Secrets Until Someday

Secrets Until Someday

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Category: Romance
The beginning chapters of this story have been revised and rewritten.
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The 1st book in a series of 3

Sydney Graves was full of life, a fireball of energy with blazing blue eyes. She had a smart mouth and was always down for some fun. She was a high school student and varsity cheerleader, with a great group of friends that were inseparable. Nothing ever seemed to be too complicated for her, that is until one night when she came crashing into Brooks. He was the star basketball player, handsome, and most importantly the brother to one of her best friends. She risked her friendship to break the rules only to have her heartbroken. For some reason, she can't seem to shake the effect Brooks has left on her. Especially when he shows back up in their sleepy little town.

Will they find themselves in each other arms once again, keeping secrets and stealing kisses or will she successfully avoid him and the feelings they shared once and for all?

Take a read to find out!

*This story contains elements of underage drinking
*some sexual elements
*grief warning

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people go down different paths of life.I chose smoking.

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:) no intiendo di po ako writer pasensyahan nyo na po :)

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yo no sé, no sé, no sé por qué somos así, Lady y yo yo no sé, no sé, no sé por qué nos queremos así, Lady y yo..~Inspirado en la canción "La seine" de Vanessa ParadisCreditos a los creadores de la serie Miraculous LadybugCanción perteneciente a la pelicula "Un monstre a Paris" 2011NO SE PERMITEN COPIAS NI ADAPTACIONES SIN PREVIO AVISO-QCB

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