Playing The Surfer

Playing The Surfer

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"Does this feel real enough?" He grabbed my face delicately in his hands, the rain runs down our foreheads to where our lips meet, each of us tasting the cold drops.
Sparks flew in every direction, but instead of detracting from the intensity of the moment, it brings us to new heights.
Caiden pushes his lips against mine more firmly and the wave that runs through me is intoxicating, making my head swim. And we all know how much I love to swim.


Caiden Hurley is one of the cliche boys most girls would swoon over. But the new girl isn't most girls.

Caiden and his buddies have a game tradition where every year, they each have a mission to try and lay a certain girl in their grade.

And the short-tempered, surf champion new girl: Kennedy Dyline is Caiden's lucky pick.

(Caiden's pov & Kennedy's pov)


𝘉𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘖𝘯𝘦

i'm so sorry it's terribly cliche...

#3 in Surfboard 13/4/20
#2 in Surfboard 4/6/20-
#1 in sport 10/5/20 - 4/6/20> 2nd
#1 in senior 15/8/20
#1 in player 19/10/20
#1 in surfing 26/10/20
#1 in boyxgirl 27/11/20
#3 in teenromance 3/12/20
#1 in surfing ,again 17/12/20
#1 in surfing 2023
#1 in players 2023
#4 in sport 2024
#1 in surfboard 2024

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