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Category: Horror
Soon after the transfer of Inspector Vijay to Kuldhara, a woman is found murdered in the seemingly peaceful town.
Only Arul, his youngest son, figures out the terrifying secrets of Kuldhara. With an ancient book of witchcraft by his side, he sets off to face the danger lurking in the shadows to protect his family...

*A couple of chapters to start off... And a new chapter every alternate day!*

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He was the boy that no one noticed. He was quiet, bland to the naked eye, a total wallflower who sat on the sidelines and lacked in eye contact with those around him though he had the type of eyes that made you feel like you could drown. He tried his best to blend into the background, but what he didn't know was that he was the only one that caught my eye. He was the most intriguing person I had ever laid eyes on even though he couldn't see me. He couldn't see anything.
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The Rosier family is part of the sacred 28. The sick and depraved Slytherin elite enjoy toying with others as a form of pleasure. Draco Lucious Malfoy was what some would call Lethal. He was an act first, think later kind. Theo was a very pretty boy himself, he held this permanent smirk on his face and his curly black hair and face dotted in moles. Pansy had been my best friend for what felt like a lifetime, having grown up around these people, the sacred twenty-eight meant they knew more about my life and what I went through then anyone else. Then there was sweet, sweet Mattheo, honestly he was like an adorable dog. But like, a very angry and vicious one. Unlike Theo and his calm attitude, and Draco's storm of seriousness and precise killing ability, Mattheo was always on the verge of yelling and knocking someone out.How does one navigate life and teach ones self to inhale and exhale whilst the anger inside you is formed by the visual brutality all around you?
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"...I've never had an orgasm before!" I blurt out, backing away a few steps.He sits up, dark hair ruffled and messy from the fingers I ran through it. His eyes, once wide, slowly darken. "You what?" He breathes. ***Running from a dark past, a girl stumbles into a territory ran by a notorious Alpha. He's cold, dangerous and poisons her, forcing her into his proximity. But she harbours a dark secret, which when revealed to the wrong people, causes her to become tied to the Alpha in an arranged marriage that reveals more about them than anticipated...Including the bond they share when they touch. And the Alpha too has a secret, an obsession. For her.
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Alvin Romano an Italian ruthless mafia and a successful businessman. A billionaire who is no less than an animal. He doesn't hesitate to kill a person and make his life hell. His world is full of dark secrets and illegal works. But his world turns upside down when he meets his ultimate vicious obsession. Ishita Kapoor a writer, who is escaping from reality. She left her home country to find her solace and ultimate peace. She hates Illegal works and mafia's. This dark world is the sole reason she is here. Wandering in delusions and hope one day her life will be normal but her hopes shattered when she met her enormous fear. Her nightmare changed into reality. He is fire and she is water, their purpose and dreams are parallel to each other. Will they be able to find their peace or will they be entangled in their own created illusions.
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Thirty-one random poetry of my unsaid thoughts and feelings.Some of this poetry came from my thoughts, and some was inspired by life experiences.
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you are bella swan older adopted sister but she hates you and you hate her cause shes annoying and try's to hurt charlie every chance she gets and you are ruby adopted daughter that ruby hid from the angels that wanted to hurt her and she raised you a hunter and you can control all your powers and speciesruby is klaus and katherine daughter but ruby adopted you and changed your name to teller-mikaelson cause of your real mother and father

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He was the boy that no one noticed. He was quiet, bland to the naked eye, a total wallflower who sat on the sidelines and lacked in eye contact with those around him though he had the type of eyes that made you feel like you could drown. He tried his best to blend into the background, but what he didn't know was that he was the only one that caught my eye. He was the most intriguing person I had ever laid eyes on even though he couldn't see me. He couldn't see anything.

