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Category: Teen Fiction
It's been five years since the sudden disappearance of Cora Cadigan's mother. Five years since the case was closed before it even began.

In the final summer before the end of high school, Cora knows it's her last opportunity to find the answers she so desperately needs. Only her luck has never quite worked out.

Until golden-boy, Rhys Laderman, that is. Rhys has the type of connections Cora needs in order to learn the truth. Unfortunately for her, she's despised his rich kid facade and cocky attitude from the moment he was born.

Only, if she wants the answers, Rhys holds the key. A dangerous key that could set off a chain reaction.

Will Cora move past old town rivalries and the dangerous spark she feels with Rhys to solve the mystery that has haunted her for five years?

It's her final summer to find the answers. A summer to remember.

Cover designed by Ria Amelia

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