Overpowered Mom in Konoha

Overpowered Mom in Konoha

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I have a system? I just wanted to be a citizen I don't think civilians are this overpowered!!!



I just wanna a live a carefree life why does god hate me

Let's buy this place sense apparently I have four kids now

Hey don't blow up stuff thing 1!!

Don't poke your brother with needles!!

No you can not kill them!!

You can't fight everyone who breaths!!

Man these kids are gonna kill me if that's not enough why does Madara always follow Me around in a lame disguise

I just wanted to be a background character why Author why you gotta do this to me

This is gonna be a OCxMadara

Also warning there will be A lot of Yandere stuff

And some stuff might not be the same as the original Naruto plot like madara will be revived earlier then the anime sorry for the little spoiler there

I have terrible grammar I'm just writing cause it's really fun too write and think of ideas. I hope you enjoy

give me a follow if you enjoyed my novel
it really encourages me .

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