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Love and Destiny

FAN MADE: Continuation of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (Dong Hua Dijun and Bai Fengjiu's love story)A fan-made story of Dong Hua Dijun and Bai Fengjiu based on the novel "Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms".Inspired by their ill-fated story, the writer decided to continue it from where it ended and used some of the characters from Pillow book.

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Phoenix Nine and Her Brilliance in East

The Pillow Book (三生三世枕上书), written by Tang Qi Gong Zi, is the second book in the Three Lives, Three Worlds seriesImaginary story starting from Bai Fenjiu gone missing after disappearance of Dijun in their wedding....

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💙Fated Calamity♥️ (FJ/WC)

[ssfx3yuchen collaboration with Micarzam14] - in progressNOTE: THIS IS A TEN MILE OF PEACH BLOSSOMS FANFIC AND NOT ETERNAL LOVE OF DREAM FANFIC.🌸🌸Disclaimer: please be informed that I do not own the rights to the characters in this story except #74 and #75 which are part of our creation. Bai Fengjiu, Donghua and the majority of characters in the story are fictional characters created by Tang Qi. Lord Wenchang is a character mentioned in the Ten Miles of Peach Blossom drama.OOC: Please also note that the depiction of Fengjiu and Donghua in this story may vary a lot from the original and what DongFeng is in your minds. Kindly proceed to read this story with caution.🌸🌸For almost 300 years after Bai Fengjiu is crowned as queen of the Qingqiu Kingdom, she has never spoken a single word to the cold and emotionless Donghua Dijun. At the same time, she is destined with an unknown person, Wenchang Dijun. When a calamity happens one day and Donghua vanishes, will Fengjiu be able to accept her fate with Wenchang? Will Donghua return for his little fox?

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Bold Heart (Flesh of my Flesh... Blood of my Blood 1)

Bai Feng Jiu/Donghua Dijun Fanfiction.Fate played them for fools...Now their destinies are forever tangled together.When an Old God, cursed to never know love, and a young Fox Princess meet in the forest surrounding Kun Lun Mountain their fate paths are forever tangled together. But will they ever be happy?This is a series of small snapshots in time as Feng Jiu stays in the Nine Heavens to serve Donghuas his maid, later following him into the mortal trial.

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And So We Meet Again...(WILL BE RE-WRITTEN)

Princess Bai Fengjiu of Qing que was once the pet fox of the former emperor of everything Dong Hua Dijun. She has loved him ever since and wanted nothing more but to be with him. She soon leaves him after she hears that he is to be married to the Princess of the Demon Clan and is left heart broken. She has never left her home ever since and he never found her.After many years they both fall under a mortal trial and fall deeply in love but then soon wake up heart broken again. But soon enough after the trial they both meet again but under a marriage alliance. (Credits to the original owner of all the images I use in this and characters belong to Tang Qi not me.)

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Eternal Love of Dream Fanfiction (Donghua Dijun x Bai Feng Jiu)

Feng Jiu has been missing for over 20,000 years. Her family has been searching for her ever since they found out she has went missing. While Feng Jiu was missing she was going through a series of events, she started to wonder why all of this was happening to her. She finally realized that the series of events was to get her wings. Feng Jiu started to think and finally decided it was time to return home. As they were catching up there was a banquet being held at the nine palace for the Heavenly Lord's birthday. There she just happens to run into Donghua Dijun (he hasn't heard that she has returned). Ye Hua and Bai Qian are already married but Ye Hua still hasn't succeeded the throne yet.This will include a very serious Feng Jiu and she will be very independent and powerful, but she will be a little childish when she is around her loved ones. She also has wings like Maleficent, and she will be a nine tailed phoenix fox. she can not hide her wings in human or fox form. Plus she will be able to turn into a phoenix.I do NOT own eternal love of dream. All credits belong to it's rightful owners. I do however make up a couple of characters in this Fanfic. Also all the images or drawings in my chapters are not mine.

