Reborn as the worst

Reborn as the worst

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Category: Adventure
Fighting all his life, trying to keep everyone save he cares about. Considered as a hero by the public but known as Titus by freinds and family. He gave his life in his last battle to save his best freind. Without knowing what happened to his loved ones he goes in the afterlife.

Opening his eays he sees something he didn't expected. In front of him sits a man how is offering the opportunity of a new life in a world knowen by Titus as a book he read once.

What will happen to him. Who will he meet on this new adventure.

This is my first Story and english isn't my first lenguage so if you have any Tipps for improvement please leave a comment.

Tbate is owned by TurtleMe. This is just a FF based on Tbate.

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#1 yanderefanfic- Thu, 8 Feb (2024)#1 insanity- Sun, 28 Jan (2024)#1 obsessed - Thu, 15 Jun (2023)#3 crazy- Sun, 9 Jul (2023)#12 anime - Sun, 18 Jun (2023)#2 yanderefanfic- Mon, 19 Jun (2023)#8 newstory- Sat,24 Jun (2023)[COMPLETE]When y/n saw an unusual looking person take the newly constructed house infront of hers, his dark personality and greyish blue orbs made her wonder more about him. She was more surprised to know that the boy goes to the same school as her and he soon becomes the mysterious guy of the school that every girl has a crush on. Her friends and family and whoever she spent time with goes missing one by one. The only person she would always find helping her is the same mysterious boy. She wonders how he seems to know everything. She is now scared and petrified. She wants to know whats happening but can never know because of the Mysterious boy.
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Poetically Expressed (2013-2014) - Poetry Book

Poems that I wrote in 2013-2014Some of the poems aren't true and I didn't experience (Especially the romantic ones). Several of them are just the result of my wide imagination (This is what you get when you are a daydreamer and a nightthinker) and a few of them are from my dreams (I felt like writing a poem out of it), requested by some friends, from dramas and movies (I got inspired) and from the books I've read (Too good not to dedicate a poem). q^β€Ώ^qFrom: April 2, 2012To: December 5, 2014-Yuchae
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"Rule number one," He whispers, pulling back to look me right in the eye, "Never let your guard down."He flashes me a cunning smirk as I stare at him, stunned at what he had just done. Only, he makes a mistake of turning to see what everyone else ahead of the bleachers is doing. I smirk and take a step back forcefully. Just as he turns his head back to face me, I swing my arm at his face."No. That's rule two," I snap, "Rule one is never turn your back to your opponent." Faye Williams is not the type of girl who would call for the attention. However, she calls things as she sees them. Faye's not afraid to use her fist, for that's all she's ever known. Some call her a good girl while others call her a rebel. What most people don't know is that she's witnessed things that not many people get to witness. With an unstable mother who blames her for a needed divorce, she's seen, heard, and knows plenty. It's not until she moves to Miami, Florida with her dad, that trouble arises. Let's just say that the odds are not in her favor, especially when it comes to that notorious 'bad kid' Travis. Yet, for some reason, she feels that fixing the bad boy will mend herself. When a powerful gang leader, a notorious bad boy, vengeful mother, and two faced acquaintances enter the equation, Faye knows there's nothing to save her now.*Copyright © 2013* All rights reserved.

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Chapter: 801-1000After Xiao Lingyu was betrayed by her boyfriend, she had the scumbag underneath her feet and along with the slut. Then, she used the spatial jade pendant to return to her hometown and began planting. She planted, planted, and planted before selling, selling, and selling. After that, she built, built, and built. She went on a frenzied path of establishing her farm kingdom, running further and further away!Until one day, under the peach blossom tree in Tao Yuan Village...A cute little toddler who was about four or five years old tried his best to raise his head. When he finally raised his head, he straightened up. Uh, his neck was starting to hurt from him raising it, but he still stubbornly maintained this posture. His big round black eyes narrowed slightly, and he asked curiously, "Who are you? Why do you look so much like me?"The man peered at the cute child who looked exactly like him when he was young. The man was tall, handsome, and exuded an extraordinary aura. He narrowed his eyes and asked coldly, "Who are you?"In his heart, he was trying to guess which bold woman was behind this.If she dared to do it, she must pay the price!However, before he could make the woman pay the price, this cute little toddler came over and held his hand. With a longing gaze, he said, "Uncle, I'm lost. Can you bring me home?"As the man held the little boy's hand and led him to a farmhouse in an unexpected turn of events, he heard the little boy's excited voice."Mommy, you can get married now! I've finally found a man who looks like me!"Everyone, "..."This child really went nuts in his quest to find himself a stepfather!In short, this was a story of a white-collar worker who was reborn in the city. After getting set up by someone and obtaining a spatial tool by accident, she returned to the countryside, farmed, and raised her son. She was also cared for by the man her son brought back and transformed into a rich lady.

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Robin: when did Vance start talking like that? Bruce: Since he started getting paid Billy: how...? πŸ€”Vance: its called having a Job dipshits Griffin: and he's back πŸ™„Robin: how much do you make vance!? Finney: he makes 200k a Month Gwen: HOLY SHIT VANCE IS RICH!? I do not own any characters.

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What If Rimuru Joined The Akatsuki

A random idea that came to me while YouTube was being slowIn a woman's hands was a young newborn boy. his name was, Rimuru Tempest. he was once a god who gained everything at the cost of everything, after eons of being alone he eventually forgot everyone and decided to create a new world. in this world there are beings he created to preserve peace, the 10 tailed beasts, however they forgot their roles as the preservers of peace and instead became the objects of war. Rimuru Tempest, after seeing his creations start to deviate from the path they were set on he decided to reincarnate himself and see what the fun about war is.I hope you enjoy. (Contains Gore and other types of mature content)(I haven't finished whatching naruto so I might get a few facts wrong and as such I shall opologise now, feel free to tell me what I got wrong and I'll change it)DISCLAIMER: None of the art belongs to me and if you have proof of ownership and want it to be taken down I shall do so#1 [toilet paper] 16th Feb 2023

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