part - 3

He opened his clothes..and turned her body toward the roof and climbed on both of them were seeing each other, naked..jungkook kissed her without waiting a sec and slowly he started to move towards her neck and give her he moved to her boobs..

Jungkook- damn! I love this bouncy boobs y/n! You are such a whore for me..

Y/n: yes Daddy, I am..ugh- fuck me like there's no tomorrow.. pls daddy..ahh

Jungkook started to Lick her nipples, then sucked it..he spit on them and sucked her whole fucking big boobs..

Now, y/n was sitting on the bed like a slave, while jungkook was on his knees giving his big Dick to y/n indicating her to Suck it..

Y/n started to give kitty licks and Suck with lips..while jungkook grabbed her hair and..

Jungkook- bitch! Don't try to tease your daddy..just Suck it already..

He started to push is Dick in her mouth, and mouthfucked her..

Y/n's saliva was continuously falling in her thighs and even she sobbed and gagged..

Without a sec, jungkook layed her to the bed, and entered..not even giving y/n a second..this was her first time..and even his Dick was wet so it went all inside just in once..y/n screamed her lungs out..she was moaning sensually..while he fucked her with his pace..he didn't wait for a sec, and started fucking her brutally..

He change the position in dog style, and fucked her hard in her asshole..she was shouting like a slut..

Jungkook- *groan* damn y/n! You got a tight pussy..I love it

He layed her body on the bed and hold her neck, he fucked her mercilessly.. her hair was messy asf, she was shaking..her boobs bounced uncontrollably..

Finally she had a tsunami of creampie..and in a fraction of seconds, he made her sit on his face, while she cummed on his face and he was Licking or I should say eating her pussy..y/n was still, jungkook stroked his Dick and had his cream on her bouncy boobs while she was jiggling it.. she was still shaking by these actions, he sat on his knees and pushed back his hairs which were stuck in his forehead due to sweat..he fucking looked so hot that y/n wanted to get fucked by him daily..she wanted to be his whore..

Jungkook- I loved it! Mind if I do it twice a week honey?

Y/n: fuck jungkook!! I want you to stay with me here and fuck me everyday, day and night..I love you so much! I will crave for your touch every single minute..

He chuckled and kissed her passionately..


    -THE END-