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Enjoy your writing! ☺

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"I knew we shouldn't trusted you! You just like your father! Typical Lodge! All of you are the same manipulative, selfish, power hungry son of bitches! Like father, like daughter!" Calista Jones"He started war with the wrong person, I don't care If it takes days, weeks, months or even years I'm going to take everything from him piece by piece... and then I'm taking him down." Calista JonesOC x OCSeason 2- ✔️Season 3- ✔️Season 4- ✔️

DONBELLLE POV STORYDid You Believe in FOREVER?"I dont care and i dont even give a damn if FOREVER exist, but im willing to fight like hell for it"-Arianaaa Author
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Hii guys, my new story is on Abhimaan, it's based on their arrange marriage.
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Marc Williams started having some financial problems after his dad's job was cut short, he decided to get a part time job where someone gives him a life changing offer. Daniel Ferreira A rich boy with some anger issues who gets a new assistant who he totally hated at first, but as time goes on these duo gets even more closer than they expected....'We stood together in silence staring into each other's eyes, his beautiful ocean blue eyes were so captivating, He cane closer to me and I moved closer to him too, we were only inches apart and my heart beat became faster each passing second....'• i only publish my books on wattpad and no other website/app •- Achievements -#1 - lgbtfriction#1 - richboy #1 - mxm#1 - onc#1 - onc2024#2 - bisexual #2 - wattpad#2 - highschool #3 - gay#5 - richboy #5 - romance#6 - wattpadcontest#6 - boyxboy #6 - bxb #10 - gaylove (out of 1,000+ stories)#10 - wattys#18 - teenromance #23 - boyslove #34 - teen #39 - gaylove Started - 23 | 7 | 2020Completed - 31 | 3 | 2023
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Title: 渣攻,你爹来咯!Author:不吃姜糖Status: CompletedDescription:Qi Qingyun encountered his wife's dystocia in his previous life and was killed by a car on the way to the hospital in desperation.After he woke up from a very long like dream, Qi Qingyun was surprised to find that he had traveled sixteen years later. He later met a scumbag whose eyebrows and eyes were exactly like him.This slag Gong is extremely poor in study and has a bad personality, but these are not the point. The point is that in this life, the person who was crazily targeted by the slag Gong as a deadly enemy and even bullied, has the same name and surname as Zhong Xuejin, the wife Qi Qingyun married in his previous life. Even the red mole between the eyebrows is exactly the same.Qi Qingyun: "...."He rolled up his sleeves instantly with a smile and was about to beat up this scumbag until he couldn't take care of himself, but the scumbag's eyes widened when he saw him for the first time and blurted out:"Dad!"Qi Qingyun: "...?".....READING GUIDE:1. Same-sex can marry and men can have children.2. Zha Gong is the son of Gong, and after 16 years of time travel, Gong educates his son to grow into a good young man who is beneficial to social development and national construction.3. Gong and Shou double wear, Shou is Zhong Xuejin;4. Family affection + love, emotional flow campus texts, both Gongshou and Shou were adults when they recognized each other and fell in love._________JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:✓ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)✓ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)✓ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Read✓ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.✓ All Rights and Credits to the original author, google translator, and link(s).

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:/ i think i'm advertising Jameskii, well i'm a shit ad then

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Caspian, a teenage girl, was in need of a job.One day, she recieved a job offer from Laminax Laboratories.Unaware of the mistake she was about to make, she accepted.It all starts out normal, but Caspian begins to realize that nothing at Laminax was normal as things begin to slowly go downhill.Inspired by Kaiju Paradise on roblox

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