Strings (BNHA x OC)

Strings (BNHA x OC)

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Puppet's quirk is limited due to laws and she just wants to be able to use it to her hearts content, so she is part of the League of Villains. She gets along with most of the villains and life is better for her than it could have been if she were still roaming the streets and allies alone. Then a certain new recruit with wings shows up... Can she trust him? Why does he keep following her? And what happens when an angry Eraser Head starts to hunt her down? Read to find out.

In this timeline the first meeting with Overhaul didn't go south but everything else in the Shie Hassikai arc still occurs and Kurogiri never went looking for Gigantomachia.

This book is in the process of being rewritten. The rewrite is a separate publication on my profile and I encourage reading it.

⚠️ I do not own My Hero Academia ⚠️
Hawks x OC
OC is based off of a character from FNaF (but you don't need to know anything about FNaF to read this story.
[Disclaimer: Strong language use, Violence, Blood, Graphic Imagery and Death/Murder]
No spoilers for those who have watched through all the anime seasons.

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PERFECT CANVAS ━━━ luke patterson.

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