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The main character Vivan Kieran had a tragic beauty that didn't work out as it was supposed to be, and have her trapped in the cruelty of a deranged man, who would not stop at anything to have her submit to him.A multi-millionaire Damien Martin( Micheal ) who was traumatized, didn't miss a chance to take the sudden undeniable interest in Vivan. But not sure what he really wanted from this ordinary little girl.But he was ready to find out what he wanted, even if that involved claiming her in most brutal ways.------------:::My loins felt ripped, I got no insanity left. Something inside me had torn. There were places on my body where Damien had sunk his teeth into my skin and bitten, dug his nails into my neck, and twisted my head to one side, and slapped me repeatedly for a mistake I didn't make. Threatening me if I dared to make a sound. The tattoo that I refused to cover up, I didn't dare to remove, The memories...^---I hardly know HIM but I had to get to know HIMHE had access to machinery that could kill me, a gun.HE and HIS battle scars gave me an excruciating explore. The sadistic smirk from between HIS unsmiling lips. That night, the night HE forced Himself on me, the so-called wedding night, and all other times, HE ráped me.^---And so, when the numbness subsided, HE would force me to look at him, with his seeds still greasing my thighs. Making my mind whirl like crazy, just like HE wanted me to be. Without having an apparent reason, I had been torn down by him again and again, and the blame was on me.^---HE knew, or HE thought HE knew what was on my mind as HE controlled what I think, what I secretly wanted as HE successfully made me surrender. He had access to the authority that would chill me out, in the dark, in the sickening light of the precinct. It was always HIM, whether I accept or not, Damien.*Mature content**Age gap**Sexual words*Only 18+Please read at your own risk.
Trial & Error ✓

What happens when you find yourself tangled up in what could be one of the biggest criminal lawsuits in the nation? Well, you get tangled up with the best lawyer in the country. And maybe, with a little trial and error, you get love as well. Copyright © 2017 by Taylor Collins. All Rights Reserved

ထယ်ယောင်းဟာ ကိုကို့နှလုံးသားရဲ့စွဲလမ်းမှုလေးပဲ။
Creature/Monsters/Characters: Fuck, Befriend, Run (Complete)

Alright, you all probably know what to do, I put up a creature/monster, and you say weather or not you would, have 'fun' with them, run from them, or make a very unique friend. (This will also include monsters from non-horror fandoms, such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, etc.)
A Journey to Your Love(Completed)

A collection of thoughts and poems.In our life we met an unexpected person at the most unexpected time.This person maybe marks a place in your heart or just fade like a stranger.Amazing how someone will come into your life and will be a part of your story. I know there are billions of people living in this world but can you imagine how two souls meet each other and discover the strange feeling that people called "Love".? A journey to your love is my first ever poetry book.Inside this book you will read the story of how this two souls meet each other, the journey of their love. A book where you can learn the power of sacrifice and love. Discover their journey of their thoughts about being loved.Disclaimer:The photo in my book cover is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.
Ice Apocalypse (Season 1)

In a world plunged into an icy apocalypse, where 95% of the global population has perished, survival becomes paramount. Last time around, Zhang Yi, known for his kindness, met a tragic end at the hands of those he had once helped. Now, reborn a month before the onset of the icy apocalypse, Zhang Yi awakens to newfound spatial abilities...
Tales of the Pearly City (Pearly Tales Vol.1) [Completed]

