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Her Heroes

In a world where voices are all, a girl without one hides in the shadow. Fearful of her future and hunted by more demons than she can remember, Nadia Perkins is lost. But, when a sudden incident sends the teen to a family she's never known, and a country full of secrets, her life is changed for better or worse.Forced to adjust to a new life where she has six older brothers - who were brought up to rule the world - she knows that something is bound to happen.When truths and lies begin to surface, the teen is thrown into the deep end. With secrets of her own, and a missing past, who is she supposed to trust? Her brothers? At this point, she doesn't even know if she can trust herself.

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Heroes | JJK ✔️

in which two teenagers balance being high schoolers and superheroes while being in love with the other without remotely knowing. © starcrossedpjm 2022. all rights reserved. started: 3 december completed: 9 may

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The Son of Two Heroes

Summary: Intervention by Iruka early in Naruto's life causes amazing changes for the future. A boy who soon takes after his father carves his own name into the shinobi world. Rated M for Thirteen year olds killing people, adult themes, and strong language. Smart, strong and eventual seal master and eventual kind of OP NarutoI do not own this story nor Naruto.

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Hoping for Heroes

"She's basically, like, if Captain America and Scarlet Witch had a baby, but then Black Widow raised her. Her last name is literally Rogers!""...""She's right behind me, isn't she?"

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Wild Love 🂾 We Can Be Heroes

🂾 " who is she?" Missy asked, looking at the girl on her computer " oh, that's sky. She's our second in command and the most powerful out of all of us." Wheels said watching the girls hand move all over her keyboard " oh, does her and wild work good together?" Missy asked crossing her arms " well, wild and sky has a....wild relationship" wheels said rolling towards sky while missy just followed. But little did they know, someone had eyes on the girl on the computer...🂾 Hi, I'm sky. You know, Max's daughter...the one who was with shark boy and lava girl... yeah him. Well, let's say my life is kinda wild...Updates: check my bio! I will probably come back to this book and re-write a few things. I have re written a few but lost a little passion to continue because of everything that's happening. So please enjoy and don't mind my spelling or grammar!

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Oh, We Can Be Heroes

tommy is a flight risk, and his new caseworker isn't letting him fly away.orwhen phil is a knock-off charles xavier, but tommy doesn't even know it.THIS GETS PRETTY DARK IN SOME CHAPTERS Originally on Ao3, but why not put it on here :) follow my twitter: @reya090701cover by @artemis_fang313 on twitter

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We Can Be Heroes Too

Flare is Guppy's older sister, she is the daughter of Sharkboy and Lavagirl but she has fire powers. Her little sister has water powers and shark frenzy but Flare has her mom's fire hair and fire manipulation.

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ᴀ ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ ᴀᴍᴏɴɢ ʜᴇʀᴏᴇs [ BNHA x KNY ]✓

Nezuko thought it was over for her; sunlight began to touch her, burning and peeling off her delicate skin. She thought that was it. She's going to die.She closed her eyes, waiting for death to approach. Yet nothing happened. So she opened back her eyes.Only to find herself in another different location.A different world.___________" Who are you?" - Eri" How is she still standing?" - Overhaul" Her strength...her speed...the immense regeneration...I don't think this is a type of quirk." - Aizawa ____________• Demon Slayer Manga spoiler!• Story set in BNHA season 4, when Midoriya and the others set off to rescue Eri from Overhaul.• Demon Slayer belongs to Koyoharu Gotogue• My Hero Academia belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi• I only own the story plot

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We can be heroes

Fast Forward and Rewind aren't twins... they're triplets, Athena is their triplet, Athena has a list of powers, just not all of them, she was named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, which comes in handy when your other siblings hate each other.When Athena, Fast Forward, and Rewind's parents along with, Wheel's, Noodles, Wild card, Missy, Acapella, Slow-mo, Ojo, Face maker, and Guppie's parents are captured, and the worlds greatest heroes fall, it's up to them to save their parents, and the planet.

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Thor: Ragnarok - The Avengers: Infinity War - The Avengers: Endgame__________________________________________________________Tony stark gave his life so we could make something of ours.*EDITING SPRING OF 2023*

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Age of Heroes

Daredevil meets the Avengers in a fight for New York. The Avengers hunt the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.Steve Rogers is being sent to jail.A blind man takes on...A master assassinA dark archer A Norse Viking And a Hulk.Black Widow and Hawkeyes continue their ship Blackeye.I own nothing but the story, all characters are Marvel's.

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SANITY; heroes of olympus

"Name one hero who was happy." -Madeline MillerBook 2 of the LUNACY SERIESPercy Jackson x fem!ocJason Grace x fem!ocLeo Valdez x masc!ocHOO book 1 - book 5

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Reacting To Throne of Heroes

Everyone is transported to a theatre by two individuals as they all will watch Izuku's journey to become a hero worthy of the Throne of Heroes.

