Stolen by the Mafia ☑️

Stolen by the Mafia ☑️

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Hope Is Mine (A Stalker Story)

"Desperate people are the most dangerous."Miracle Hope Carson has nothing more to ask for her life. She may be a nut-head, anti-social potato and with average looks that no one will probably bats an eye. But what's best in her life? Well, If it's not for her very supportive parents who never expects more from her and with her 2 best friends to die for, she possibly had the perfectly imperfect normal life.She hates attention, so she never expects to draw any coming from anything, especially not from anyone. Unexpectedly, someone has put an interest to her being; and worse... has fallen in love with her. And what about falling in love can possibly go wrong? E V E R Y T H I N GDesperate with her affection, her stalker has started to make some twisted actions which led to the destruction of her once-so-peaceful life. Feeling more miserable and helpless day after day, little did she know that there's more to come and the biggest havoc is yet to shattered her slightest glimmer of faith.When there's no more people to lean to, what will she do? Is she going to stay as a damsel in distress of commending defeat; or will she able to stand up on her own and be a fighter whom her stalker never expects her to be?***Warning: Contains violence, abuse, mature languages, typos and everything that is not suitable for young and immature audiences. Kindly, read at your own risk.
HARIHARESHWARI 15 : Namami Braj Nayakam

Amarsri is spellbound, Srinav is mesmerized. The gods and goddesses are charmed, while the humans are bewitched. The animals are enthralled, birds are enraptured, and the trees are captivated.And who wouldn't be? For the supreme God himself has descended upon the earth, indulging in his delightful childhood pastimes. It is a sight that leaves all in awe, as the divine presence graces our mortal realm.Namami Braj nayakam - Salutations to the hero of Braj
The Haywood Boys

The Haywood brothers are notorious for being the bad boys in school and they also happen to be rich. It's not how you think a bad boy would live but these ones do. The new girl, Aspen Peterson, made the mistake of sitting next to one of them on her first day and getting assigned him as a partner for the project that is worth sixty percent of their grade. It would be fine if she was stuck with any other Haywood boy, but with her luck she got stuck with Ashton."What a plot twist you were" Started writing 6/15/21Published 7/02/21- completed 12/7/21

"This book is the perfect mixture of deep and hilarious. I'm in love with that" - crackhead4ever Teen fiction has given cheerleaders a bad rap. And stereotypical appearances. Courtney knows this. She is a cheerleader.Is she a pretty blonde with blue eyes? Well, yes.Is she popular and perky? ...okay. Yes, again.Is she stuck up and cruel to others for no reason? Ha! There! No to that one. In fact, she's worked for years to portray the perfect image of an upbeat, easy going person. An image that gets harder to hold on to when:The new girl takes an instant dislike to her.Her best friend decides to run against her for Senior Class President. Her football team captain boyfriend breaks up with her.And, oh yeah, she humiliates herself in front of the whole school. Yup, that perfect image is falling apart."I love how this book is different from other teen fiction booksIt's like a breath of fresh air from the same old tropes😄 💕" - LaraAmethyst"I loooove this book so much already aghhh" - therealbhavie"I'm hooked- I- I think that's all im gonna say before I run to read the next chapter" - grumpymood"So excited for the next chapter! Characters are complex and unique, the plot continuously thickens, and I'm already waiting to see what happens next. I can't wait!" - Rspicy#1 in TeenLife#2 in TeenLove#5 in TeenFiction
(RIVALS) The Upside of Falling ✔️

|| Available in book stores!! || watty award 2017 winner! || Becca's life takes a thrilling turn when she pretends to date Brett Wells, the most popular boy in school. Becca Hart is determined to coast her way through her senior year at Eastwood High School. Counting down the days until graduation had become her crutch. Her plans come to a screeching halt one afternoon when she ends up sharing a spontaneous kiss with Brett Wells, who's known for being captain of the football team and an all-around good guy. Their "love" spreads like fire and their fake relationship begins. But the two quickly learn that just because it started off fake, doesn't mean it won't become very real. ___________________________________________ Highest Rank in Teen Fiction: #1 - June 24, 2017.Featured in Teen Fiction: August 1, 2017. Watty Award 2017 Winner for Riveting Reads: September 29, 2017 Completed on: September 18, 2017.___________________________________________This story was originally published by myself on the Episode Interactive App as RIVALS. However, the story and the sequel have now been taken down.Alex Light © All Rights Reserved 2017Cover: Designed by Corina Lupp and drawn by Jordi Labanda.
namal novel by Nimrah ahmad in roman urdu