After being reincarnated in his favorite game Jasper Toledo, otherwise known as Calloway Calphius, finds himself in the city he created 250 years after he logged out for the last time. He disguises himself in the elf city to find out that he has been revered as a saint, and has begun a new age of the elves. In order to find his place in this new yet familiar world he starts a guild in an age when they've become obsolete. He finds out the elven princess is his fiancé and has been waiting for his return. He adopts an oracle girl known as the cursed child. He even accidently starts a successful maid café. But when a prophecy threatens his new way of life, he'll start a war with a dark shadow that's taken hold of his new home. Follow Cal's journey as he routinely breaks down ordinary doors, makes an inordinate amount of tea, falls in love with a princess, tumbles out of trees, and faces enemies both inside and outside the Pearly City. With all this and more awaiting our unscrupulous adventurer, let me be the first to welcome you to the City of Perils. Mature warning, a city this perilous includes: Adult language, use of gamer terminology, suggestive themes, crying, blushing, tears, feelings, anime special effects, eye-patches, sinister plots, wanton cultural references, identity crisis, a flippant God, shipping, ships, tragedy, aggressive girlfriends, and pirate hijinks lots and lots of hijinks . Highest ranking in Adventure: 15 on---10/12/2017 First review: "At first, I didnt like any character, now I love them all... ...You might want to put a warning that readers just needed to survive the first chapters, because after that... FUCKING AMAZING" -RahColCover by: _crystallize_

✨2019 Fiction Awards Winner in Best General Fiction✨Completed 9/22/2019Sequel: Reality- - - - - - - - - - - - -Joslyn Trett is no stranger to the touring lifestyle, she's been on the road assisting her brothers band for years, until now. Joslyn gets the opportunity of a life time when she lands the job of pop star and heartthrob Alex Walker's assistant, seemingly a promising step in the right direction towards her future. Going from small venues to huge arenas across the world is a whole new ball game for Joslyn. She has no clue what to expect and what is expected of her. All she knows is one day she wants to become a manager in the business, but you have to start from the bottom to get to the top.During this new chapter of her life she will face unexpected relationships, emotions, and dilemmas. Despite what she feels in her heart is right, she will be damned if she doesn't do what is expected of her. Even if it hurts like hell.- - - - - - - - - - - -Ranked:#1 in Fame 9/2/19#1 in Celebrity 9/2/19#1 in Famous 9/2/19#1 in ForbiddenLove 1/10/20#1 in Expectations 6/5/20#1 in Popstar 2/1/21

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Eu me avisei, mas não me ouvi

Há dois anos atrás, eu me avisei em questão de não se apaixonar novamente, por conta das decepções passadas, mas meu coração foi traiçoeiro. Me vi apaixonado pelo meu ex-colega de escola, Jeon Jungkook... E um conselho amigo aos leitores: nunca se entregue a nenhum sentimento a não ser que a pessoa deixe bem claro o que quer.

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Ceaseless Fears: Asylum. (Teaser)

Just a teaser of the dark and demented stories that are soon to come.warning if you don't like horror, gore, dark themes, bad endings, or just death at all.... you don't want to read this.

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Web of Heroes

In a world where superpowers known as quirks define the fate of heroes and villains, Y/n Parker stands out with a unique ability reminiscent of a legendary superhero. Possessing the agility, strength, and web-slinging powers of Spider-Man, Y/n must navigate the challenges of U.A. High School while forming alliances with well-known heroes like Izuku Midoriya and faces off against formidable foes, Y/n. Dive into this thrilling crossover where the spirit of Spider-Man meets the world of My Hero Academia!

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Memento Mori -ESP-

Inglaterra, 1895Diana Westenra no encaja en la pequeña ciudad que la vio crecer. Solterona declarada con una curiosidad insalubre, opiniones fuertes y una biblioteca digna de ambas cosas, la joven falló por años en la única tarea que su progenitora le encomendó: encontrar un esposo apropiado.Con las esperanzas marchitas luego de pasar un tiempo en Francia, Diana vuelve a Inglaterra para ocuparse de su madre enferma y de organizar la boda de Lucy, su hermana más pequeña, quien ya está comprometida. Allí, viejas y nuevas amistades la esperan. Pero todo cambia cuando un monstruo llega a Inglaterra y hunde a su familia en la más absoluta desesperación, cambiando la vida de Diana para siempre. Arrojada en medio de una batalla que desafía sus creencias y los cimientos de su alma, Diana tendrá que elegir entre la luz y la oscuridad de su propio corazón para salir victoriosa...o perder algo más que la vida.Lo único que mantiene casi a raya el inevitable colapso, son las páginas del diario que escribe y las cartas que guarda como evidencia de que lo suyo no es, como la mayoría diría, una locura producto de la histeria. Hay una enfermedad propagándose por Inglaterra, y de ella depende su erradicación.

