Reincarnated person change the system

Reincarnated person change the system

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Category: Fantasy
My name is Aika asami, a normal teenage girl who just died from saving an unknown child from being hit by a car

assuming that I'm already died, a voice of an old man spoke inside my head giving me another chance to live

Then the next thing I knew Is that I got reincarnated into the body of a baby--and that baby was happened to be the villainess of the well known otome game in my previous life which I played when I was in high school, the game didn't talked much about the villainess back story, it mostly focused on the heroine and the capture targets, so it's quite troublesome!

And I've read a lot of reincarnated stories where they will travel the world and get their magic to be strong or fight with the heroine who turned out to be another reincarnated person---neh!!! Wrong!!, I'm not like that

I will straighten my magic to protect myself and build a life for myself--who cares if the capture targets and the heroine end up together--if you care then I Don't...

A father that doesn't even cares for his children?--then wait for my revenge, I'll show you that I can be successful without you

A hypocrite stepsister who turned out to be the heroine?--don't mess with me girl, even if your the heroine I can easily kill you if you mess with my life

A wooden block prince of the kingdom wanting my hands for marriage?--Rejected! I don't want to tie myself up with the game system, go find another girl who is willing to kiss your shoes in order to be your fiance--but not me!

I am aika asami reincarnated as iris natsha Everhart, the ex-villainess of this game, the youngest duchess that ever lived, a prodigy, the queen of ice, great general of the mighty sky army

Whatever names you call me, In the end I'm still me, A reincarnated person who just wants to live peacefully


This is my second reincarnated story so hope you like it!!

Love'ya all! Thanks for reading!

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