The Dragon's Flower Vol 6 - Vol 9 (END)

The Dragon's Flower Vol 6 - Vol 9 (END)

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Category: Romance
Vol 6 summary:

When the enchanting heroine and the handsome hero finalized the date of their wedding, Xiao Hua was looking forward to witnessing an ancient wedding ritual for the first time!

Marriage is a big and life-changing event. That must explain why the heroine decided to go wild before she got tied down, even if her actions would destroy their homeland.

Crossdressing, capturing new supporting male leads, doing new business that's borderline illegal, and face slapping cannon fodders.

Xiao Hua: Heroine, aren't you tired? Why don't you take a break?

🍒Schedule release: Monday and Wednesday and Friday

🍒[Book Cover by Helios]

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