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Red Comet: Rising

in 1951 The soviet union discovers the wreck of a UFO. latter dubbed the red comet. this Accelerates the technology of the eastern block by centuries. while the cold war is still brewing. How will this affect the flow of history. Will this discovery be humanities salvation of it's destruction?

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"Welcome to this hotel." Seek slightly waved at you.CONTAINS FLUFF AND SMUT IN SOME CHAPTERS.You suddenly find yourself trapped in this game which name is "Doors". You need to find a way to survive and adapt to this new life, but you manage to do it with the help of this monster called Seek. In this fanfiction, you will find yourself filled with lore, sadness, mystery, guilt, anger, happiness and even love. Keep in mind all the monsters are HUMANIZED, thus making the story slightly different.I am giving FULL CREDITS of the pictures of the monsters to Keruvion, I admire their art and they shall be credited for their work. MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKINGS:#1 in robloxdoors #1 in seek#1 in roblox#2 in doorsCREDITS FOR SOME INSPIRATION AND PARTS MENTIONED:"The Owl House" made by Dana TerraceI give all the rights to every part of "The Owl House" that was inspired and mentioned to Dana Terrace.CREDITS TO SOME THINGS MENTIONED IN THE FANFICTION:"Splatoon 3" and the "Nintendo Switch "made by NintendoI give all the rights to every part that mentioned "Splatoon 3" and the "Nintendo Switch" to Nintendo."Chainsaw Man" made by Tatsuki Fujimoto I give all the rights to every part that mentioned "Chainsaw Man" to Tatsuki Fujimoto."Hatsune Miku! Colorful Stage" also known as "Project Sekai" made by Sega and Colorful PaletteI give all the rights to every part that mentioned "Hatsune Miku! Colorful Stage" or also known as "Project Sekai" to Sega and Colorful Palette."It is time to start, my dear Y/N~" Seek looked at you, smiling.

119.7K 39 1.7K
Swapping Around

Elvis and Priscilla's relationship is falling apart. Colonel Parker won't have it so he arranges a wife swap with country singer Loretta Lynn. Will Priscilla survive a household with six children and a husband who thinks that it is his right to tell his wife what to do? Will the king of rock'n roll meet his match in the form of the first lady of country music?THIS IS NOT PRISCILLA OR MOONEY FRIENDLY. They are comic relief in this. You have been warned.

12.9K 16 392 Full

Nila and meets Asap Rocky and sparks fly between them She's very new to this Follow them on their cute urban live story of a rapper and a regular girlFrom hoes, to gold diggers and the media Nila has to keep her relationship in tact

450 8 13
Demon Slayer: Chainsawman In Corps (Harem X Male Reader)

(Y/N): "RIP AND TEARS!!!!!!!! UNTIL IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"(Y/N) (L/N) AKA Chainsaw-Man and this is his our original reality (Y/N) (L/N) was living in a normal life on his earth and he was going to school and get some good grades and prepare to going for the college. Naturally (Y/N) (L/N) was been hit and run over by the truck and he was got a second chance by a God...who reincarnate him to different Earth and universe so...(Y/N) accept it and after he was awake and he was in Chainsaw-Man's (Y/N) become a chainsaw-man and doing his work is hunting devils and killing them all.Until Makima who was the cult behind all this war and also she is the devil control who controlling everything for what she want and (Y/N) had no choice...but he need to kill and end her for what she did to his friends and he kill her and she was supposed to be love him. But she doesn't...she use him like a pet or dog...and which is she dead by (Y/N) have nowhere else to go but he must hide himself as his new identity.

30.4K 28 574 Full
The Pyro Twins

This story is about two "Genshin Impact" characters I made, They are "Kellie and Kaidan" both of them are twins born in Natlan, as I have exams coming up I won't be posting much but I'll try to. They lve in Inazuma and sell valuable artifacts for a living. Thank you for reading my story and be with me while I make this

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