The Best Friend Equation

The Best Friend Equation

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Category: Teen Fiction
Aria Matthews is in love with her best friend, Lucas Miller. It is the best kept secret since Area 51 and she knows she would take it to the grave. But things start changing in her senior year of high school when another of her friends takes it upon herself to set Aria up with the captain of the football team, who, incredibly, seems to be interested in her as well. And she doesn't understand why Lucas suddenly grows a stick up his butt about the whole dating deal.

Sometimes it just takes a nudge to knock down years of carefully laid plans like the blocks of a Jenga tower. And sometimes, just sometimes, deeper and darker secrets are waiting to be exposed.

Content and/or trigger warning: Sexual references and mentions of sexual abuse

Updates every Saturday!

πŸ₯‡1st place in the Hearts Awards - Teen Fiction
πŸ₯‡1st place in the Inclusive Watty Awards - Teen Fiction
πŸ₯‡1st place in the Massive Awards - Best Cover
πŸ₯‡1st place in the Prime Awards - Young Adult
πŸ₯‡1st place in the Acamia Awards - Best story 2022
πŸ₯‡1st place in the 2023 Gloria Regali Awards - Best Blurb
πŸ₯‡1st place in the The Lovely Valentine Awards - Teen Fiction
πŸ₯‡1st place in the Ocean Blue Awards - Romance
πŸ₯‡1st place in the Ocean Blue Awards - Best Prologue and Best Storyline
πŸ₯‡1st place in the Quidditch Awards - Teen Fiction

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