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The Tale of Guinevere

Guinevere, known as Gwen, juggles her friendship with Cedric Diggory and the attention of George Weasley. As her relationships shift and feelings deepen, Gwen must navigate the divide between her two worlds. With Cedric's friendship evolving and George's unexpected pursuit, Gwen faces difficult choices that challenge her friendships.

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When Arthur Met Guinevere

Every king needs a queen, or so they say. Arthur has only just defeated Vortigern, so finding a queen is the least of his worries. No, first there's the long list of wrongs that must be righted, as well as rebuilding Camelot almost from the ground up. But it would seem Fate has other things in mind when his men come across the most fiery of prisoners kept high in one of Camelot's towers. A prisoner who would very much like to return to her own domain, where she is set to rule in her own right.The last thing Guinevere wants is to be wooed by a king. Especially one as ill-mannered and uncouth as Arthur. Even if a part of her does find him entertaining and so very refreshing.Fanfic based on "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword."

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Our Own Love Story || ๐™ถ๐šž๐š’๐š—๐šŽ๐šŸ๐šŽ๐š›๐šŽ ๐šก ๐™ถ๐šž๐šœ๐š’๐š˜๐š—

Guinevere, a free spirit and freedom-loving princess, is suddenly arranged in an arranged marriage to one of the most prestigious and wealthy families in the Moniyan Empire. There was only one problem- she didn't want to follow this love story already laid out for her.Gusion, a boy she met when she younger has made himself known once again. Fate has managed to pulled them together, but to what extent? Now, everything is different from what it was once before. Her brother Lancelot has just recently disappeared and a broken Guinevere only has Gusion to catch her broken pieces and mend her whole again, but countless obstacles lay in their path and would make what they have impossible. Will they both find a way and be able to write their own love story? -This story closely follows the official Mobile Legends Lore you can read in the app itself. The song "Love Story" by Taylor Swift was a huge inspiration for this fanfiction. (Disclaimer: I don't own the main characters of the story. They are from a game called Mobile Legends. Also, all the cover and all the fanart used in this story is not mine.)*Highest ranking: No. 21 out of 1.1k stories in 'mobilelegends' tag as of February 27, 2021*

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Guinevere x Granger Oneshots

I miiight take requests โ™ก

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It had to be you || Granger x Guinevere Fanfiction

Another Granevere fanfic! This will be a Modern AU! I hope you'll enjoy this one

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Bullets and Pastries |  Granger x Guinevere MLBB โ˜†COMPLETEDโ˜†

โ˜†COMPLETEDโ˜†Guinevere Baroque has a secret.It includes shipping the two popular Demon Hunters of the Moniyan Empire.She was contented with her secret shipper life when fate had other plans. What would happen to her deepest, darkest secret when one of the people she was fangirling over with offered her friendship?!Come and follow along Guinevere's interactions (and her inner fangirl thoughts) with the famed Death Chanter, Granger, who is awfully sweet and shrouded with mysteries, an ancient curse--and... stalkers!?๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿง๐Ÿฉ๐ŸงStory was inspired by Mister Zei's fanart comics and various artists' fanarts.Photos used inside the bonuses are not mine. No copyright infringement is intended.Started: April 2020Ended: January 2021๐ŸŒธ Granger x Guinevere fluffs ๐ŸŒธAlso showcases other MLBB ships (both canon and fanmade) that I ship hihiโš ๏ธWritten before major updatesโš ๏ธ(This is also available in Webnovels!)

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Guinevere (Book 1)

**Re-editing in progress: Chapters 1-9 re-edited as of17th July 2024**A story about one of the most famous female characters in historical legend; Guinevere. This is a tale through the eyes of this young girl, destined to be the bride of the great King Arthur. An alliance with Camelot propels her unexpectedly into a life she could barely have dreamed of. Guinevere always knew that one day she would need to fulfil her responsibilities as heir of Cameliard, but never with such a man as Arthur Pendragon. Her resolve and dedication to her calling are also tested when she meets handsome knight and Arthur's commander, Sir Lancelot. Will she lose herself to this knight before her journey can even begin, or will her resolve and sense of duty win out?

