Your Wonderful Guide to World Building

Your Wonderful Guide to World Building

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This guide will hopefully help you to create the perfect world to set your story in. I'll be suggesting resources, websites, tips from Pinterest and my own advice to help you through one of the hardest parts of planning!

If you have questions of a particular area of world building, please say so in the comments or send me a PM, so we can talk it through together and I can plan a chapter answering your question, dedicated to you!

▶1st Place Non-Fiction, Historical Fiction and Spiritual in Possibility Awards 2018

▶1st Place Non-Fiction in 1st Ohana Awards 2018

▶1st Place Non-Fiction in Neon Awards 2018

▶1st Place Non-Fiction in Firecracker Awards 2018

▶Runner-up General, Historical and Non-Fiction Mid-Year Awards 2018

▶3rd Place Non-Fiction in Prism Awards 2018

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Thank you so much to @Umeike for the fabulous cover!

Thank you to @PossibilityAwards for the mood board!

Completed, with minor editing to be done.

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