Prey: T.N.D

Prey: T.N.D

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Category: Mystery
A Sci-Fi Thriller series.

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In which an Asgardian Goddess finds a Brooklyn Soldier, and they fall in love.''I love you.''''I love you too. I'll love you forever.'' ''Forever, wow. That's a long time.''Steve Rogers X OC Captain America: The First Avenger - Avengers: Endgame.We'll meet again - Vera Lynn.
100 Reasons Why To Love Stonefield

To every Stonefield Shipper / Fan This book is for you! Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are Endgame! And we know it! And here's 100 Reasons Why to Love Stonefield! ♥The best OTP ever is in this book and we got the truth!
You will forever be my always

She never met someone that is so cold and soft at the same time, that is mean to everyone, and not to mention he is super hot.He never met someone so shy, that only minds her own business, and is a total darling and makes his cold heart melt. Liliana Smith is a total angel, she is shy, and the girl that had no friends and her parents are workaholic, she just finished high school and is about to go to college. Greyson Carter is the opposite of Liliana he is cold, has lots of friends, is a hockey player, and has the perfect family. He is on his second year of college. As everyone says, opposites attract each other.
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Opal and Helen are the leaders of the South of America, the most feared mafia heads in the world currently, along with being mafia they're both vampires which makes them basically untouchable. Athena is a little sweetheart, trying to do things the right way and stay out of trouble because she has enough of it already. --------the story is set in a world where vampires and humans co exist, and age regression is known and everyone is classified into the category when they're 10 Athena unknowingly steps into Opal and Helen's territory and she is taken in by the couple, but not before she goes through a bit of trouble before that happens
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A newborn baby was born as a premature baby, and she held a special place in mafias family's heart. The night she was born was a very exciting day for the Gonzales family yet was also the worst day for them too. The baby was kidnapped and taken away while the family slept not knowing their new mafia princess was miles and miles away from them.
Because, I Love You [Alan Becker]

• The story is about two best friends who turn into love. TDL and TCO are unique but extremely smart students , on the list of honor students , and many fangirls pursue them. TDL has had feelings for TCO for a long time , but TCO doesn't know that •
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Meet Kayla Wilson, 'miss perfect' adorned with a five-leaf clover. She gets kicked out of her third job, fails her latest relationship, lost all her savings, and gets hit by a car, all in one day. And the next thing she knows, she fakes a marriage with John E. Brooks--a nerd turned hottie, who overly adored her when they were young. And to make it worse, Dorothy, John's meddlesome grandmother, devises a scheme for the two to be together, i.e., the last thing that they both wanted to happen. It's one mishap after another as little miss perfect finds out what it means to have it all flawlessly.
Broken Promises

"Promises are meant to be broken honey, sooner or later""I get it now, I never should've trusted you". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the story of Lila. Lila's husband Andrew has a secret .What happens to Lila when she finds out about the secret? Why does Lila's best friend Michaela Lee get involved? Read to find out.

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Always Broken (Book 1 and 2)

"Stop crying," he growled, gripping my chin in his hand.When I did not stop crying, he took his teeth and bit my neck hard, making a mark on me. I whimpered as I wiped my tears, keeping my mouth sealed. I wanted to scream but once again, I did not want to make a scene. I had to behave even though he treated me wrong because paparazzi followed us everywhere, and I had to give off that happy couple appearance. If I were to do something wrong, it would be all over social media and the news for about an entire week. Thinking about this detail, I obeyed his orders."Good girl," he soothed, as though I was a dog, and he kissed the bite mark he left on my neck.***Summary: Jackie Simmons is the daughter of a famous pianist and businessman. During this time, her family decides to marry her off to Brad Rodriguez- the son of one of their business partners. However, there is one small problem. Jackie does not want to marry and is preparing for her time at the prestigious university, Yale. After being forced to enter the marriage, Jackie is convinced that she will hate Brad. On the contrary, as soon as she meets him, she becomes smitten with him. But her husband's main goal is to break her. Underneath the facade of a tough man is a suffering one, crying for help. His wife, Jackie, desperately wants to help him. However, because of his treatment towards her, things in their marriage slowly but surely begin to fall apart. And what happens when Brad starts developing feelings for Jackie? Will he admit his wrongdoings, or will Jackie declare enough is enough? Read to find out.Book 2 (Prequel of Always Broken)Lorena Eliakim, daughter of a Jewish king lives in a small town called Judea. Life already has her in shape. She is the princess of her land, ruling with power and authority. What happens when she falls for an Assyrian, one of the worst enemies of her father and the entire kingdom?Cover was done by -lyscece

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Pacific Rim: Beginning of the End

Kaiju are attacking any country on the Pacific Rim at random, so a new generation of Jaegers was selected to train and fight for their world. They will do anything to make sure their world is safe, no matter the cost.

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The Queen And The Maverick Vol 2

Five years after The Maverick came to Arendelle. Aiden Elsenov, adopted son of Queen Elsa of Arendelle. Sets out for the the stars to stop a new enemy that threatens everything he has come to love. But as his legacy spreads across the worlds, A mysterious ally steps in to unravel the secrets of Aiden's true parentage. ( A sequel to my crossover story 'The Queen And The Maverick')

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Dreams, Dares, & Darkness - Sequel

Well hello there, if you're here then you've probably read Secrets, Struggles, & Soulmates! If not, this is a sequel of that book and you might not understand some of the references, but if you don't want to read SSS, that's completely fine! However, if you have read SSS then I'm glad you liked it enough to read the sequel! After having a wild dream about each other, Scar and Grian meet each other for the very first time. What could go wrong? If only life was as easy as it was in their dream.

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Summer in Scotland (Prince Harry #1)

Prince Harry spends his summer away from the public eye. He's trying to clean up his image. No longer will he be known as the Party Prince or Spare. He wants to be known as Harry. And a summer in Scotland away from the eyes of the world will be good for him. But after going to a party and meeting a certain girl who is studying abroad, will he be thrown back into the public eye? Will his new found "good boy" image go bad? And what of this girl? What makes her so special and different? Well, Harry wants to find out too. Don't forget to comment and vote. Check out my other Prince Harry fanfics too! Harry, if you ever read this (I doubt you ever will), my apologies. It may not be great or even nice, but I tried. Have a nice life.

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Mr Grits and Chester's Invention

Chester's new invention is really cool.. but on the wrong hands it will be uhhhh... not that good. And it even made some bad Coffee Maker Bots...

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When You Were My Sister

A funeral, an estranged sister, a broken family, a weekend and all their secrets. Will they survive the chaos that is inevitable?

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Loved and Lost

told by Ciel & Sebastian

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