Submissively Yours

Submissively Yours

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Category: Romance
It tells the story about a Jake who cannot say no to
Maxeul Norman ....

Jake Golding had the perfect life he was popular in his school had a girlfriend ,but his life came crashing down when he met Maxeul
Being in front of Maxeul made Jake nervous and he stuttered a lot , he lost his confidence because their first meet was not a one to remember........

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Author: Tianlian Devouring Ghost Type: Time Travel Rebirth Status: CompletedWork introduction:[Ancient romance + time travel and face slapping + storage space + sudden wealth upgrade + protecting and pampering wife + love over time]Modern woman Wen Jinhe got a storage space due to a strange astronomical phenomenon. She knew in advance that she would travel through time and decided to sell her house and use her savings to fill the space.She traveled through time and became a princess in the cold palace and married Li Junche, the second prince of Beidi Kingdom.On the wedding day, Wen Jinhe raised her eyebrows and smiled softly: "Prince, should we ask Butler Li to consummate the marriage?"Li Junche raised his thin lips slightly and lifted Wen Jinhe's small chin, "It's beautiful, but it's not my favorite."Wen Jinhe looked at the assassin sent by Linyue Kingdom on the ground, "Prince, my damn father is here to trouble me again, I want to teach him a lesson."Li Junche hugged Wen Jinhe and comforted her: "How about destroying Linyue Kingdom to vent your anger?"Buy land, cultivate it, increase production; manufacture transportation vehicles, and develop gunpowder weapons.Steward Li hurriedly reported: "My Lord, the princess has become the richest person in the country."Wen Jinhe said contemptuously: "The prices of all the things sent to Linyue Kingdom have doubled. I will sanction them economically."Li Junche: "This king will use all his strength to seek justice for the princess."DISCLAIMER!!!• This is purely MTL novel { this is not edited, so there will be grammatical errors, incorrect pronouns or words so please read it with caution}• I do not own the story nor the cover.• For Offline Purpose Only so please do not report or vote, Just Read. Thank you
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This here is my own version of a fanfiction based on the Pokémon anime that starred Ash Ketchum, who goes on a journey through the Kanto region, the Orange islands, the Johto region, the Hoenn region, the Sinnoh region, the Unova region, the Kalos region, the Alola region and a bit of the Galar region too, I hope you'll all like this. Story rated: G or PG
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"Aurora?""Yes, George?"The story of two teens; a tutor and her student. And how they fell in love.

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Jim Napier is a retired naval officer who plans a fishing trip to Platoon Lake with his grandson Reece, an amateur paranormal investigator. After encountering strange events on the way there, Reece begins to research the area and finds that hundreds have gone missing in and around the lake, with the locals attributing the missing cases to the Q'thahkal. Jim is skeptical about the urban legend and decides to continue on with the trip, despite Reece's objections. This decision will soon prove to be a deadly one, as the beast of ancient times reveals itself.

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Rude Boss & His Childish Secretary || CEO AU || KTH FF

"Y/N. I was supposed to hate you and annoy you... while bickering with you for the rest of our lives but... I think I broke that rule. I fell in love... with you."Kim Taehyung, the CEO of Kim Enterprises only had one secretary in his life who was a male. But due to his secretary's resignation, Taehyung had to search for a new secretary. Different interviewees came but none caught his attention. The same types of people in a new way was what he encountered. But unfortunately, the last interviewee, Do Y/N had to run 15 minutes late causing the extra prickly Taehyung to be very annoyed at her. After interviewing her, he decides to hire anyone but her. But maybe his life had other plans. Ending up with no options, he has to hire Do Y/N. Starting from her first day, Y/N realizes that Taehyung isn't someone she can be on good terms with. Bickerings, teasings, complaints, arguments, sarcasm and what not? Every day is filled with chaos including both of them. But as a month passes by, Taehyung starts to realize the girl he used to bicker with and disliked was starting to become someone special to him. What would happen if the prickly boss ends up falling for his secretary he never planned on liking?Genre: Romance, Comedy, OfficeParts: 27/27Leads: Kim Taehyung, Do Y/NDo Not Copy Or Repost || written by @eatinmochis

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Water and energy (Lloya ship)

The ninja have been friends since childhood and they have been together ever since, years pass and things have changed alot Jay and Cole fight for Nyas affections while Kai and Skylor move their relationship forward's, Pixal and Zane are trying to make the most of their relationship, and Lloyd is being the leader, things go fine for the most part, if you count for Lloyds outburst that he sometimes has, but that doesnt mean someone has eyes on him, and who else but his first friend Nya, Nya has a crush on Lloyd for years but never shows it, Nya has thought about it but never goes for it as he would have to deal with the crap she has to go through,But when Lloyds outburst finally snap and he finally becomes his worst fear its up to the ninja to save him

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⭐Avian Journal Book 2⭐

Hi! This is book 2 of my avian journey. this is nonfiction, I'm growing REAL wings.

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Lego Monkie Kid (Female MK)

Disclaimer= I do not own any of the the characters and all artworks (excluding the ones I have made) belongs to their original creators. *---------*In this AU. MK (also known as Miku), an ordinary delivery girl stumbles upon the Monkey King's legendary staff. This changes her life as she is now the Monkey King's successor, and going on dangerous adventures along with her friends. But what she doesn't know the truth about herself and some admirers that are falling for her.

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