The Untold Story

The Untold Story

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Category: Mystery
Ignorance truly is bliss.

The shocking murder of media mogul, Henry Bandieer, sparks chaos in the small town of Pinehive. And when twenty-two year old Natasha Evans becomes the number one suspect, mayhem ensues.

As the investigation continues, her world spirals and everything she knows is called into question. Past secrets and present deceptions collide in this twisted tale where nothing is ever as it seems.

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BOOK 1 in the UNCONDITIONALLY SERIES |COMPLETED| I listened expectantly as he spoke the next words, "There are many, many presumptions about the Alpha, most of which may be true for others, but it isn't so for you" I furrowed my eyebrows, not comprehending what he meant. He smiled, "Simply put, expect the unexpected" **** Suzzanah Winters is just about to find out that everything is NOT as it seems. Happy about having nailed a job in the prestigious ROYALE Industries, she could never have even imagined what she would have by the end of her very first day of work, which are: ▪ One less garment ▪ One more injury ▪ Several mind-boggling experiences ▪ And a permanent blush Add to it : ▪ A mysterious riddle-throwing boss who has an unhealthy obsession with wolves ▪ A perpetually jittery co-employee whose list of rules is longer than his frame ▪ And a handsome CEO named Zuerien Kai Royale aka ALPHA aka KING, on whom she doesn't make the best first impression What does all this spell? PANDEMONIUM And this is just the beginning... Step into a world filled with werewolves, romance, humor, mystery and lots of hot paranormal chaos! And remember, in the Supernatural world, there is but one guiding principle: Expect the Unexpected! ------ Highest Ranking: #1 in Werewolf Cover Credits: alicesingh31 STRONG LANGUAGE AND INTIMATE CONTENT IN A FEW CHAPTERS THIS STORY PROGRESSES SLOWLY. PLEASE READ ONLY IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH THAT :)
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