Shifting Truth (On Hiatus)

Shifting Truth (On Hiatus)

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Category: Action
Shinichi always followed Sherlock Holmes' words; "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." And those words were always there for him. Even during times he didn't want them to.

There had been many times he wished the truth wasn't as it was, but as a detective, he knew better than that.

He thought his reality had been picked apart enough when he shrunk because of a drug from a dangerous criminal organisation, but he was proven wrong yet again...

And the only thing he could do was to accept the truth the world was giving him.
Cover does not belong to me

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COMPLETED I ran frantically hoping to elude my pursuer. My arms were scraped form the surrounding shrubs. I heard him growl "Mine" and I ran further. His following steps stopped and I kept running hoping he'd stopped. I smacked into a wall or rather a chest. I felt arms wrap around me encasing me in his embrace."W-what do you want?"My voice trembled"You're mine" he growled "Mine only!"***********************************************I only wanted to have a peaceful walk, what that so much to ask for? I never expected to be swept into this mess. I never thought the word coming from his handsome face would be "That's my mate... Grab her."WARNING: Mature scenes & Mature languageThis story is original and may not ever be copied in any way shape or form. The photo is not mine I simply added too it.

910.6K 26 21.6K Full
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Laurel Ambers had been running away since she could remember. Abandoned by her parents and no friends to call, she works in an underground business to get through in life. Fight to survive, that's her motto. She tries to escape death every time, but one night, its scythe finally reaches her. Her soul has opened the gates of the afterlife. With no escape, she knew time was up. She closed her eyes and uttered her last words.Everything could have ended at that moment, but time intervenes. The clock of life continued to tick and dragged her back a thousand years into the ancient past. In an era she doesn't belong, she knew a single change would disrupt the truth of her time. She must leave. She must find a way home. With all the information she gathered about the place and the help of an unlikely ally. It could have been easy. If only she hasn't met a man who never gets tired of expressing his undying love for her. "To escape the scythe death, but end up chased by a lovesick fool. Is it luck or curse?"»»-----»»----- ➴ -----««-----««A tale of finding yourself, friendship, and love, LAUREL will take us to the world of the great gods and goddesses. »»----- »»----- ➴ -----««-----««Featured on @StoriesUndiscovered - Into the Abyss (October 2021)@retolds - Rethology (December 2021)

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"My fucking french fry!""Suck it bitch." °•○•°•○•°•○•°•○•°•○•°•○•°Adam was beaten to the point he fell towards the mortal plan. Now he lives 'temporarily' with a non-believer of God.

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