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White Lies // Drarry

Author: Cassis Luna In which, Draco drinks a potion that allows him to see through lies. Harry, evidently blamed, must help him through the effects of the potion. For the first time, they see one another in a different light.DISCLAIMER: I do not own the plot nor the characters. This fan fiction is created by Cassis Luna, on, just here to spread a beautiful story to others. All credits to J.K Rowling.

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What are you supposed to do when you're so used to running but somebody wants to take you in? Do you trust them? Do you leave under the cover of night? That's what Aubri had to try to decide. When she finally had enough and decided to run, she found somebody else that needed her more than the road did. Will she decide to stay? Or will she leave and never look back? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N:This is the first book in the series. I have decided what I want to call the series yet though. I'll be sure to edit my cover of this book, and mark the next one to let you guys know that it's the second book. Thank you!

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With You Here (Guinevere x Granger)

At the Moniyan Empire, demons still lurks around the darkness. What happens when the "Death Chanter" Granger was task to protect the only daughter of the famous Royals "The Baroques".At first, Granger thought that the Job would be as easy as hunting demons. But the demon hunter has yet to learn that guarding Guinevere Baroque takes a lot of patience due to her behavior.How would Granger handle such a task while defeating the demons around them? Not to mention a possible war againts the Abyss. I do not own any of the characters. All of them are property of Moonton. I also don't own the image used as a cover for the book. The editing was done by me. Credits to those people who work hard on making them.

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The Tale of Aeryn Glaze (English Version)

The world's destruction caused by a great war between humans and dark creatures turns into a land with formidable walls and a magical barrier built by humans who were now gifted with powerful abilities. Aeryn Glaze, a human with no magic, tells the tale of how the world came to be as humanities began to see another doom that may soon destroy them once and for all, and her journey of saving the world from a grim omen.**(Word count: 150,000-200,000)Status: CompletedGenre: Fantasy, Adventure, ActionBook cover design by: Friallus on FacebookDISCLAIMER: This is the English version. Tagalog-English version is available with the same title. (January 1, 2022 - April 30, 2022)

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I Love You | (GuGu) Gusion x Guinevere fanfic / Mobile Legends

"I love you, but.. We weren't meant to be."Gusion and Guinevere love eachother very deeply, and will do anything to be together, the trials and hardships and fate pulling them apart- or drawing them closer together. โš ๏ธThis is a Guinevere x Gusion Fanfic. If you do not ship them / hate the ship, please do not read.More updates: follow me on instagram @tephuu ๐Ÿ’•

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"Only do what your heart tells you." Princess Diana of Wales

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Ever After | Gusion x Guinevere

gusion × guinevereโonly you can keep the fire in me burning.โž ~โ™ก~Like a moth drawn to a flame, he was immediately obsessed and inspired by her unique magical abilities. His passion in combining weapons and magic grew and became out of hand, going against his family's wishes and rules. Eventually having been apprehended by them, he left to pursue his passion. Marking his past as simply history. But, like every love story, he meets the girl whom he had once aspired to be. Once again, he was somehow more drawn to her. For many years, she has been spending time with the Paxley Nobles, a neighbouring, rich and powerful family. She had grew fond of them, especially towards her old friend. However they had stopped visiting for awhile so that she could focus on her superb talent and put it to efficient use. But the relations between the families was still strong once they had arranged a immediate marriage between her and a child of theirs. Somehow, the fondness she once had towards the Paxleys had faded away and now she only wished to escape the presence of everyone. Escape her current life as Miss Violet. ~โ™ก~started ; 10 - 2 - 19ended ; -warning; cringe and cliche storypersonal headcanons and my own expansion of their lorea book that I update like once every month or two, lol.cover edited by : @Nikki_AintOrdinarycover art by : @sumi_bum on ig uwu

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Onward: How Barley Got Guinevere

This is going to be a oneshot about Barley getting his first van, Guinevere.IN PARTS!You can read or add my story to your reading lists if you want. Just please don't steal my fanfic idea.I don't own Disney-Pixar movie, Onward.Thank you, everyone!

