The Probability of Love

The Probability of Love

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"Maybe instead of focusing on getting girl's numbers, you should focus on getting A's."

People automatically think "nerd" when they hear the name Jade Clarke. She excels in all of her classes and is expected to be awarded as Valedictorian at the end of high school. The only guy she trusts in her life is her twin brother, Shane, who has stuck by her side through thick and thin.

When football captain, Raysen Pierce is struggling in Trigonometry, Jade is called in to tutor him. Without the help of her, Raysen is most likely going to fail which means he can kiss all his football dreams, goodbye.

During their tutoring sessions, secrets get revealed and she soon learns that there is more to Raysen than she expected. A side that only Jade gets to see is revealed and makes her question her opinions on boys. Raysen isn't the only one learning new things, though. Can he teach Jade to trust again? Will she finally be able to see that not all boys are the same?

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Y/N is just a normal everyday guy, who wanted nothing more outta life than to just enjoy everyday with his friends. Sadly though when he's suddenly dragged into a world and a destiny alongside his best friend MK, he quickly finds out he'll be on a journey to become much, much more.
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