The Comeback

The Comeback

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"Just leave Mary Grace." Teddy says to me with a blank stare, but I could see sadness built around them.

"But Teddy, why-" I begin to say as a tear falls down my cheek.

"No one wants you here loser. Ted never liked you. He just felt sorry for you." Savannah Oak says beside Teddy.

I look to Teddy knowing that he'll stick up for me like he always does, but he is just staring at the floor.

"Is that true?" I ask looking at him.

He looks up and nods.

"Dont you have a flight to catch?" Paige asks with a smirk.

Tears Fall down my face, Savannah rolls her eyes and walks away.

"Goodbye Mary Grace." Teddy says closing the door.

I slowly turn around and hop back on my bike.

How could he do this to me? We've been friends since we were little.

He turned out to be just like the rest of them. He never did like me.

I ride my bike home sobbing.

"Mary Grace what happened?" My sister Anna Maria says running over to me. As I push my bike onto the driveway.

"I never want to comeback here again!" I cry into her shoulder.


Summary will be the first chapter!

Hope you enjoy, first Teen Fiction Story. :)

Btw. This is my story I made it up with my mere imagination, so don't steal thanks.

COVER made by hannaxoxo_

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