THE 7TH MOON [Aemond Targaryen]

THE 7TH MOON [Aemond Targaryen]

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"I bend the knee to you sister... I swear fealty to you; before your family, before your people, before the seven kingdoms."

"Why?" Rhaenyra dreaded his words, dreaded the sight of him. Baptised in the red of her guard's blood.

"Give her to me." Aemond breathed. "I want Laenora."

In which Laenora Velaryon finds herself betrothed to her Uncle Aemond by a dead king's word, all the while Prince Aegon chases her tail.


Aemond Targaryen x Fem OC (with hints of Aegon Targaryen)

All rights reserved 2023. I do not own any characters in this story with the exception of Laenora Velaryon. I do not own any storylines except for those of which revolving around Laenora. Permission needed for translations.

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