Snakes: Y/n Potter

Snakes: Y/n Potter

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Category: Fantasy
All characters belong to J.K Rowling,except for Y/N Potter, who plays as you.

Ur the twin sister of Harry Potter, their birthday is July 31st.

Y/n will look a little different than Harry because of the killing curse and the fact that a part of you-know-who also went into y/n,changing her a bit...

Harry: has dark brown hair and emerald green eyes,and the lighting bolt scar on his forehead

Y/n : has dark brown black-ish hair and has one eye emerald green and the other hazel brown, but both eyes have a bit of blue within them. And a scar that goes down her right wrist.

Will not follow the timeline or well... we'll see.

Let's get into it now,shall we?

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