or Send it to hell? (Mha edition)

A collection of Mha cringe and cute ships. I dont own any of the art in the book!! I dont own mha it belongs to Kohei Horikoshi!! Enjoy :)

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Under the stars, I saw you || Jungsu

A story about a girl who likes stars and a boy who is a star.

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OUR BAND ☆ Gaon x Jungsu

JYP's University Of The Arts has decided to form a new band and are holding auditions this Saturday. Are you in? It's Gaon's second semester at uni and he's decided to try out for the school's new band along with his two friends Jooyeon and Junhan. Little did he know the annoying guy in his morning class, Jungsu and his friend Ode will also be trying out.+ Ode x Junhan+ Gunil x Jooyeon‼️ON HIATUS‼️

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Nia And Kabir, Vihan, Sameeksha, Catherine and Raghav, best friends. But nia and Kabir were little too more close. bestest of friends. They're doing their graduation. Hails from different places by tied together in same city. It was last year of their graduation. Usually Kabir most of his time with nia so do nia. But they all have to go to Sameeksha's elder sister wedding. They were family friends also. Nia had feelings for Kabir but Kabir never displayed such types of emotions may be he wasn't known to them till yet. But what happened when you're best friend get close to other person and despite of fulfilling that relation forgets everything? This happened with nia. On there trip to Jaipur, Kabir met with Meghna and started spending most of his time with her unknown to fact that he's causing hurt to Nia. His behaviour changed so did he. In that only trip distances grow between them. And nia went to England for her master and Kabir went back to Delhi, his home. 4 years later when she came back, they got to know that Sameeksha is getting married. So they all arranged a small reunion for them in Goa in which everyone from their group was invited. Kabir and Nia lost their contact despite being bestest of friends. But they met in the reunion again. This whole story runs as a flashback. which was told to Bhumika, Raghav's Girlfriend when she too came with them in the reunion. She was also their batchmate but never that close to them. And then only Nia and and Kabir came face to face. Nia had return to India 1 year back but a lot of things happened which she didn't disclose. What happen after their reunion?Will they get reunite?

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Steamy, sexy and thrilling. "Fifty Shades of Grey meets Rebecca." New chapter will be posted alternate days. Like it, comment and vote. Share your feedback.MADHU - SYNOPSISA night after her aunt died grief stricken Madhu Mukherjee is travelling back from Jaipur to Delhi when she is stuck in Gurgaon. Her car crashes and she's forced to take refuge in a mysterious man's house. His name is Ashok Dogra and he's a confident, suave gentleman who lives in the past. But he's more than what he shows. He has a dark streak that he conceals from everyone. As Madhu begins to fall for him she learns far more about Ashok and who he really is. A tribute to the gothic romance of Hindi Cinema, Madhu is a thrilling, romantic ride of a strong woman who battles evil and in her case the evil is the one she fiercely loves.

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After You || Gaon

• second book to "Distant". • intentional lower case letters • will be using the idol's real names. (e.g. jiseok, jungsu.)• jiseok and chaeri were online best friends, but then chaeri was added into a discord server where she met more friends and eventually became best friends with them as well. jiseok and chaeri then begin dating but later break up after they both couldn't commit to their relationship due to work. they then get back together after jiseok had won chaeri back with his charms. • even after a good while of dating, they're still a good distance away from each other. one is in australia and the other is in south korea. jiseok, being the clingy boyfriend he is, can't stand it anymore, so he decided to do the unexpected.

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This is the sequel of the first book THE DEVIL'S DETECTIVE and starts six months after Gaon left....

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The New Devil [The Devil Judge]

Set at the end of The Series, picking up as a second season ----- It hasn't been long, but Yohan's finally back to see Gaon. It's unfortunate that he's come back to find that there have been one, too many changes to the boy he'd once left behind.

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