The mask

The mask

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Category: Mystery
A man in a mask has kidnapped you. He doesn't speak, he doesn't show his face. What exactly does he want?

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Santana Silver being a senior in high school thought she had everything planned out. Her dreams of being a hairstylist were becoming a reality and she couldn't fathom the thrill. She was hardworking, dedicated, and stayedtrue to herself. One of the loyalest of her peers and sometimes it got her into a lot of trouble.
The mate of his nanny

I'm a new grad human in huge debt, and cheated by my Omega boyfriend. When I got wasted in a bar, I didn't expect to have the best sex ever. And the very next morning, I also didn't expect to wake up and find my One-Night-Stand hookup was my ex-boyfriend's Alpha billionaire BOSS....How things are going to turn out after I accidentally became his 5-year-old daughter's live-in nanny?How did this happen? How did I wind up finally becoming employed, only for it to turn out that my new employer was the same person who I had a one night st*nd with just two nights ago?"I didn't know that you would be the employer. If I had known, I wouldn't have applied....."it's alright. I knew it was you when I hired you. I did it on purpose.I scrunched my eyebrows together. What do you mean?IT IS NOT MY STORY AND IT COULD BE BAN BC OF THAT

Ahyan is a twenty-nine-year-old youngest entrepreneur, he achieved everything his father had wished for. Being ambitious lad he wanted more.Venturing to Paris he meets his past...Mahdia is twenty-three-year-old young small time business woman running her own café in a small suburb in Paris. Mahdia's love for cooking helped her establish her own café. Mahdia single-handedly is managing her café and her nine-year-old niece- Mariam.What happens when their lives meet? There is sparks and passion between Ahyan and Mahdia with one thread binding them- Mariam Siddiqui....
After The Minister Failed To Raise Cubs

Title(s): 权臣养崽倱θ΄₯后Author: The Actor Sacrifice Wine (戏子η₯­ι…’)Status: 77 Chapters+ 4 Extra (Completed)After successfully cultivated the tyrant cub into a good socialist youth, the treacherous minister Yun Xie went back to the modern age.Then on the night of the appointment, he was told that the cub was still blackened!As a result, he was immediately repatriated to continue his mission.γ€€γ€€Wearing it back, Yun Xie found himself on the dragon bed, with the freshly baked tyrant sitting on the head of the bed.Yun Xie: Damn, do I need to continue to play dead??Xiao Rang hugged the person and squinted his eyes: "Father Xiang did not hesitate to fake death in order to hide from me."Yun Xie: "..." ______γ€€Yun Xie really enjoyed the corpse-level treatment - someone to feed him when he was eating, someone to hold him when he walked and someone to cushion him when he slept. .Until his... his stomach gradually grew bigger.Yun Xie retched and scolded: "You bastard!"Xiao Rang hugged him from behind and chuckled, "Your bastard."JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:βœ“ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)βœ“ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)βœ“ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Readβœ“ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.βœ“ All Rights and Credits to the original author (戏子η₯­ι…’), google translator, and link(s).

Ψ§Ω„Ω‚Ψ―Ψ± ΩŠΨ­ΩƒΩ… Ψ§Ω„ΨΉΨ¨Ψ§Ψ― ΩŠΨ¬Ω…ΨΉ ΩƒΩ„ ذي Ω†Ψ΅ΩŠΨ¨ Ψ¨Ω†Ψ΅ΩŠΨ¨Ω‡ ، فلا ΨͺΨ¬Ψ²ΨΉ و Ψ’Ω…Ω† Ψ¨Ω…Ψ§ ΩƒΨͺΨ¨Ω‡ Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ Ω„Ωƒ ΨͺΨ£Ψ²Ψ± ..
A Long Walk Home

A fifteen year old girl missing along with her two cousins ages twenty two and twenty one. No trace of where they could be, no evidence left behind. Did her cousins take her? or were they all kidnapped or murdered? What happened the day the wrights disappeared without a trace?
Mavrick Primo Silvestri (Silvestri Siblings Series #1)

Your good byes may be painful but sooner or later it will turn to a new beginning, which is the "hello". Hiding feelings is for immatures, you need to be strong enough to face your feelings and the consequences of it. Maliit ang mundo kaya sa tamang panahon makikita mo rin sya ulit. Your always in all ways.
The Rich Boy's Assistant

Marc Williams started having some financial problems after his dad's job was cut short, he decided to get a part time job where someone gives him a life changing offer. Daniel Ferreira A rich boy with some anger issues who gets a new assistant who he totally hated at first, but as time goes on these duo gets even more closer than they expected....'We stood together in silence staring into each other's eyes, his beautiful ocean blue eyes were so captivating, He cane closer to me and I moved closer to him too, we were only inches apart and my heart beat became faster each passing second....'• i only publish my books on wattpad and no other website/app •- Achievements -#1 - lgbtfriction#1 - richboy #1 - mxm#1 - onc#1 - onc2024#2 - bisexual #2 - wattpad#2 - highschool #3 - gay#5 - richboy #5 - romance#6 - wattpadcontest#6 - boyxboy #6 - bxb #10 - gaylove (out of 1,000+ stories)#10 - wattys#18 - teenromance #23 - boyslove #34 - teen #39 - gaylove Started - 23 | 7 | 2020Completed - 31 | 3 | 2023

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MOVED TO AO3: ACHILLESCOMEHOME+ + +Dark legacies, complicated relationships, and a need to prove herself has made Azuka's last few years of life less than pleasant. She's determined to prove herself, and for the last two years, that determination has landed her in none other than Republic City's pro-bending arena, fighting alongside men she gladly calls family. When Asami Sato decides to sponsor them for the Finals, Azuka is anxious to get through those few days and then return to life as usual.And yet everything is suddenly at risk when the Finals are postponed, and the police determine her team is being threatened. As the investigation and attacks continue, Azuka must come face to face with a hard truth: the past never stays buried, and her grandmother's legacy may just be her undoing. If she doesn't act fast, Azuka will lose everything she loves.So this time, she refuses to run.