Nimra Ahmed's novel Namal is an intricate tale of murder and revenge revolving around Surah Namal of the Holy Quran. Namal is a novel full of suspense and surprises. Namal is a carefully spun mesh work of interwoven threads that are unraveled to the reader slowly and gradually.
nothing lasts forever{wlw, teacherxstudent}

Diana is an 18 year old girl about to start her senior year until she bumps into a woman at the bookstore who has quite the personality. The woman takes the book Diana had her eye on. Diana's senior year soon becomes one she would have never expected when the book thief and her meet again.This is not edited so it might be a little messy and it is not a slow burn!!!Story includes:-Smut-PTSD -mention of abuse^Do not read if you are disturbed with these!!

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The first snow is often interpreted as romantic. The first snow symbolises a long and lasting relationship. But not for some. For some, the first snow holds painful memories and many regrets....♡♡♡♡Story holds some mild graphic war scenes, and other violence. Viewer discretion is advised. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Demonslayer. Copyright by the Rightful Owners ©

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ENOUGH FOR YOU || TASM!PETER PARKER "and i wished i didn't know who you really were." [summary inside] the amazing spider-man 1-2 & au andrew garfield's peter parker x f!oc started: june 2021 ended: ???? @ yksydnie || 2021

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For those who fell in love with the style of Korean novels. A novel filled with delicious clichés with a twist. Life of Selena Ashwood, a strong swordsmaster and a Dukes heir, was a prewritten tragedy with a grim end. Raised to be a marionette at the hands of the vicious Emperor and a heartless father she was forced to commit unspeakable things in the name of "loyalty" which led to her gruesome demise. Katherine, a college girl who loved Korean novels found herself to be the unfortunate villainess whom she sympathised with after she suffered an accident and opened her eyes in a new world. Will she be able to unravel the Ashwood Dukedom dark secrets and save herself or will she be forced to face the same fate as the original Selena?

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Miraculous Curses of the Mermaid Treasure

Chat Noir and Tortuga are on the hunt for the Perla. They captured a stubborn mermaid to help there quest. However, they will learn soon what happen when a mermaid is out of the water too long. Secrets will be release along with there journey of the Perla🐞Mari/ Chat🐱 mermaid Au🐚 romance❤ adventure💀 sinAlso check my other Miraculous booksStart over (all ships) Before the Miraculous,🌠 who is he kissing,💋 Miraculous Curses of the Mermaid Treasure🐬, Miraculous curses of the Mermaid Treasure 2🐳Saving Chat Noir🐞Saving Ladybug

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Raindrops of Astalièr (Tonjuarez Series IV)

Miande Yves Ronoua was sheltered all her life. Not just by wealth but literally by people who were trained to protect the only daughter of the Ronouas. But the only thing they can't do is to protect her heart. Not from the only man she gave all her love to. Even if she's always not the first option. But what will happen when the day comes that she realizes? There's no hope for both of them? Is leaving him really for the best?Raindrops of Astalièr - Tonjuarez Series IVShe fell first, he fell harder trope@raindropsandstar - 2023

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Eilviera, Eilviera: The Girl Who Touched the Sky (DEMO VERSION)

During the dark ages in medieval Ireland, there lived a girl named Eilviera. She had skin as gold as the sun, eyes as blue as the sunny sky, and hair as red as a bonfire. She was a sweet but stubborn child, who wasn't afraid to say how she felt or thinks. She lived in a cheerful kingdom, full of joyful people and the most humble king. However, the kingdom goes downhill when the king's servant betrayed him. The king dies, and so does the happy atmosphere in the kingdom. Eilviera must go through obstacles and hardships to get her precious Ireland back, the one she knew. She faces bloodshed, demons, angels, miracles, her worst fears, celebration, and renewal. She had a long, incredible journey and she'd like to take you on it. That is, if you're up for the adventure!

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Sturniolo Triplets - One Shots/Short Stories

Random one shots and short stories, each chapter will include all three but with focus on one of themNo romance, no y/n, OC when necessarySlow updates, when inspiration strikes and time allows it hahaFeel free to leave requests under the 'requests' part Also posted on ao3

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