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My story starts when Anika is working in Oberoi mansion as a wedding planner. Shivaay misunderstands Anika due to Daksh and believe whatever he saysPublished on : 20 August 2018

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When you fall in love with someone

This is a story of a girl who is abandoned by her real father and step father. Her name is Maya. One day she encounters Arjun and falls in love with him. How much Arjun is able to support her? Read all the parts.

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Love triumphs all (Complete)

Hi everyone I am a huge fan of Ishqbaaaz and after being a silent reader finally decided to pen down my version for a IB. I know it can get boring as I have made changes to the track and included my changes. Hope you guys like it. Characters same as Ishqbaaaz. The story has started some time back Keep reading and voting...thanks in advance

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RiKara - Destined To Be [✔️]

A Short Story On Gauri and Omkara - RiKaraOmkara and Gauri had met after 6 years, during an alliance visit. Little did the family know they had known each other from the past, which brought back some unpleasant yet sweet memories for the two.Read how the memories unfold from the past after they meet and wonder; how would it effect their present? To know more, read 'Destined To Be' only on Wattpad.______________Status: Completed Started: Saturday 8th December 2018Finished: Sunday 17th March 2019Ranked #1 - Gaurika (28/02/19)

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Ishqbaazo ki Ishqbaazi

Started: July 26, 2018Ended: April 16, 2021Status: Completed Editing: In process Description: This is a story of shivika after the 3 month start when anika comes back to oberoi mansion.. this story is based on the TV show ishqbaaz.......and goes through the journey of shivika getting back together and fighting for their love.....Do try if ur a shivika or rikara or ruvya fan......???

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Love Forever ✔

COMPLETED WITH LOVE Combine story of 3 serialsKesi hai yeh yariyan IshqbaazYeh rishta hai pyar ka "Love in the air "#1shinaya #27ishqbaaz

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Suffering Baby✅

Suffering Baby Is Story Of Anika & Shivaay's Baby Who Just Born and Baby Is Facing So Many Problems Remembering The Flashback Shivika Gets More Depressed When Anika Faced Miscarriage For 2 Times , Shivaay and Anika Both are Having Tough TimeLet's Peep In The Story About How & What Happened In Those Years How They Stood Strong In This Time , How They Stood Besides Each Other Being Each Other's Support System ❤️

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Ishqbaaaz : The Return of Obros

Highest rank #21 on 09/02/2018 in fanfictions.7 years have passed since that fateful day. The day when the foundations of Oberoi mansion shook .Ties that were considered unbreakable broke. Buried truths emerged and a huge separation happens. Will they get back and become the unbreakable, united Oberois again??? Cover credits: @ImLilMissComplicated

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unknown feelings (never love your bestfriend){completed}

not at all related to never kiss your best friend and ishqbaaz but it's a shivika teenage love story peep inside to know more

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Love By Chance

"No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance."What happens when two individuals are brought together by Chance..?Will they choose to remain like that..?Or Will their Choice take them apart..?Does their destiny decide or their hearts..?Kyaa hoga.."Love By Chance...!"?FF based on Ishqbaaaz Characters Shivaay and Anika.But has a different storyline. Not related to the show's story.Cover - me

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Ishqbaaz-Gauri Aur Omkara(Rikara FF)

Hi frnds... Im a die-hard fan of Ishqbaaz... Hope you enjoy my story...

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"tum dono bina sharmaye batao ki tumhe kya chaiye ek doosre se ""Divorce " they said in a union Sidharth and Shehnaz , a happy married couple choose to divorce each other after 5 years of there marriage!Kyu ?" Kyuki shaadi ke baad sab badal jata hai"#sidnaaz

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Amato and his friends react to the future

Why am i doing this?bc there's no one making this reaction on wattpad(I saw in the youtube at first and then trying to search on wattpad(Don't ask me why).So im going to be the first one who making this.If there's any of you who make this reaction first then i am really sorry🙏🙏 AlsoALL THE CHARACTERS IS NOT BELONG TO ME IT BELONGS TO MONSTA (But some of the characters are made by me) ENGLISH IS NOT MY MOTHER'S LANGUAGESo enjoy!Edit:I forgot to credit this picture up there👆 @SERA on Instagram

