Villainess Reborn: Poppy

Villainess Reborn: Poppy

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Category: Fantasy
Poppy lived a perfect life with a perfect family-at least that's what everyone says. Poppy, on the other hand didn't. She was born as the youngest child of the Starlight family-the leading people in technology. Poppy wasn't ungrateful for all the things she has but she'd rather not have them if it meant being hurt by the people surrounding you.

Many would choose riches, Poppy would not. Many would choose a powerful family, Poppy preferred a normal one. Many would choose their biological parents, Poppy? She's one of the few that would rather choose an adopted parents.

Being in her older sister's shadow all her life, all Poppy wanted was to be in her own light-to be herself. She wasn't as beautiful as her sister, nor was she as smart or as talented as her brothers but she tries. She tries her hardest-but that isn't enough.

Because she was always compared to her older sister, she became hateful to the world and everyone in it. She shut herself in and closed everyone off. She hid in a mask that never cracked or saw through, so...she became the villain of the story with a sad ending.

When death finally came upon her, she didn't wish for a second chance but only for peace. Rather than peace however, she was sent back in time. When she was only five years old. Will Poppy right her wrongs? Will she finally find peace? Will she stay strong and stubborn? Or will she finally break down? It's a mystery that Poppy would have never thought she would solve-but eventually she did. It just took time.

"Second chance? Are you kidding me? I would rather go to hell than go through this all over again!" Poppy screamed.

"And what is this?" Poppy gestured towards the screen,

"Are you all stalkers or what?" Poppy huffed.

"Damn it already! STOP THIS RIGHT THIS FUCKING SECOND!" Poppy cussed and the screen goes black.

"Alright! That's a wrap!"

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