[Last] Chapter 8

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Ameria's P.O.V

I wait anxiously for the Ghost's hull to open. We were all wrapped in coats because Hoth is pretty cold. I wrapped my coat tighter around me and found my feet taping, excited. Ezra saw this and laughed. 

"Now," Kanan says. "We just look in this abandoned base for your parents. If we can't find them, we'll have to leave, got it?" He eyed me and we all nodded. The hull door opened and I dashed out, struggling against the wind. I was the first to make it to the base and watched as the rest of the group followed. We splitted up. Zeb and Kanan. Me and Ezra. Sabine and Chop. 

"Left," Ezra murmured and nudged me to the left hallway. We walked a while and finally came upon a small compartment. I opened it and I felt a slight pang. My parents were there all right. But, they were dead. Ezra squeezed my shoulder and talked into his comm. He obviously didn't have a lot of hope and to be honest, neither did I, but still...

We walk back to the Ghost and I start to feel better. 

But deep deep down, I wasn't better. I wasn't better at all....


Ameria, unfortunately was right. After seeing more suffering and death she ran off never to be seen again. Only, she made another appearance into Ezra's life, he just didn't realize it.

She became the Seventh Sister....


Hey guys, so that's the end. I know it was kind of unexpected, but I was getting a little bored.. But I'm glad some of u liked it. Plz forgive me if u were hoping for something else!

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