[ The Hidden Archon ]

[ The Hidden Archon ]

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Blood Ties

А что если семья не всегда превыше всего?
Light in Your Eyes

He's a blind mafia man, the heir who lost his eyesight. She's a kindhearted girl whose job is to take care of him. Will the two of them find their way to each other's hearts?*****© Anya Jayvyn. All Rights Reserved.
From Cheated Weak OC to Demon Lord

An alternate Jason Uchiha timeline
Melodies Of The Soul

Random poems ✨
Lovely Temptation's

HEY AMIGOS. This is a one shot shmex book. Different shmexual situations and desires being explored. Love you all my horney lil jeally beans, i hope you all enjoy the smut Please be nice ;^)--Sincerely your friend who finds everything dirty
my random Ideas pt 3

This is basically the same as my other one (this would make 3) random ideas that come to my mind and I don't want to keep making books if I'm not gunna finish them so here u go enjoy
The Unfortunates | COMPLETED

Mates are found before you turn 22 - that's the rule.If you don't, you are branded. Being branded as an Unfortunate isn't easy, and you can't come back from it. Avery Wilcott: the daughter of an Alpha, formerly an Alpha herself. Branded at 22, she threw herself into training. A spinster, an Unfortunate, and living at home with her parents and Alpha brother, she's a disappointment to the werewolf community - and to her mate.Start date: May 16th 2020Completed: September 19th 2020 Chapters get longer the further in you go!#22 in Romance - 08.10.2020-10.10.2020!!#405 in Love - 20.11.2020#48 in Chicklit - 21.03.21#18 in Werewolf - 12.12.2020 #1 in Mates - 10.11.2020#1 in Luna - 02.10.2020
Renouncing the Emperor's Heart

"I no longer want you." Emperor Richard de Tristaine fumed as he looked upon the woman he was ready to abandon just a few weeks ago. "You don't mean that," he gritted out through clenched teeth. Empress Jovine smirked at the look on her husband's face. For months, he had neglected her, trading empty words of affection to placate her yearning heart, then leaving to find company in the arms of another woman. But now, she was done with it all. Done with him. "I mean every word, Your Majesty." ----After dying an unjust death at the hands of her husband's mistress, Empress Jovine de Tristaine finds herself transported back to the past. With a burning hatred for the Emperor who discarded her and the woman who shattered her marriage, the changed Empress vows revenge. However, mysterious gaps in her memory and newfound knowledge of a corrupt political scheme within the Empire cause her to question her loyalties and the reason behind her husband's betrayal. Not only that, evidence of magic from legends as old as time, the Emperor's unexpected obsession with his wife's sudden change of heart, and a new suitor set on winning over the Empress's heart, lead her down a path of warring emotions, conflict, and power. Will she triumph in her quest for revenge, or is fate an inevitable course?

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My Heart's Painter

Neko Mahiro is a girl whose heart was fooled for three times started believing that LOVE IS FULL WHITE LIES. However, he met this guy who is named Teppei Koike. He loves painting and wants to be a painter. With the chance of getting close to Neko Mahiro, he entered her life and started adding colors in her heart. Will Neko realized that love can be a colorful one? Or it will also end up as full of white lies?This story is a fanfiction story. I've been a fan of Teppei Koike since 2007. He is a singer and actor in Japan. He is a member of WaT together with Wentz Eiji :)DISCLAIMER: I don't own the images.

217 3 8
Serenity - A Journal Of Some Sort

They tell me that what I create is chaos. But what I create is the only thing that brings me serenity.~warning: this book abruptly switches from deep personal narratives to really random stuff so hop on and enjoy the ride

4.9K 200 695 Full
The Apple Tree

Little black bird. Sitting on a branch. On that tree. The tree she's buried beneath. Do you know? I'm lonely. Shade had a best friend. A best friend that was her everything, a sister and a mother all in one. She's gone now. Shade thinks it was just an accident what happened to her, but is it really? She doesn't know what to do without her. She's alone. But things start to change when the new neighbour Seth arrives. But change for the better? Nothing is ever that easy...

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The Kissing Game

Zoey Adams couldn't care less about The Kissing Game. Now that it's their last year, her classmates are going crazy over the game where a single kiss is passed around frequently, going through student after student, with whoever has the kiss last being the winner. This game has been going on since her freshman year, and Zoey finds it ridiculous. She wants nothing to do with it, but one fated day, she somehow ends up with the kiss. But because she's who she is, she simply keeps it, putting the game on pause. This leads to many angry players of the game and boys chasing after her, wanting to win the game. Axel West is the most determined out of the bunch, and soon Zoey's once boring life turns into one big hectic game of its own.

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Blood Ties

А что если семья не всегда превыше всего?

22.1K 23 797 Full
Fuck It All (lrh)

A story in which a girl is sent away by her dad to live with a new family in a new place to live a new life she meets four boys through her older brother but one was a mystery. what happens when she says fuck it all and lets loose will she fall for this mysterious boy will he fall for her.

21 4 4
Sammy x Sonic x Reader fanfic

it's brilliant

1.4K 1 20 Full
Sea Cucumber Peptide Supplier

https://www.bigtreepeptide.com/products/sea-cucumber-peptide/Bigtree Sea cucumber peptide product is a natural supplement made from the extract of sea cucumbers, which is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Bigtree Sea cucumber peptide as one type of the collagen peptide, which is known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties, and is believed to help improve skin health, boost immunity, and promote overall wellbeing.Nutrition Facts Of The Sea Cucumber Peptide01Protein ContentSea cucumber peptide has a high protein content, with approximately 10-20% of the total dry weight made up of protein. This makes it a great source of essential amino acids and other nutrients.

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Broken (Percy Jackson/Avengers crossover)

After the giant war, Percy Jackson's sanity was completly broken.Jason is gone. Piper is gone. Leo is gone. Frank is gone. Hazel is gone. Annabeth is dead. They all left Percy but at what cost? At the cost of Gaia's defeat. When Nick Fury thinks that Earth is threatened by Percy Jackson, Fury sends the Avengers to retrieve him. What will Percy do? Join him or fight? Will Percy be able to cope with his flashbacks?

2.1M 45 53K Full
Dragons, Superheroes and a Tear in Time

CROSSOVER AU (HTTYD & MARVEL)When Hiccup and Toothless get caught up in a storm, the last thing they expected was to be transported to another universe. They didn't think they'd be sucked through time. They certainly didn't think they'd be meeting people with superhuman abilities. This strange new world is crazy, terrifying and dangerous. The two have already been through so much together! The red death, Alvin, Dagur, Wild Dragons, Dagur again, Ryker, Viggo, Trader Johann, Krogan, Drago, over-population and new leadership responsibilities, and not to mention Grimmel! They barely escaped HIM alive, how are they expected to come out of THIS?!Peter Parker has had his fair share of, uh, mishaps. First his parents died. Then his powers came, then his uncle's death, then HE died, then he watched his mentor (and father figure, but he'd never admit that) nearly die. But life was slowly settling down for him after his problems with Mysterio ended and Tony recovered. He was settling back into life! His biggest problems were the mid year exams he tackles as Peter Parker, and the low criminals he fights as Spider-man. But Parker Luck[tm] strikes again, and he finds himself watching mysterious figures literally fall out of the sky. These figures? A man in strange armour, oh, and a literal dragon! A dragon! Boy, Ned was gonna freak. What would this mean for his future? Are these mysterious people friend or foe, and where are they from?Little do all parties know of the battle to come and the things at stake.Little do they know how their worlds would change forever.

25.8K 57 1.5K Full