Hello, It's been awhile huh? I'm sorry for not updating this fan fiction for ages ,I've been very busy with life

But that's not the point, I've been wondering If I should rewrite this story


1 ) Not well planned

2) To many inconsistency in the story

3) Lots of grammar errors, misspell , etc

4) it's confusing

5) I don't like which direction this story is going for

I wrote this story when I was around  12 and I didn't read a lot of books, I only read fan fiction and that's why the story is the way it is.

But since I'm older now, I've read a lot  of books and it really inspired me to write more and rereading my own story made me question myself back then

I'm honestly surprised people are actually reading this fan fiction,it's kinda hard to read don't ya think?

But thanks for supporting it, it means a lot to me as a beginner writer

Soo what do you think, Should I continue it as it is or should I rewrite from scratch

Please tell me in the comments

Before I do anything to this story, I would like to hear your honest opinion about it

And also I'm always open for critics
go crazy,I don't care, I want to improve

Anyways,byee,see you soon, hopefully