✔Reborn madman

✔Reborn madman

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Category: Fantasy
Author: Shui Jinmu
Release time: 2020-04-04


After being a son-in-law for more than ten years, he was reborn on the body of a brother who had nothing, and this brother is still a lunatic!
Crazy people in the tribe are suspicious! He was also bullied by stealing things! In the end, he was forcibly betrothed to an orc who he didn't even recognize.
After Wang Jin accepted the facts tremblingly, he began to use his golden finger to reverse the adversity.
Being disgusted has become everyone's love, and everything that has been robbed will be taken back. As for... the beastman who was forced to marry...

Wang Jin looked at the man who had been by his side, and the man felt his sight , looking back at Wang Jin, his indifferent eyes suddenly warmed up, he stretched out his hand and clasped Wang Jin's ten fingers, and said softly, "In this life, I only want you, whether you are a little lunatic or not."
Wang Jin's heart slammed . Jump.
Forget it, this man... It's still fun, just keep it!
Years later, Wang Jin was pregnant with a big belly, and gritted his teeth in hatred when he saw the gentle man in front of him.
It's said that we will only be together, and we will definitely not have a big belly!
A man's mouth, except for himself, is a liar!

✓ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)
✓ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)
✓ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Read
✓ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.

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