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What Chaos! Deku x Pro Heroes

During the sports festival, Midoriya catches the eye of multiple heroes and not because he won, but because of his looks, Personality and overall everything. Eventually, Midoriya is invited to most staff meetings just so that heroes can focus and is soon transferred to the teacher's dorms. What's even weirder is that the pro heroes are switching ranks at an alarming pace. Oh geez!

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The Heroes Curse

(TW/SPN) |Completed| After his argument with Scott, Stiles skips town running from his past. But it's the past that he never knew about that catches up to him. And he is suddenly thrown into the life on the run being tracked down by demons. Running from town to town he is saved by a man in a trench coat that teaches him his true past and real family. (Adopted from Trident_Hero)

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Heroes Don't Exist.| BNHA|

Book I "There's no such thing as a hero. As far as I'm concerned, You shouldn't need some bullshit label to do the right thing." || Izanami Shi would stop at nothing to fulfill her vow. Stuck between what's right and what's wrong and bound by her own Bushido code, this rising hero would do whatever necessary for the greater good. Even if it meant sacrificing friends. Even if it meant sacrificing family. Even if it meant sacrificing love. Even if it meant...sacrificing her own life. Because she wasn't a hero. As far as she was concerned...Heroes don't exist. ~•~ [ #3 in bokunoheroacademia] [#1 in bokunohero] [#1 in shoto] [#1 in bakugou]

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ONE LAST TIME . . . heroes of olympus

↳ i don't deserve it,i know i don't deserve it.but stay with me a minute,i swear i'll make it worth it.( fem!oc x jiper )( 7/22/23 - xx/xx/xx )( tlh - boo au-ish ) © maybel ( .pipermcgay )

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"We can be heroes, just for one day"What happened when the proffesor had a grand daughter. But what would happen if Dominique Kirke ends up in Narnia and through a twist of fate, falls in love with Peter Pevensie.Started : 25-01-21Finished : 05-04-21Edited: 28-02-24{40,000 words}{#1 in lionwitchwardrobe April 2021}{#1 in Pevensie May 2021}{#3 in peterpevensie May 2021}[DISCLAIMER - I don't own any of the Chronicles of Narnia characters this is just a fanfiction. Only my own separate plot points and Nick belong to me]

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We can be heroes

If you have a crush on Wild Card, here you go.....Speed's (She has every power) mom Speedy was captured and now they must save everyone's parents before the takeover happens I will be skipping the long parts of the movie cause I forgot the words😭💀I will be updating this one more often then my other book🥲Let's pretend theirs no Missy👀

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We Can Be Heroes

After I watch the show about the hero's it was awesome! So I decided to create a book about it. But what if there's another kid hero who was a teenage girl who had powers.

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Absent. Heroes of Olympus

Lila wakes up on a bus with no memory next to a boy she has a weird connection to. Meets two kids who think they're friends and gets taken to a camp for demigods. Where she is sent on a dangerous mission to save a goddess and get her memory back.Disclaimer. I do not own any of these characters or story lines except Lila. All credit goes to Rick Riordan.Book on in The Castellan chronicles

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Even Heroes Fall

My name is Violet Devereux and I am a superhero. Okay, not technically a superhero because I can't fly, or shoot lasers from my eyes. I am a perfectly ordinary girl in her twenties, except at night when I put on a disguise and become Justice: the hero-vigilante of London, England.Life was good until he showed up.His name is Ghoul and he is a real superhero. Super strength, super speed, super good-looks (he wears a mask, but I assume), super perfect golden hair, and rumoured super hearing. His only flaw? He is no hero.** Currently adding some fresh updates **

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My Avenging Heroes

They were facing All for One when they were flung from their reality. Now they were no longer in a world where 80% of the population has a super power. Now they're in a world where powers are made through work, science, or accident. A world of gods and men. A world... of Avengers. Yet as the years go on, they don't age. Can Class A return to save their world? Or is it too late? Will they survive in this new world? Or die?A different summary: Follow Class A through the MCU films. Namely Avengers, Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

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Xdinary Heroes in a Haunted House✨

Based off what I saw in episode 6 and 7 of Rock the World, this is how I would see our 6 heros in a haunted house with you! 😩🖐🏻

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Chatfic Heroes x Deku

Izuku gets added into a group chat that involves some heroes. he doesn't get One for All and he doesn't go to UA. His mom knew some of them before Izuku is born. read to find out what happens to our lovely green Cinnamon Roll. In this little fic about him.

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The Undoing Of Heroes | ✓

Heroes. Ever since they showed up, people have gone soft. They're adored, worshipped. Devotion is showered upon them like rain. It's about time someone knocks them off that pedestal they stand on, someone to crush their pillars of faith. Someone like me. A villain. It's perfect. I'll be the undoing of heroes. ≠disclaimer: very much needs to be edited, very much needs to be less corny and very much needs to be entirely rewritten by me. if you approach it as a goofy, corny, old 2015-esque superhero book then it'll be a great time. i'll be honest and say there are no pulitzers here.completed ✓highest rank in sf: #9cover: @narwhelly

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