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Шестнадцати летняя София, плохо учиться и совершенно не знает чего хочет от жизни. Отправившись на вечеринку по случаю окончания школы София попадает не в лучшую ситуацию. Проснувшись как-то утром в больнице на другом конце страны, она совершенно нечего не помнит. Вот уже около полу года София живет в совершенно не знакомом ей городе. И знает только свое имя.Она отчаянно пытается вспомнить хоть что-то,но в памяти огромная пропасть. По странным обстоятельствам ее друга похищают.София узнает что именно она виновата в его исчезновении. Она обращается за помощью к своему соседу который стал свидетелем похищения.Ее соседом оказывается загадочный и очень симпатичный Деймон Хилс. Софии предстоит очень долгий путь, чтобы спасти своего друга и вернуть память о том дне который перевернул ее жизнь вверх дном.

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[This story is now FREE!] When Andie Bank agreed to take a job to help save her friend's reputation, it wasn't supposed to end up in a romance-fueled galactic rescue mission with her irresistibly hot boss. *****With a merciless tabloid set on destroying the Hollywood career and reputation of Andie's best friend, Andie accepts a job offer with the same company on the condition that they leave her friend alone. She knew about her smoking hot boss when she accepted the accounting position, but the tabloid failed to mention small details like celebrity kidnappings, alien imposters, camera-shaped ray guns, and their absolutely abysmal knowledge of the American tax system.Unable to deny their atomic attraction, Andie and her boss's kisses quickly evolve into a forbidden affair that must remain secret at all costs. When a certain vengeful ex-fiancé discovers their secret, the laser guns come out and Andie is forced to flee for her life. As time runs out, Andie must choose between love or committing a crime that goes against everything she stands for.Plus hot alien sex! ...[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]Cover designed by Eva (Fathima) Ismail

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New Identity ~ MCU/SWCW Story

Who is Ashley Tanner? Nobody has a slight clue, not even the girl herself. Slightly tanned, weird reverse birthmarks on her face, icy hair with blue streaks that appear to be... natural? Everything about the mystery figure screams oddity. And, with her bold appearance, she can't help but attract the attention of the most important government-run defense agency, S.H.I.E.L.D. Nonetheless, she becomes a prime target of Director Fury, for the better or worse, when she begins to realize that she isn't like most of the other humans that walk the surface of Earth.Join Ashley as she journeys down a path in which she creates a new identity for herself using the fragments of the past she has left.#1 - #AhsokaTano 11/18/20#1 - #Tano 7/22/22#2 - #Wars 1/06/22#2- #Ahsoka 2/08/22

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Minho who believes his immortal but doesn't know he is actually something more dangerous than that has been through a lot soon mets guy named Felix who helps him go through his pain but on there way they have a ton of evil powerful villains that minho thinks are just trying to destroy him and his family but the truth is more deeper and darker than that!!

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He wasn't born an angel. He worked his way to angelhood. He earned his place among them by centuries of serving God. Only to be assigned the most demeaning jobs of all, counting and reporting human sins.An endless loathing to lowly humans lead the angel to one sin which wipes away all he has been working for and turns him into the being he despised the most, a human.On a journey to find his way back up, the angel struggles to cope with all the inconveniences of being human. He doesn't only have to worry about food and shelter, he also finds himself in trouble with all other beings lurking in the shadows unseen by humans and now by him too. Soon, the angel starts to count his own sins. Can the Angel find his way back up or will he drown too deep into the sinful life of a human?[PG-13 - Mention of Alcohol, Violence, Corruption and Suicide] - New Chapter once a week.- I am new to Wattpad, so please feel free to give me some constructive feedback; Encouragement and votes (that little star button) would be great too 🥲#4 Absurd#5 Theology#20 Wisdom#67 Islam

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This is my first time I am writing a story so hope you like it

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Naruto is a school boy, he's depressed and has no friends. After a complication in who would be joining schools, the Hokage accidentally put him in an all girl school, teachers have complained countless times, yet the Hokage doesn't care enough to do anything about it. Naruto would be constantly bullied, he would do nothing because he was told by his father when he was born, that he should never abuse his power. Naruto was at the brink of suicide until...

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Louis is a media student who slowly starts falling in love with the beautiful Harry Styles who is a dance student. There is just something about the way he moves to the music that makes Louis want to watch him.|trigger warning|

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