[ON HOLD] Defy the Heavens: The Journey of Miss Black Belly

[ON HOLD] Defy the Heavens: The Journey of Miss Black Belly

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Category: Fantasy
(Original Xianxia Novel by Manadoux)

The world is unfair!

In the God Continent, only the strong are revered. Those who are weak are nothing but ants waiting to be stepped on.....

As the only daughter of the esteemed Wang Manor, Wang Xiu Ren should've been blessed with not only beauty but also with peerless talent like the rest of her family. However, fate is cruel and destined her to be waste--a person who is unable to cultivate!

With a sour heart, Xiu Ren decides to take her future into her own hands for once and for all. So when a perfect opportunity arrives, Wang Xiu Ren runs away from all that she has ever known and embarks on a journey to find the answer to the question--and possibly a solution-- that has been bothering all these years.
However, as she journeys deeper to find the answer, she encounters unfathomable dangers along the way. Xiu Ren must rely on her wits to survive in a scarred and brutal world.

Thus, begins her miraculous journey to greatness.


Mother's over-protectiveness is to the point of suffocation! Perhaps she and everyone else accepted my mundane fate, but I can't.

Ha marriage? No way.

I, Wang Xiu Ren won't lay down and accept my shitty fate without a fight!

No person...

No man.....

No anything or body can dictate my life but me! Those who once looked down on me will be under my foot! And those who get in my way will know true calamity!

I defy fate!

I defy heaven!

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