Young Person's Guide to Publishing

Young Person's Guide to Publishing

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The Young Person's Guide to Publishing answers your most burning questions about publishing, describes the publishing options available to someone under 18, and helps you avoid the pitfalls that can keep your book from selling.

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yeah so if anyone is still interested in creepypastas by 2024 then found these true encounters or experiences I will try my best to write a chapter a day. (also I made the story cover)
This Boy Named Steven

This boy named Steven was my everything, we laughed together and cried together. We had our good times and our bad, but somehow everything always seemed to work out for the best. We were always a joined at the hip. He was my addiction, The one very person that could destroy me with one single word, he held my heart in the palm of his hand, whether he knew it or not. I needed him. MY life couldn't be complete without him. When his parents called me and told me He had died in duty, I didn't want to live, I didn't want there to be a life without him. After many long months of depression, I decided to lift my head up and write this for him. Much like Agustus Waters he always wanted to be remembered, I write this for him so that his legacy could live on through the heart of another person, I'm happy to be able to this one last thing for him, to be able to re-live all of our moments, so that I can see him again through the memories. So, This is our Story.

Kitabฤฑn instegram hesabฤฑ : dortlu_cember
ู‡ุฏูˆุก ุงู„ุดูŠุทุงู†

ุฑุฌู„ ู…ุฌู‡ูˆู„ ุงู„ู‡ูˆูŠู‡ ูู„ุง ู…ุงุถูŠ ุจุนูŠุฏ ุงูˆ ู‚ุฑูŠุจ ูŠุฎุจุฆ ู†ูุณู‡ ุงู„ู‚ุฏูŠู…ู‡ ุฎู„ูู ู‚ู†ุงุน ุจุนุฏ ุงู† ุนุงู‡ุฏ ู†ูุณู‡ ููŠ ุงู† ูŠุจุฏุงุก ุญูŠุงู‡ ุฌุฏูŠุฏู‡ !ู‡ูˆ ุฑุฌู„ ุฎู„ููŠุชู‡ ูƒู„ู‡ุง ุฏู…ุงุก ูˆ ู‚ุชู„ ู„ูƒู† ูŠุฑูŠุฏ ุญูŠุงู‡ ู‡ุงุฏุฆู‡ ุจุนูŠุฏุง ุนู† ูƒู„ ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ุฏู…ุงุก ูŠูˆู…ูŠุง ู„ุฐุง ... ุฒูŠู ู…ูˆุชู‡ ู„ู„ุฌู…ูŠุน ู„ุงุฌู„ ุฃู„ุง ูŠุจุญุซ ุงูŠ ู…ุฎู„ูˆู‚ ุนู†ู‡ ููŠ ู‡ุฐู‡ ุงู„ุญูŠุงู‡ ู„ุงุฌู„ ุงูƒุชุดุงู ู…ู† ู‡ูˆ ุŒุตู†ุน ู„ู†ูุณู‡ ู…ุงุถูŠ ู…ุฒูŠู ู„ูƒู†....ู‡ู„ ุณูˆู ุชุณูŠุฑ ุฎุทุทุฉ ูƒู…ุง ูŠุฑุบุจ ุจู‡ุง ...ุญุชู‰ ุจุนุฏ ุงู† ู…ู„ูƒ ุงู†ู‚ู‰ ุดุฆ ููŠ ุญูŠุงุชู‡ูู‡ู„ ุณูˆู ุชุณูŠุฑ ุญูŠุงุชู‡ ูƒู…ุง ูŠุฑุบุจ ุงู… ุณูˆู ุชูƒูˆู† ู‡ู†ุงูƒ ุนุฑู‚ู„ุงุช ุชูุณุฏ ุณู„ุงู…ู‡ ุงู„ุฐูŠ ูŠุฑุบุจ ุจู‡ุŸ
stray kids Little space

boy x boy Little space - self harm (few)- fluff- angst - cursing
๐‘†โ„Ž๐‘Ž๐‘‘๐‘ฆ๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘‘๐‘’ ๐‘๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ๐‘ ๐‘’--- ๐ท๐‘’๐‘’๐‘›๐‘Ž ๐ฝ๐‘œโ„Ž๐‘›๐‘ ๐‘œ๐‘›

Juliana Rodrigo has been best friend with Simon,Kate and Deena since kindergarten What happens when deena's ex girlfriend sam disturbs Sarah fier's grave.warning/strong language, mentions of blood,deaths,murder if you easily get disturbed with these subjects please click off this story. disclaimer-I do not own the fear street trilogy
Hell University

โ€ขAsk Inanimate Insanity Pre-Kโ€ข (DISCONTINUED AND BEING REDONE!)

In this A.U, the contestants are preschoolers and the hosts are the teachers\guardians!Sort of like a slice-of-life and questionnaire ask or dare book. The kids (and the adults) are willing to ask any question you may have for them. So asks are open!!

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H! ^_^ this is the Book of Genesis, the 1st book of the Holy Bible..:)))..please feel free to comment and share your ideas and testimonies....God bless :*....Spiritual #701 (05/13/15)...#162 (06/30/15)

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if your reading this please i beg of you help me i dont know where i am one morning i wake up and everyones gone. the color of the sky is changing constantly and everything is wacky in some way i tried looking for my phone but its not on the bedside table where i left it the night before so i dont think i can take pics but when i find it i promiseim scared so scared

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Mia Wallace is mysterious. Then again, most cautious people tend to be. For the last several years she's suffered; been made to submit to the sadistic alpha Connor and broken to fit into the shape of what he pleased; a protรฉgรฉ.Alpha Blake has everything anyone could ever want. A loving family, a gracious pack that adores him, a reputation fit for horror stories and a job he loves... But there has always been something missing.Until he met her.Caution: Hot, shirtless werewolves, detailed and gory fight scenes, naughty affairs and the possibility of lots and lots of sexual content. Reader discretion advised.little bit slow at first, but it get's better, I promise! hope you enjoy!! :)

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Danny Phantom's Twin Sister

This is one of 3 parts and no of course I don't own any of these characters people have a habit of saying so but I thought I might anyways. Farrah is Danny's sister in my story Maddie married Jack 1st and Jazz was born then after the 1st few years of Jack forgetting their wedding anniversary she gets fed up with him and goes to marry Vlad and he 1st gets her pregnant with Farrah and then he messes up and she goes back to Jack not knowing she's pregnant with her and has both her and Danny but since she didn't know about her she knows she must be part Vlad's daughter and sends her daughter back to him. And now she's finally made her way home at 14 same age as Danny.

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A story for Wattpad Creepypasta's challenge, 'The Unseen'.

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