Reincarnated As Conny (HIATUS)

Reincarnated As Conny (HIATUS)

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Fanfiction: The Promised Neverland
Cover not mine ©tto


Guess what?

You reincarnated as Conny in Anime with the title of 'The Promised Neverland'.

Wanna bet if you'll survive?

"Ray, We're buddies, right? You want me to survive, right?" I asked him with a pitiful expression on my face. Only a week left before my shipment, I have to persuade him to survive!

I will really smack the one who made me reincarnated as Conny! I mean why not Emma? and why on this freaking world?! I don't want to become a food! Curse you Reincarnation God!

Ray closed his book before glancing at me. "Survive huh? Not even possible" He replied. Ray throws the book in his hand."Here, read this. You might think of a way to survive with yourself"

The book landed on my face. I glared at him before picking up the book. "Rude! I thought we're best buddies," I said as I tugged his clothes. "If I die, I'll visit you every night."

"Yeah, Scary," He said as he rolls his eye.

On the day of my shipment:

Mama Isabella started to hummed her Lullaby as we started to walk. I can't help but to sing her Lullaby as well. Before I got reincarnated here, I always hum this song whenever I take a bath.

I keep humming as we got near to a big gate.

However, while singing with her. I noticed that Isabella stopped walking.

"Mama, why did you stopped walking?" I asked in confusion. A warm smile appeared on my face as I glanced at her behind my back. "Don't you want me to sing with you?"

"How did you...?" She asked in a terrified expression.

"Hmmm, Mama. Your lullaby sounds peaceful, you shouldn't stop singing"

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