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Eternal love of dream-Three lives Three World The pillow book 1-Unicode version

သုံဟွာသီကျွင်း၊ ဖုန်းကျို တို့်ရဲ့ love story 💗💗💗ပထမတွဲ (Unicode version)three lives three world:the pillow book 1Myanmar translation by three live three world: the pillow book-Myanmar translation 💖ဖတ်ပီးရင် vote 💗 👈 ပေးခဲ့ဦးနော် ပြန်လည်း မျှဝေပေးဦးနော်ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ် 😚ပြီးတော့ ဒီကို ဘယ်လို ရှာတွေ့ခဲ့လဲဆိုတာ တချက်လောက် comment ပေးပေးပါနော် 😁

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protector of love; a Dong Hua Dijun and Bai Feng Jiu story

"I apologize for my way of take an appointment with your majesty.... as I said I'm the only remain nine tailed fox. My spirit is created as the guardian of heart, as the protector of true love. our power is our magic of charm, which the core is our nine tails.Our love is the true and unique kind, Our kind mate only once and for a life time, we never fall for someone who is already in love with others, so we are taking as the protector of love."

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Steps Towards You

Fan Fiction about Donghua x Bai Feng Jiu after TMOPB.All character not belong to me, credit to Tang Qi Gong Xi

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Love is like a waterfall: Eternal love of dream fanfic

//completed//She has loved him for hundreds of years. He is a god who desires Nothing, but surprisingly he finds a fairy particularly interesting.She is the future empress of Qing que, Bai Feng Jiu, and he is Emperor Dong Hua, the most respected god in nine heavens.She was once saved from a beast by him. Feeling indebted she disguised herself as a fairy maid in his palace with the help of Si Ming, the fate god. She finally got a chance to pay back his favor when he fell into Ten evil lotus land. But she got tricked by a demon lord and gave up her fur in exchange of cultivation, turning into an ordinary fox.She was then picked by Dong Hua and became his pet. After spending a lot of time together Feng Jiu realized that to Dong Hua, she will indeed only be a pet. After hearing of Dong Hua's marriage with the Demon princess she decided to go back to QingQue. This story starts from when they meet again.---The characters are not mine as this is a fanfiction, but I may add some new characters by myself. All credits for the characters and setting are to the rightful owner.Best Rankings,#1 in eternal love of dream#5 in dongfeng#34 in immortal#140 in sweet#570 in magic#35 in god's#126 in life#13 in mischief#165 in romancefiction

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The Universe Around Us

A portal disguised as a bright light took her to a universe she didn't know existed.Disclaimer: This is only fanfiction. I do not claim ownership over all the characters from 3L3W Universe as they are created and owned by Tang Qi Gong Zi. Happy reading, Dong Hua Dijun x Bai Feng Jiu shippers!

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For Better, For Worse - An Eternal Love of Dreams Fan Fiction (One Shot Takes)

These are one shot takes on Eternal Love of Dreams. Some variations would span a few chapters while others would just be for one. This would not be in chronological order as I would just write out the inner monologues I would have with myself while watching the drama. I may veer away from canon in some instances but I still hope you enjoy them.

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Three Lives, Three Worlds - The Tale of the Fox Princess

Young Bai Feng Jiu is born with a terrible destiny. Of course, she does everything in her power trying to fix it. Read about her journey towards adulthood and finding love.

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Fate play

Rocks don't melt but they breakThey were ill-fated or were they? Why would fate make two people meet and fall in love when they were not meant to be. Dong Hua Dijun thinks he wrote his fate himself all those years ago, but fate has pride that she has to keep it intact. Now Bai Feng Jiu is a queen and a strong High Immortal everything is changed in the last three hundred years, but what is not changed is Feng Jiu's Love for that old rock.Eternal Love of a dream/pillow book is over and Our old kid Dong Hua Dijun and his Xiao Bai got the happy ending they deserve but I still think that the old Rock and his Jiu'er happy ending of Eternal Love/Ten miles of peach blossom are still due. And I am just continuing my version of their love story if they choose to fight fate.