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A Tranquil Love (Guinevere x Gusion Story)

Guinevere, the youngest of the Baroque family has been engaged to the Paxley's strongest heir. She was baffled and angry as to why would his father accepts the marriage proposal without her consent, after his father's reasons, she stomped away with a scowl, she must find her brother soon.~()~()~()~()~()~()~()~()~()~()~"I can't believe that 'I' Guinevere Violet Baroque has been ENGAGED to YOU"

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Just A Guinevere x Lesley Oneshot Collection (MLBB)

Just a person who writes a gl fanfiction of those character pairing that are impossible to be canon. I hope you enjoy your read!1.) "Take Me Away!"2.) "Freedom"3.) "To Be Right By Your Side"4.) Extra5.) "Surprise Delivery and Discovery!"

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BESIDE YOU (KANAME X OC) Vampire Knight Fanfic

The Sakurai Family is one of the first Pureblood families from the vampire society, and is also one of the eight remaining Pureblood families in the world that can trace their lineage back to the original vampire progenitors. Fumiko Sakurai, being the head and only member left of the Sakurai family is on the journey to avenge the death of her parents and fulfill their last wishes. Her journey starts at the moment she receives an invitation from a long term friend and legendary hunter alied with a name of "vampire without fangs" - the one and only Kaien Cross. However, upon entering the room, an unforeseen had befall between the individuals occupying the said room. *I don't own Vampire Knight and its characters. They belong to their rightful owner, Matsuri Hino.*

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Hidden Beauty

In her fifth year at Hogwarts, quiet and reserved Anastasia, hailing from a wealthy family in France, has managed to stay under the radar by hiding her Veela heritage to avoid drawing attention. However, a mischievous prank by the Marauders triggers her Veela abilities, revealing her true nature to the school. As whispers and rumors spread, Anastasia finds unexpected friendship and support from some students, including James Potter. Together, Anastasia and James navigate the challenges of acceptance, self-discovery, and a growing romantic relationship, learning valuable lessons about friendship, love, and the power of embracing one's true self.

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jealousy - d.m

lilith euphemia potter. a mistake, to everyone's agreement.or in which harry potters twin sister transfers to hogwarts and is sorted into slytherin.infrequent updates but if I have a chapter ready updates on mondays + Harry and Ron bashing(I love Hermione to much to be mean to her)Very non serious...sorry if it's bad English isn' first language and I'm wearing acrylics so it's hard to type !!** BAD WRITING TBH **

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Forced to take shelter in Camelot, Guinevere, princess of Bavaria, finds herself very limited, and with enemies everywhere. A new prophecy says she is the one to help reunite the Kingdom of Albion, but that means she needs to let go of everything she once knew. Retaliating against her own destiny, she knows her heart belongs to her country and no one else. ( a retelling of BBC's Merlin)

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Incorrect got7 quotes

Just some incorrect quotes which makes you laugh โค

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Guinevere (On Going)

I believe in fairytales..I believe in destiny..I believe that forever really do exist..I believe that best of friends are forever..and I Believe that i didn't belong here.Mortal leaving doesn't fit to my life.

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Avallach's Salute โœ”

Gwain McGowan does not care very much about the Highlander Games that he attends every year with his granddad and mother. It's the same every time he goes and it takes everything he has to bite his tongue and not roll his eyes when his granddad starts speaking of the old times that Gwain has heard since he was--as he granddad would describe him--a wee lad.This year Gwain's best friend, Logan, has decided to tag along and everything seems fine at first until Logan's complaining is suddenly drowned out by the melodic playing of bagpipes. Only thing is that Gwain seems to be the only one who hears it and can't help closing his eyes to listen to the symphony.But when Gwain opens his eyes, he finds himself staring into a child's brown eyes with a permanent toothy grin on his face. And then meeting said child's gigantic bodyguards behind him who keep calling him Gawain--with an extra 'A', or worse, Twit.His entire surroundings have changed; his friend is no longer around, his family is gone, and there are nothing but trees around him once he's managed to pull himself to his feet. And if that wasn't bad enough, Gwain is wearing a weird article of clothing that he can only describe as a skirt. Unable to make sense of anything around him, Gwain takes another gander at the new environment, the funny accents, and the same skirt that the gigantor twins were wearing. Gwain almost has a heart attack when he finally realizes that he has traveled back in time a hundred years to Scotland!Copyright © 2013 by SAMiAMizAll rights reserved.

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my new drabble for CTD.

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