Prostitutes Of God

Prostitutes Of God

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A short book to explain who Devadasis were , how it all began and the kind of lives they lived within patriarchal and castiest India .

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Всё произошло в клубе,там работал Тэхён.А Чонгук как раз пришёл в клуб когда была его смена.Произошла не очень хорошая ситуация,после которой Тэхён очень хорошо вмазал Чонгуку.Но он не знал кто такой Чонгук,и потом очень сильно пожалел что это сделал....

Embark on a journey with the Varadorian 181st, a fresh regiment joining the Imperium of Man's Crusade - "The Purge of Apostasy." Witness their quest to cleanse planets fallen to Chaos and corruption on the fringes of the Segmentum Obscurus and reclaim a strategic foothold. Join these warriors as they strive to etch their names into the annals of history.
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Holly was always aware of the Alpha of the Black Dawn pack, with that pack being the very pack that had taken away many she loved. She thought she knew how deadly the pack was, she thought she knew about of the deadly and cold-hearted things the Alpha had done. She thought she knew it all. The only thing she didn't know was his name.⭐ beautiful cover created by @sinadana ⭐
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She's Bucky Barnes' daughter. She just doesn't know it yet. Vera has the meaning of faith... she just doesn't have it.Marvel but add a little ✨spice✨A Bucky Barnes Daughter Story!Vera Zola-Barnes has only gone by one name.Shadow HunterHer past is a blur as all she has ever known is inside the walls of HYDRA.On a mission to assassinate the Winter Solider, she finds more than she expects. But, does that change the life she has now? Find out by reading The ShadowHunter. Or ya know don't what ever floats your boatBook 1 of The ShadowHunter SeriesStatus: CompletedStarted: 11.3.2020Ended: 11.27.2020Finished editing: 12.19.2020Ratings: #8 in buckybarnes as of Dec. 2, 2020#1 in buckybarnesdaughter as of Nov. 30, 2020#3 in samwilson as of Nov. 30, 2020#1 in vera as of Dec. 4, 2020#1 in hydra as of Dec. 13, 2020#1 in vision as of Dec. 19, 2020#59 in avengers as of Dec. 23, 2020#19 in marvel as of Jan. 2, 2021#8 in warriors as of Jun. 19, 2021#1 in scarletwitch as of Jan. 27, 2021(EDITED).... enough
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An unlikely friendship turned into something more when two paths are crossed. Both from different world's trying to cope with the reality of their lives and make things work.Copyright © 2016 by Chrystal-Ann Eversley.All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.
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Just read.Half of my stories are being deleted by Wattpad, so please, appreciate my work.Thank you. 💎

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Sometimes I just need an escape and I write these. They aren't the best and can be a little confusing, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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when he calls him 'peach', he forgets he's pretending.

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