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Emperor Of Taichen Palace

All the Character are not mine but belong to Tangqi Gongzi This is Fun Fiction of Dongfeng which i adore so much.. Pic credit belong to owner.. ---In his eons life living as Former Rules, he already enter the peacefull live if not saying a boring one. Fishing, Meditate, Read Buddha sutra, playing Go with Third Prince lian song either start his new hobby in culinary..But donghua dijun is about facing a sweet n though life as a man without his knowing when he receive a invitation that change his destiny forever..Another universe of Dongfeng when he meet her at her early ages, how a Former Emperor face his destiny with his wife to be

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Eternal Love Fan fictions

Note: This is not a true story. All characters are from the drama except some which are a figment of my imagination. Enjoy!! :)

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Cursed Fate

Cheng yu and Lian Song's destiny, as how the Buddhists put it, was an impossibility. No, theirs was more of a cursed fate.No one knows how their story started. No one dares to ask. They only know that they once had relationship and had broken up. If heaven had already given him his punishment, it would be her.One who remembers everything while the other had forgotten it all.Would you risk your life to protect your love? Or would you rather have a fresh start?P.S: Since we're all waiting for the release of the Lian Song and Cheng yu's story, I decided to create my own version of their hidden love story.

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Unrestraint Love ( Dong Hua& Feng Jiu FanFic)

Bai Feng Jiu is young and doesn't know what love is and Dong Hua Dijun Lived so long that he had forgotten the meaning of love. Then what happens when an unknown bond started to form between them, would they recognise it as love?No three live rock. Set in the time of TMPB. Welcome to a Sweet DongFeng Love story

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The Best Kept Secret

Can you keep a secret?Dong Hua Dijun the former ruler of the universe still adheres with his firm beliefs that his life is destined to be without love. Bai Feng Jiu will go on living her life destined without being with her beloved. Not giving up on her love for Dong Hua Dijun she embarks a journey full of discoveries that will lead up to uncover the best kept secret of all times. What will it be? Who will uncover it and what will the outcome be? The answers are waiting for you to read...

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Tears of Fate - Eternal Love of Dreams Fan Fiction

What happens after Dong Hua and Xiao Bai get out from the chasm. This is a variation of the story in the 2nd book "The Pillow Book" in the Three Lives, Three Worlds Series of Tangqi Gongzi. In this variation, there is no Bai Gun Gun yet at the start of the story. There will be many sweet moments here for our couple but it would not be without a little bit of angst. Don't worry, this will have a happy ending as I hate sad endings. Also, for the most part, I assumed that the reader is familiar with the story of Eternal Love of Dreams as I will not go into too much details on the background of the story and the characters. I sometimes will go back to a previously published chapter to make some changes to make the story better and edit grammatical errors. I'm sorry if this will cause any inconvenience to the readers. There may be some chapters with more mature contents. I will try to flag them at the beginning of the chapter. This is the first book I have written so please bear with me. Having written a few chapters, I've noticed that I'm not an outline writer which means I really don't know where this story will be taking me yet but rest assured, I will be finishing it as another thing I can't stand are unfinished stories. I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to read this. For those who still cannot get over the love story of Donghua and Xiao Bai, this is for you.

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I always find my way back to you, A Dong Hua and Feng Jiu story

A Dong Hua Dijun and Bai Feng Jiu story...

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Perpetual  Heart

Bai Fengjiu the Princess of Qingqiu who fell in love with former Emperor Dong Hua Dijiun and has done everything to show him that she loves him, but every time Dong Hua Dijiun pushed her away.Having tried everything to show Dong Hua her heart and having him crush it like nothing, the sweet innocent Fengjiu was suddenly in thelopposite ends with goodness and the love in her heart was frozen by darkness.Will Dong Hua be able to rectify his mistake and speak the truth in his heart and save the love of his life from the darkness that's consumed her or is he going to lose her for eternity.

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Fight Against Destiny

This story is the continuing after TMOPB.This is my first time writing a fanfiction on my favorite couple dongfeng.There will be so many grammar mistakes, since its my first English story. I am sorry for any mistakes...Hope you enjoy!!🥳🥳

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Fate Changers (FengJiu/Donghua fanfic)

Many years after Bai FengJiu ascended to Queen of the Fox Clan she meets DongHua after a long time unexpectedly. A powerful child is born of a Princess and an EmperorA/n-Im actually ending this because the drama has come out alas😩👏🏼Anyways thank you to everyone who enjoyed and kept up with the chapters☺️❤️

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What will happen if Fengjiu came to know about her future in a dream?What If everything happened after the dream of Aranya was a dream?Truth behind dream of Aranya, weapon hiding ceremony, marriage, misunderstandings, pregnancy, 200 years of separation, ill fate, starlight ward........How will Fengjiu use this second chance given by fate?Neither the characters nor the images belongs to me. Credits goes to respective owners.

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