Eternal Love of Dream Fanfiction (Donghua Dijun x Bai Feng Jiu)

Eternal Love of Dream Fanfiction (Donghua Dijun x Bai Feng Jiu)

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Feng Jiu has been missing for over 20,000 years. Her family has been searching for her ever since they found out she has went missing. While Feng Jiu was missing she was going through a series of events, she started to wonder why all of this was happening to her. She finally realized that the series of events was to get her wings. Feng Jiu started to think and finally decided it was time to return home. As they were catching up there was a banquet being held at the nine palace for the Heavenly Lord's birthday. There she just happens to run into Donghua Dijun (he hasn't heard that she has returned). Ye Hua and Bai Qian are already married but Ye Hua still hasn't succeeded the throne yet.

This will include a very serious Feng Jiu and she will be very independent and powerful, but she will be a little childish when she is around her loved ones. She also has wings like Maleficent, and she will be a nine tailed phoenix fox. she can not hide her wings in human or fox form. Plus she will be able to turn into a phoenix.

I do NOT own eternal love of dream. All credits belong to it's rightful owners. I do however make up a couple of characters in this Fanfic. Also all the images or drawings in my chapters are not mine.

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