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Laurel Caldwell is the average high school graduate...except for a few things. She's the artsy outcast with three genius siblings, and her parents are the hugely successful Caldwell Co hoteliers, she doesn't exactly love everyone in her life, and she doesn't know all her family secrets. After high school, Laurel leaves her small, boring seaside town of Eastcliff to move to a city where she's starting freshman year at a world-renowned college, and an internship at a world-renowned apparel brand. She slowly slips into city life: friends, dates, late nights, wild nights, competition, and pressure. But what happens when she goes back to Eastcliff and her lives collide?

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Reputation: A Sergio Ramos Story

Sergio Ramos is used to getting anything and anyone he wants. His reputation speaking for itself time and again. Through his best friends Iker Casillas and Lia Romano, he meets a girl, Iris Leiker. She's not like the rest, she's unbothered by his charm and charisma. Iris is a challenge Sergio and he's ready to face it.This story comes from my tumblr @thebeautifulgame7 check it out!

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Blue Blooded Killer.

When Eddie is targeted by a cop killer, it turns her world upside down. Jamie swears to protect her but will it be enough? Or will this Blue Blooded Killer reach his target?

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Santana Silver being a senior in high school thought she had everything planned out. Her dreams of being a hairstylist were becoming a reality and she couldn't fathom the thrill. She was hardworking, dedicated, and stayedtrue to herself. One of the loyalest of her peers and sometimes it got her into a lot of trouble.

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Anon: "My life is hamburger"Mingyu: "Who's this?"Anon: "John Cena"Mingyu: "But I'm John Cena.. You must be Johnny Cena"Anon: "My life is hamburger"Mingyu: "Seriously who's this?"Mingyu: "I'm going go block this number"Anon: "WonWoo"~~~~~~β€’ M E A N I E F I C β€’// a crack, fluffy, angst chaptered story//discontinued sequel//Highest rank/standings?? :2 on #crackfic6 on #meaniecouple7 on #minghao10 on #junhui10 on #seokmin21 on #meanie12 on #jeonwonwoo16 on #kimmingyu17 on #SeungcheolTHANK YOU 4 READING

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Bakugou's adoptive sister

A little girl named Arika has a troubling past but is adopted into the Bakugou family. She has a hard time getting use to the family but even though Bakugou hated her at first he helps her feel more comfortable. Will Bakugou let down his guard for a newcomer? What's Akira's past?

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SuperTiti: Laughing through Bayanihan, Kamayan, Conquering Hairy Roque

"Super Titi: Laughing through Bayanihan, Kamayan, Conquering Hairy Roque" immerses readers in the vibrant tapestry of Manila, where the city's laughter faces a daunting threat-Hairy Roque, a villain intent on spreading discord. Super Titi, armed with infectious laughter, Adaptive Wit, and the Kamayan Force, emerges as an unlikely hero.The narrative takes an intriguing turn with the introduction of Sail Panelo, an enigmatic ally with a concealed identity and expertise in psychology. As Hairy Roque's divisive plans unfold, Super Titi transforms into a Cultural Connector, orchestrating gatherings to bridge generational gaps symbolized by shared meals with bare hands.The Bayanihan Boost becomes pivotal as Super Titi galvanizes the community against Hairy Roque, leading a symphony of resilience and unity. Sail Panelo's hidden contributions add depth, his expertise countering the villain's tactics. The story unfolds as a testament to the transformative power of laughter, cultural connection, and the indomitable spirit of the Filipino people.As the city undergoes a profound metamorphosis, Super Titi stands as a beacon of joy. Sail Panelo's behind-the-scenes role showcases that heroes can emerge unexpectedly, enriching the tale with intrigue. "Super Titi: Laughing through Bayanihan, Kamayan, Conquering Hairy Roque" celebrates the triumph of joy, leaving readers with renewed resilience and lingering smiles.

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"What will you do for it?""What do you mean, what I'll do for it?", Ningguang said slowly. Beidou grasped her chin, inching her face to look up at her. "I asked you, Lady Ningguang, what will you do for it?"//β€’//a Ningguang and Beidou fic I made because there not too many on here :)published on March 14, 2022cover picture is from viria13 on twt!

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Daredevil vs Spider-Man

A crossover in need to happen is now under way where two heroes meet in an epic showdown....against each other first off welcome back viewers to another fan fiction this is based off both Sam Remi's Spider-Man and Mark Steven's Daredevil in a crossover which will send you chills with Ben Afflack once again returning as Daredevil joining Toby Maguire recasted again as Spider-Man leaving off from both Daredevil 2 and Spider-Man 4 Summary A year later after the events with the Kingpin and Carnage and month after with Jigsaw and the Punisher Peter Parker's life is now back in order he and his true love Mary Jane Watson have moved in together and he's back in the Daily Bugle as MJ's official photographer but that happy time is short lived when Peter finds himself accused of a crime he didn't comment when he's arrested he's taken under Matt Murdock for his defense but even so Peter must find out who framed him and why as Spider-Man soon encounters with the Legendary Daredevil in a most daring faceoff of the century Daredevil and Spider-Man also faceoff against The Kingpin's greedy and ruthless powerful son Richard Fisk Elektra the Avenger and the Sandman forced to appeal in Fisk's plans get ready for a crossover in history of the making Marvel Fans Who's gonna Win?

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