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we meet again....(Completed)

it's a FF on ishqbaaz series

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pious love story with no filth

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An old relation forgotten to revive or was never forgotten .... The story of flashback - A PURE SHIVIKA STORY ...there have been many college stories on Shivika ...may be you would feel this very different...a story with such incidents , which atleast once , you might relate during your college days or school days uneven incidents in present to relate to the flashback...a realistic modern day approach to the cult relationship........hope you all give it a try !!!!

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Priceless Possesion (COMPLETED)

Are you excited to meet us??Said a cute little pie

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Always and forever.

Based on the current track of Anika feeling insecure. This story will show Anika's background and characters from her past who will threaten her relationship with Shivaay . I have always wanted to explore Anika's past . Do read it to view her in a different way. Also this story will feature Barun Sobti as ...well you guys should just read to find out !

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Vampire And His Angel✔ ( Completed)

(Its in both languages, hindi and english) If she is a blooming flower, then I'm a withered treeIf she is the brightness, then I'm the darknessIf she is the moon, then I'm that dark clouds which hides the moon.. If she is the soft music, then I'm the scary voiceIf she is the best, then I'm the worst.. If she is love, then i'm hate... ________________________________________The person who is my life.., my angel... I love you my angel..............Date published - August 20 2020Date completion - October 24 2020All rights reservedMature Content ⚠

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TWO LINES (completed)

🔞🔞Their love in a positive way!! WHAT WILL A ONE NIGHT STAND LEADS TO!?Please read only if you're comfortable with mature content.🔞🔞BASED ON THE NOVEL!

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Shivika SS: Agar Tum Saath Ho...(Completed)

An SS with Annika's past Track (RU/S1)...Shivika's journey through the bitter truths of reality becoming the strength and support for each other...Premise: Shivika are already happily married for two years...Annika has already become a successful event planner like she dreamed of...and is now trying to find out about her lost sister, Chutki...PS: Didn't like the way The senior Oberoi's were white washed after thoping all crimes on Roop Bua at the end of the track....So this SS is my take on the flashbacks Annika had during the initial episodes of the show...Wrote this first in India Forums...Thought of exporting the work to Wattpad as well...PPS: Special love to my bestie Kichu @ZStaardust for the cover pic..😘😘

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Her Revenge✓

Shehnaaz Gill , whose main aim was to destroy Sidharth Shukla's image succeed in destroying his image and breaking his trust. Her mind said that she should be happy but her heart screamed"It's your blunder mistake", Her life completely changed when her brother left her alone . She broke in tears as she was doing this just for him and his happiness. She thought she helped her brother but her thoughts crashed when her brother slapped her. She realised what blunder she created by cheating him but it was too late to realise that____________Sidharth Shukla, who never loved anyone than her , who never trusted someone like her broke in million pieces when he saw her real face. He was hurt more than shocked as he gave her his heart and she insulted his feelings just to take Revenge . He decided that he will never trust anyone in his life ever especially her. He decided that he will never marry anyone neither he will give her a chanceWhereas after realising her mistakes Shehnaaz thought to get him backCan she get his forgiveness?Will he ever forget what she did with him?Published on :26 September 2020Completed on : 26 October 2021

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He Isn't Meant For Me (COMPLETED)

"Oh my god! I can't believe you are getting married babe!" I spoke on the phone with my best friend."It's a destination wedding at Goa and you have to bring Uncle- Aunty and Gauri too!""Sure but tell me who's the groom?" " know him!" she stammered."Oh! Vikram? I told you na you two will end up together." I gushed "Nope! It's not him", I went silent."Then?""Shivaay!" Phone slipped off my hands.

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I can't hate you because of love in my heart but......I can't love you because of pain in my heart

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Unwanted Wife: Mrs ShehNaaz Shaikh


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