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When Paths Cross

Blaine like the library.That place has something magical in his opinion. Some people hang out, some study and some just pick up a book. A book of thousands. A building filled with so much knowledge, history, romance and all other kinds of books. There's something for everyone and you never know who you meet in such a magical place.

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Love Kurt

Now that Blaine moved to Lima with his mom he is ready for a fresh start. One without his dad. But he misses his friends and the memories of his old home are still there. Maybe the fresh start won't be so easy after all. Until he meets him. And he gives him hope again.Kurt is worried about Blaine, anxiously waiting for the next letter from Blaine after reading that he and his mom will leave his dad. His friends at school notice his worry. But it all vanishes when he sees him.

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Christmas With You

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson hate christmas. But they have their reasons. And they have good reasons.When they meet on a cold winter day and realize that they are both the grinch they get to know each other.Fast they learn that they get along well and that when they spend time together christmas isn't too bad actually. But what will happen at christmas eve?Updates every Monday and Thursday

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Klaine One-Shot Collection

Just a bunch of Klaine One-Shots (partly with images that fit)

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Love Blaine

In the beginning of his middle school years Blaine sets a Ballon free to make it's way to somewhere. A ballon with a letter for whoever will find his ballon. He never even thought he'd get an answer and better from a boy just one year older than him. Fast the two boys become pen pals and grow close. Very close. Their pen friend is their best friend and who knows what happens while the boys come closer to going to high school. Luckily they have each other and know they can trust the other and talk about everything.A story about growing up. About growing up and figuring yourself and partly also life out. A story about two boys who are connected in a very special way.This is book one of the letter duet

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Kurt and Blaine were the best of friends since primary school. But one summer destroyed everything. It was the summer before they both would go to middle school together but from one day to another Kurt stopped texting Blaine and vanished from his life. But fate brings the two ex best friends back together on first day from high school. It was four years that the two boys last saw each other and while it seems as Kurt is still the same he was back then Blaine had changed a lot to a whole new, dark self.

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Tarlos One-Shot Collection

This is a bunch of Tarlos One-Shots and missing scenes I wrote. At the top of each One-Shot will be a short summary of the One-Shot

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My Superhero

Blaine Anderson is a special boy. But being special and keeping a huge secret also means no friends. His parents knew he was different but they didn't want someone whos different. So it comes that Blaine grew up with his grandma and only one friend. Twix. He didn't know different. Not until he meets a very special boy. Kurt and Burt Hummel move from Westerville to Lima to have a restart. Keeping their old life as a memory but needing a new begining. It's hard to transfer to a new school mid term, especially when the kid is shy. Burt knew that but they both also knew that Kurt will be okay. And he is okay. Thanks to a very special animal and an even more special boy.

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Thirty Days Of Fluff

This is the result of a 30 days of domestic fluff challenge I did to get rid of my writers block. Each day is a one shot to the topic of that day. Enjoy c:

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Kurts life couldn't be better. He studies at his dream school NYADA, has great best friends, a lovely boyfriend and a supportive family. But life is short and in one moment it could be all over. It could. But Kurt has a guardian angel.Blaine knows how short life can be and how fragile humans are. Exactly that inspired him in his career choice and with that he couldn't be more satisfied.

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Kurt isn't a big fan of being surrounded by people. His past made sure of that. But letting the new student into his life was probably the best decision he could've made. Blaine moved from Westerville to Lima with his mom, starting a new chapter in his life and ending the other one. In which ways will the boys feel conected to each other and in which ways can the boys help each other? But most importantly what has future in hold for them?

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Don't stand so close to me

His whole high school life Blaine Anderson had the locker next to the schools bad boy Kurt Hummel. Luckily Blaine only has to bear one more year until he graduates and never has to see him again. But life decides to challenge Blaine a bit, forcing him to see the bad boy more often and spend more time with him. But is the bad boy reallyas bad as everyone says he is?

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